queen collage


Jenna Rolan calling? Jenna Rolan calling..Jenna Rolan calling.

Well here’s my collage our Gossip Queen herself, Jenna Rolan!

First off, can we talk about Jake’s face in that one picture? What a special boy, I love him. Secondly, let’s also talk about how even SHORTER Rich looks when he’s sitting down in front of everyone. Adorable. Thirdly, Michael giving Jenna bunny ears (and that face he’s making…)

Once again, taking requests for who do next.


Major Danish tiaras:

The Floral Aigrette Tiara
The Pearl Poire Tiara
The Danish Emerald Parure Tiara
The Baden Palmette Tiara
The Naasut Tiara
The Turquoise Bandeau
The Danish Ruby Parure Tiara
Mary’s Wedding Tiara
The Danish Floral Tiara
The Alexandrine Drop Tiara


“He looked at a boy with the knife to his throat, the boy whose black eyelashes feathered down against his cheekbones as he glanced away from Kit, and felt something like a shock of recognition pass through him.
He thought, how beautiful.”

Tiberius Nero Blackthorn


I think he knows what I really mean. 

“Farley told me,” he murmurs when I settle in. He puts an arm across my waist, gentle and warm, meaning nothing but comfort. The other presses against my back, his palm flat to my scars. I am here, it says.

↳ requested by @clarafarleybarrow <3 hope you like it!!