queen being queen

[  I wanted to share this amazing piece of art of my darling Wolf Queen done by @handmaidenoftheempress  – I watched some of it, but the coloring was a complete surprise to me. I can’t even begin to describe how I feel. This warms me to no end. From the wolves, to the hair, to Celestine’s favorite dress- Just all of it! Look at it! She is a phenomenal being and a phenomenal artist. Thank you so much, love. This means a lot to me. ]

Queen of teaching English in Japan queen of dying alone queen of runny noses queen of having a sore back queen of trying to sell Nelly Furtado’s music to the masses queen of breathing but wondering why queen of not being able to speak Japanese that well queen of loving being single queen of loving drama queen of tweeting thoughts on twitter queen of listening to Joanne every morning on the way to work queen of injuring her back at the gym queen of acquiring colds queen of wanting compassion queen of trying to fight through it queen of trying to organize an English club that she was coerced into queen of not having any ideas queen of take a chance you stupit hoe queen of writing queen of Netflix queen of illegal streaming queen of laying on her stomach while sleeping


im not just feeding myself with spoilers, im using them to have fun with ma lovely girls
not sorry

silly sketchy bonus:



did all of my artworks with @kyletwebster amazing brushes

i can’t stop thinking about what kind of criers dan and phil would be. i feel like dan’s crying would be a slow build up. his eyes just get watery at first, and he tries so hard to keep it in, but eventually the tears start cascading down his cheeks. he’d get a runny nose and his forehead would crease out of frustration because he hates crying, but he does it all the time. when his crying hits its peak, he’d be a blubbering mess, wiping furiously at his tears and constantly blowing his nose. he doesn’t like to be comforted while he’s crying, but when he’s finished and all that’s left is tear stained cheeks, he’d cling to the closest thing, preferably another person that would play with his hair, rub his back, and comfort him quietly.

phil on the other hand is a quiet crier. it happens really suddenly because he’s not afraid to be emotional and soft. his tears build up and he doesn’t try to hold them back. his eyes get red and puffy, and he tries to wipe away the tears quickly with his sleeve. he gets sniffly, but hides it by taking deep breaths through his mouth. his eyes are glossy and doe-like when his crying reaches the climax. he likes to be held the whole way through, even if it’s just someone holding his hand or resting a hand on his knee. physical contact calms him down and helps him feel more real. his favorite thing is when people rub their fingers up and down his arm, it nearly lulls him to sleep, but it distracts him from whatever it is he’s crying about.


dctv ladies appreciaton weekfavorite character: 
Iris West ( The Flash )

“ You raised me to be tough and I am. “