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Black sails 4.07 French promo

In France we have a TV channel that broadcasts  American show 24 hours later. So I reviewed Black Sails 4x06. At the end of each episode there is always the promo of the next episode with more image than the American promo. Here what I saw 


Billy will team up with Rogers. We see him in discussion with Rogers. He says something like  both were abandoned by their friends.

He captured Madi and wants a  revenge

As some of you have thought, maybe they will use Madi to get the treasure. We can see in the promo British soldiers giving an envelope to Kofi

Rogers thinks Eleanor has betrayed him. This guy still a asshole

We can also see Madi’s mother alone maybe in Madi’s room with an object in her hands belonging to her daughter. Silver joined her and he told that her daughter was brave.