queen city dream


A 2017 cosplay retrospective!

-Damien Bloodmarch, from @dreamdaddygame
-Yamatonokami Yasusada from Touken Ranbu
-The Black Lodge, from Twin Peaks
-Queen Mab of the Enchanted City
-Howl, from Howl’s Moving Castle
-Prince Sidon, from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Includes new costumes and shoots from this year.
(Classic Sephiroth and Kubo are both in need of shoots!) Photos by Vicious Victor’s Photography, Bob Plant Photography and The Nerdy Monkey.

It’s filled with promise, with beauty, with the ambitions, dreams, and principles of millions of people; how could anyone name it? The City of Dreams, the City that Never Sleeps, the Center of the Universe, the Concrete Jungle- nothing compares to the name which I know it by: the City of my Soul.
—  L.W.; 2015
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↱ ₱α₥ęłå ↲ ❁ appearance }} staring at my nose in the mirror

↱ ₱α₥ęłå ↲ ❁ body claim }} trying to dip my toes in the mirror

↱ ₱α₥ęłå ↲ ❁ alt face }} thinking ‘Who’s that girl?’

↱ ₱α₥ęłå ↲ ❁ youth }} trying to watch cartoons through the static

↱ ₱α₥ęłå ↲ ❁ clothing }} dreaming of the green and gold

↱ ₱α₥ęłå ↲ ❁ musings }} thinking where am I gonna be

↱ ₱α₥ęłå ↲ ❁ headcanon }} i’m looking at a life unfold

↱ ₱α₥ęłå ↲ ❁ aesthetics }} just like those eyes you gave to me

↱ ₱α₥ęłå ↲ ❁ skills }} every sunrise i know

↱ ₱α₥ęłå ↲ ❁ desires }} walking hand and hand in the warm white sand

↱ ₱α₥ęłå ↲ ❁ bait }} suddenly i know where im supposed to be

↱ ₱α₥ęłå ↲ ❁ starter }} feeling like a star in the city 

↱ ₱α₥ęłå ↲ ❁ tunes }} green and gold – lianne la havas 

asks answered ☣  just like the ancient stone }} ↱ ₱α₥ęłå ↲

verse ☣  gotham city siren aka the queen of green }} ↱ màîñ ↲

verse ☣  before the accident i was just a scientist }} ↱ ₱rè-āçčîdéñt ↲

verse ☣  oh those birds do flock together }} ↱ bîrdß ôf ₱rêÿ ↲


Queen Anne brick house by Joel Abroad
Via Flickr:
Queen Anne brick house (front view), Washington Ave., Baker City, Oregon, July 2016

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Cincinnati Ballet Dancers
Performance: “Queen City Dream” featured in “The Kaplan New Works Series” 2009
Choreography: Joy Jovet
Photography: Peter Mueller