queen bear

the foxes as things i've said:
  • kevin day: *consumes my own drinks and my friend's drinks* alcohol poisoning come at me.
  • andrew minyard: nice guys finish last, which is why i act like a dick
  • aaron minyard: no seriously, fuck that noise. fuck your noise. fuck my own noise. let's all just shut the fuck up.
  • nicky hemmick: "it's only gay if-?" pls. it's always gay. lol no hetero.
  • neil josten: leg days? more like leg life. i'm always running away from my problems, bitch.
  • matt boyd: *stares lovingly into my best friend's eyes* wow, wait what did u say?
  • allison reynolds: when u said pretty, i heard it as petty and i was like: yeah, same thing tbh.
  • renee walker: knives are aesthetically pleasing but i won't hesitate to use them because blood can be aesthetic too. <3
  • dan wilds: really, ur mistake is thinking i'll be nice just because i smiled at u once.
  • coach wymack: what kind of shituation?
  • Bonus- Seth Gordon: i'm dead af but who cares *shrug emoji*

Someday I will learn to love more wisely. Until then…

you: vassa is white she has red hair 

me, an intellectual:

i’m sorry i couldnt 

hear you over the 

sounds of 

the sixth queen

queen vassa 

the cursed firebird

Solar Queen Gavin who grows curious of the dark areas in his domain, of the areas he just can’t quite touch no matter how much he tries. Goes to these areas to discover the Dark God claiming them as his own. For a while Gavin just watches, curious of what these lands were doing, curious as to what this other god was creating. It might have been dark, but it wasn’t evil. Just a whole different kind of life.

The Dark God catches him watching eventually. The Solar Queen couldn’t exactly stay hidden well in the dark. At first he tries to scare the Queen, trying to get Gavin to never come back, leave him alone to his solitude. But Gavin’s seem too much, knows Ryan wasn’t actually going to hurt him. So he comes back after a while. Goes back to watching him. Again the Dark God yells at him to leave. It’s the fourth visit where they finally have a conversation, the Solar Queen finally wearing down on him.

Visits happen more and more and they start talking more and more. As the Solar Queen learns of the Dark Gods fondness of technology and of flowers. The Dark God learns of the Solar Queen’s fondness of small animals and innovations. Between the two of them they learn to bring a whole new era of creativity and building, using the sun and earth alike to build. And, of course, slowly start falling in love along the way.