queen campbell

As some of you may know I am an actress and I’m campaigning to get a chance to audition for Blue.
I am overwhelmed with all the support that everybody’s giving me with my expedition.
I am what people call ambitious and when I posted I wasn’t expecting close to 1,000 people helping me out. I’m super thankful!

Since it is a special day I made a list of everything I hope for the show
- I can’t wait to see Monmouth like I’m mega excited for that!
- 300 Fox Way and everyone who lives in it
- Gangsey my loves, I really hope is cast well
- Are they going to CGI Noah?
- They leave Cabeswater super creepy and unexplained
- Blue’s fashion sense
- Dream world
- Helen
- Chainsaw…how in the world are they going to do her
and more!
My biggest concern is them completely changing the story line…I hope not
Fingers crossed for an excellent show