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Today Beyoncé became the first black woman and second woman in the entertainment sphere to win a Peabody Award. The organization stated, “Lemonade draws from the prolific literary, musical, cinematic, and aesthetic sensibilities of black cultural producers to create a rich tapestry of poetic innovation. The audacity of its reach and fierceness of its vision challenges our cultural imagination, while crafting a stunning and sublime masterpiece about the lives of women of color and the bonds of friendship seldom seen or heard in American popular culture.“

The first woman to win a Peabody was Barbra Streisand, whose work has won four times: three times for her landmark television specials (My Name is Barbra, Color Me Barbra, and Barbra Stresiand: The Concert). The fourth win was as executive producer for Serving in Silence, a documentary about a Army colonel discarded for not hiding her homosexuality.

For those unfamiliar, the Peabody Award has been given out since 1941. It recognizes distinguished and meritorious public service by American radio, television stations and networks, online media, producing organizations and individuals.

NOTE: This stat does not take into account the personal awards given to some few individuals (such as Oprah) that honor their body of work as a whole


“…what Streisand accomplishes in Funny Girl is at once a redefinition of what a musical star can look like as well as a reconfirmation of what so many of us return to the movies to find: pristine encapsulations of talent in motion. Such talent, as exemplified in Streisand’s performance and throughout her peerless career, is indeed, as Kael declared, its own form of beauty. But with the lights low and the screen bright, it can also be its own elusive form of magic, as pure and pleasurable as any ever captured on film.”

On her 75th birthday, here’s how the singular and supreme Barbra Streisand broke out her own way with an unconventional movie star presence in Funny Girl, by Matthew Eng

Barbra Streisand, on the set of On a Clear Day You Can See Forever in April 1969, photographed by Lawrence Schiller.

Widely recognized as an icon in multiple entertainment fields, Streisand has attained unprecedented achievements as a recording artist, actor, director, producer, concert performer, author and songwriter. Streisand has been awarded two Oscars, five Emmys, ten Golden Globes, eight Grammys plus two special Grammys, a special Tony Award in 1970, and two CableACE Awards — the only artist to receive honors in all of those fields of endeavor. She will discuss her unparalleled career and force field of creativity at Tribeca with filmmaker and longtime pen pal (!) Robert Rodriguez. Join them.

(Source: tribecafilm.com)


Leopard Fur Coat - Jackie Kennedy / Queen Elizabeth II. / Grace Kelly

                               Elizabeth Taylor /      Sofia Loren       / Ingrid Bergman

                            Barbra Streisand /     Joan Crawford     / Joan Collins

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panikfaze  asked:

I recently hurt my back pretty badly and I have to use a mobile chair for cons this season. Can you offer any ideas for cosplay that I might incorporate the chair in to? My ideas have been pretty limited. Thank you so much for any ideas you might offer! <3


Any GOT character sitting on the Iron throne 

Any mario kart charcater 

Barbra gordon

ANY queen or princess character 

Oh even characters that own vehicles that you can replicate JUST enough of, so that way in close up shots, it looks like your sitting in something bigger. 

Like Haruka’s scooter or DVAs mech!! 

That really opens the feild to ANY CHARACTER IN A COCKPIT EVER. 

Hope you dont mind I answered publicly, Im sure other people out there have a ton of ideas!! 

Regina’s *Emma* Face 5B

Fellow collectors or Regina’s *Emma* faces, I present to you.

The masterpost


“Emma thinks I should leave?” - look

“Oh, Emma. I hurt because you do” - look

“Emma tells me to leave her here” - look

“Emma I don’t wanna leave you” - look

”I can’t leave “those” I love” - look

“I love” - look. That’s an *Emma* face


“My Emma, I can fix your sad with schematics!” - look

Look how happy she is she had an idea that could help Emma!

“My Emma, where did you go?” - look


“My Emma, I’m as equally terrified this won’t work as I am that it will work” - look

“Did it not work because I didn’t want it to or because you didn’t?” -look


“My Emma, we’re on a date, could you focus on me pls?” - look

“People are starting to stare” - look

“Act normal my Emma. *Flips hair to get attention*” - look

“He doesn’t like you much, does he? Emma, I like you“ - look

“Tbh you’re too good for Hook” - look

“Oh my Emma.. If only you saw you as I do”

“Don’t argue with your mother.. Or your mother” - look

“I gots your back my Emma” - look




“Don’t worry my Emma. It was a dream, not a premonition” - look

“My Emma. I’m aboutsta lay the truth on you” - look

“I only say this because I love you and worry. Emma. You gots issues” - look

“Oh my Emma. I worry for Henry too” - look

“Let’s face this monster together” - look


Aka the Gay™ episode where Emma & Regina are in every scene together but barely look at each other or interact.

“True Love’s Kiss talk. Don’t look towards Emma. Don’t look towards Emma. Don- fuck I looked towards Emma” - look

“My Emma, I’m so sorry I can’t fix this for you” - look

“My perfect Emma already tried everything, you’re lying. Are you saying my perfect Emma lied?! My perfect Emma…(ง'̀-‘́)ง” - look


“We can always count on my mother to try to destroy the love in mine and Zelena’s life. My Emma, you remember my mother, all of season 2, right?” - look

“Gazing at Emma ft. rom com zoom after being reminded of season 2 Cora getting between her and Emma” - look

“Mama please. I couldn’t just leave my Emma. No chance in hell. Literally” - look

“It hurts my very soul, but I will do anything so my Emma is happy” - look


“About to rip out the heart of the thing I love most 2.0.. For her happiness” - look

“Watching the one I love most give half her heart to someone else” - look

“My Emma is in pain. Falling. I WILL SAVE YOU” - look

“Must put Emma’s heart back together NOW” - look

“I just put Emma’s heart back inside her” - look

Everyone is looking at Hades blaming him for Emma hurting, except Regina who won’t look away from Hook.
“Her heart hurt trying to go into your body, Pirate, I’m watching you” - look

“We’ve been Team ‘Combined Powers Produce The Most Powerful Magic’ for years. I know the drill” - look

“I refuse to entertain the idea of leaving without you cuz it ain’t happening” - look

“Emma’s sad, so I’m sad” - look

“Let’s get you home Emma. Pirate and I agree on that” - look

“Call forth your most powerful magic. Magic is emotion.” - look

“True Love is the most powerful magic of all. Feeling the strongest magic” - look


“Emma, you’re too emo” - look

“Emma you’re thinking gay not thinking straight” - look


"Love is sacrifice” - look

I’m aware this moment was not directly about Emma. But when Regina’s *Emma* face and *love is sacrifice* face are identical, it’s relevant.

Every time Regina looks at Emma, it’s a look of love, pain, longing, sacrifice. Regina hurts every time she looks at Emma, and still, she does it at every chance she has, to make sure Emma is happy.  


“I sense my Emma” - look

“The only sunshine I’ve seen today” - look

“Whatever you do, don’t look at Emma. Very serious magic business. 👀” look

“She didn’t wanna be with him any more” - look

“Anymore bright ideas aka I trusted you to find him” - look

“You agreed to Hardee’s date, it’s not all on me” - look

“I don’t expect you to understand. I’m happy you don’t. Vulnerable.” - look

“You went up to the precipice” - look

“But thankfully you got pulled back” - look


These next two gifs are the ultimate “I love you, Emma”. It’s the moment between “Henry” and “my friends” where she is looking at Emma.

“If I revert, I lose everyone I love. Henry,”




“She believes in me” - look

“You are good. She’s beautiful, she’s innocent, she’s everything that’s good in this miserable, stinking world.” - look

“I’d rather suffer than see that pain on the people I care about.” - look

“Everything I want but can’t have” - look

“I wish things were different” - look


“Want” - look

“My Emma, it hurts and I’m scared, but it’s gonna be okay. Don’t worry” - look