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He arranged his pieces to spell out many words; but he could never find the way to make the one word he was so eager to form. The word was ‘Eternity.’

As I promised, the coloured version of ButterflyBog… MarianneButterfly… Oh idk. Role Reversals, love doing these so much! Hope you beautiful people enjoy this! It’s made of sleep deprivation and tears. ;-;

‘Return the potion by moon down, tough guy…’

Can you imagine Marianne singing Mistreated?! Ohh god…. *Runs off to draw it*

'Ughh, not another Prince!’


For who could ever learn to love a beast?

Regina’s attempt to cast the dark curse backfires, leaving a physical reminder of the darkness within herself, for all to see. Shock and confusion spread through Regina as she is soon captured by Snow White and her magic bound by the Blue Fairy. Snow fears nothing will stop Regina other than complete isolation, so she banishes Regina to the darkest, most isolated place in the Enchanted Forest, away from her growing family and the people of her kingdom. Accepting her defeat, Regina hides away in an abandoned castle. Ashamed of her outer appearance and failure, she refuses to leave her new home.

As years pass, Regina’s story becomes somewhat of a myth, a scary bedtime story told to children to instill fear into them. And with each passing day, she becomes more bitter with her unhappiness. But the “beast” they describe her to be, is hardly the full truth. Men dare to end her, but meet a bloody demise if they even pass her front gate. It becomes a sport to see who can kill the “beast” first. Even without her magic, Regina’s resourcefulness manages to ward off all those who threaten her.

Until one day, a thief, Robin Hood, stumbles upon the seemingly forgotten castle, hoping to shield himself from the frightful storm outside, the Sheriff of Nottingham, and perhaps steal a few trinkets while he’s there. Once inside, he soon realizes he is not alone when he comes face to face with the very “beast” herself. Never having heard the stories the locals spread, Robin is more curious by her cold and terrifying demeanor than frightened. But upon finding out he tried stealing from her, Regina becomes furious and demands he leave, but Robin explains he cannot or he will be caught. And besides, he is suddenly very intrigued by her. 

Robin slowly tries to break down the walls Regina builds so high in hopes that he can one day know the beauty behind the beast.

Snow queen and the beast

It was Anna’s first trip on her own. Elsa hadn’t liked it. Not one bit. But the princess was now eight and nothing could stop her. She mounted her horse and galloped off.
As she road through the woods of Arendelle all seemed well. That’s till the wolves howled. Her horse threw her off and galloped away.
Anna was left in tho cold. So she went in search of help and found herself in a strange castle. “Hello?” She called into the entry way as she stepped Inside. “Anyone home?”

Beast: Bratva AU Fic

A/N: I have horrible wonderful friends who indulge my fascination with Bratva!Oliver entirely too much. This is for @captainsummerday, who requested a  B&tB  inspired AU for her birthday. My lovely beta and partner in crime, @kayleepetey, is also very much to blame. HUGE amounts of thanks to you both for all the handholding, advising, and shaping you did to help me in the creation of this idea. It wouldn’t be half of what it is without you. 

As this is a Bratva AU with  B&tB  themes, we’ll be starting off pretty dark and angsty. Fair warning.

My grasp of Russian is nominal at best, so all translations are what I can find via Google. If you notice any errors, please bring them to my attention; any translation advice will be greatly appreciated.

Disclaimer: I own some  Arrow  DVDs and an Oliver Queen Pop! figurine, nothing more. Nor do I own the two major inspirations for this fic:  Beauty and the Beast  or  The Man from U.N.C.L.E.  

Chapter Rating: Mature (Language, violence, and disturbing themes)

Track List: Hurts-The Road, Filter-Hey Man, Nice Shot, Duffy-Mercy, Elvis Presley-Little Less Conversation (JXL Remix), Elvis Presley-Devil in Disguise, Bring Me the Horizon-Throne, Florence + the Machine-Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up), and Jacob Banks-Monster (feat. Avelino).

Chapter One: Hunter and Hunted

“Take hope from the heart of man,

and you make him a beast of prey.”

—Marie Louise De La Ramme

The repetitive clang of the bar slamming home into the rungs of the salmon ladder barely drowned out the pounding already in his ears. Each impact sang down his arms and through his chest, mingling with the exertion burning his core, but Oliver couldn’t blame his frantic pulse on any of that. No, that would be the familiar echoes of screams still in his ears, the smell of burning flesh still in his nose that’d awoken him half an hour ago. Bare torso slick with cold sweat, he’d shoved himself up from his narrow cot in Verdant’s basement and headed straight for the towering rack of metal. He climbed it again and again and again, but despite the fatigue creeping into his muscles the nightmare stubbornly lingered.


Breaks screeched; metal crunched.


Thea’s wild curls seemed to float in a storm of shattered glass.


Fire licked across his skin and wrenched an inhuman howl from somewhere deep inside.


“Get Thea out of here!”


The roar of the explosion threw them both hard to the frozen ground.


Thea’s trembling weight pressed tight to his side as her cries pierced his ringing ears.


Boots crunched through the ice and snow, closer and closer and closer.


“Vy naydete chto-to?”

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