queen calissa

20 Day Barbie Challenge - DAY 10 (Favourite Outfit Before Transformation)

This one’s a day late because when I came home from school yesterday I ate dinner, performed in a show, then went straight from there to watch Into The Woods (which you probably know is a very long musical).
Also, there are soo many outfits that is was pretty difficult to choose just a few favourites, but tbh it wasn’t nearly as difficult as the after transformation outfits ;_;

CALISSA’S OUTFIT - Ok well first of all she’s a frickin mermaid, a mythological species which is almost always portrayed as beautiful; secondly, that colour scheme tho; and thirdly, the accessories totally complete the look with all the elegant swirls that show her strength and royalty well.
PRINCESS CHARM SCHOOL UNIFORM - I know the film tries to show you that the new edited uniforms are better than the original ones, but personally I prefer the original, mainly because I love those lil waistcoats so much. The new ones are still pretty cool and I like how they’re original to each girl, and I especially like Isla’s. Basically, it’s one of those fictional uniforms that you wish your own school had , like Harry Potter.