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A Bit of Confession

When I see people in the Naruto fan base hating\bashing on Haruno Sakura, I feel quite insulted (T-T)
Not only cause she’s my favourite character but also because Sakura inspired me so much, and we act very similar…

#104: “Sometimes I feel too old to love Barbie movies, so I can never talk to anyone about them. Princess and the Pauper makes me cry everyone because the plot is so genuinely good, and I love it.”

- anonymous

I don’t get it. The writers spend three seasons building up Olicity only for them to be together for like half a season before they break up. And now in season five, they’re not even TRYING to work through their issues. In fact, they basically act like they were never even together in the first place. I understand that Felicity feels betrayed, believe me I do, but how about instead of running into the arms of someone else you have an actual conversation with Oliver about what went wrong in your relationship? And another thing, what is it with Felicity still living in the loft?