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I cried actual tears because after 300 episodes my favorite character in the world got the recognition she had always deserved. Meredith Grey is the woman I want to be everyday so today was amazing. Thank you shonda cause for the first time in 300 episodes I have cried tears of joy.

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Hi Queen Averie! winter is approaching and ive been looking all over for winter items to match my ott sweet wardrobe. i used to wear goth and while switching over last year i had to use a black coat and boots which was kinda lame! im getting a brand coat on auction but do you have recommend for boots? (i checked tagged/winter but didnt find any) white or baby pink and actually warm enough for canada and snow? i love and appreciate you and have been reading your blog since years ago <3

Lolita boots aren’t always the best for wearing in snowy conditions unfortunately. They’re fine for just walking around if it has already been shoveled and everything but they aren’t usually very thick and usually lace up so if you had to actually step into snow your feet would probably get very cold and wet. If you’re going to be in snow like that I suggest skipping the aesthetic and going with actual snow boots. If they’re for cleaner winter conditions though a lot of brands will make Lolita boots. The taller the better if you need extra warmth and it’s always a good idea to wear extra warm tights (like wool or fleece-lined tights) under them. Sometimes you’ll even find boots with fur or faux fur at the top which can help you keep warm, even if just a little bit (it also just gives an extra cute and cozy look), and they may also carry fur toppers that you can add.

Angelic Pretty is a perfect place to look if you want brand boots because they usually have really cute ones leading into Winter but you can also find them other places like Bodyline, Rakuten shops (like DreamV) or TaoBao shops (likw AnTaiNa.)