queen bee ball python

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"Bam" is snake in korean so I think that thats where Bambams nickname comes from?

omg thats so cute?? hes snake^2 but not in a bad way
hes a lil corn snake. cute and harmless
or a queen bee ball python. rlly pretty and just gives good hugs
dont let a ball python give u a bear hug u could lose a limb if its big enough tho



….so he likes to do this. to move all of that carefully placed aspen outta the way so he can get directly to the plastic WHICH I DO NOT LIKE cause that gets to like 95F. so i have finally put down some paper towel SO HE CANNOT DIRECTLY TOUCH THE PLASTIC THE BUTT.

but in the process of moving the aspen out of the way he made sure to make himself an aspen pillow. look at him. look at this dumb shit. you’re a snake. your body is a pillow. who do u even think u r.