queen crop top

some facts about the flatwoods monster:

* she’s a lesbian
* she doesn’t have boobs she’s an alien
* when she paints her nails she dips her whole pointy finger in the bottle and hopes for the best
* she is the queen of the sleeveless crop top and maxi skirt combo
* she’s the leader of a local girl gang. they don’t do much crime they just hang out in cool jackets around the dumpy parts of town
* she loves animals so much that’s why she was in the woods she wanted to see a raccoon
*she gets sad that she can’t wear baseball caps
* her teeth are very pointy, she doesn’t show them that often tho
* she likes geodes cus they’re both sharp and beautiful. she can relate

anonymous asked:

(How did I only just now find your blog?) Anyway, you can be manly in your own way! You probably can't make many changes to your body (we can be smol beans together), you could dress manly, I guess??? Tecnically speaking, manliness could be whatever you want it to be, so if wearing things like crop tops (actually though, you could rock a crop top. You would be the crop top queen) and that makes you manly. do that! Or if doing other "manly" things makes you happy, do that! (but seriously CROPTOPS


I’m here for the big girls.
The ones with the rolls
The ones with the stretch marks
The ones with the weird shape booties
The ones with the odd shaped bodies
We are beautiful
We are unique
We deserve just as much respect as everyone else
We deserve to feel sexy
We deserve the space to be ourselves UNAPOLOGETICALLY
And we have the right to take that space that you try to withhold it from us.

I love us and I will rep us forever✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾