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King Cadros of the Kingdom of Valla, husband to Queen Arete and father to Princess Azura.

Contemplative and regal, King Cadros retains an air of royalty while also carrying a genuine kindness within him. He is deeply sympathetic and has a calming presence - and is widely regarded as being a peacemaker during conflicts. He has an unwavering loyalty to only a specific few because of how slowly he warms up to people. Yet he holds much value to his kingdom and its people, and always has Valla’s best interests at heart.

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minawakitten  asked:

// slides onto the table // So have you ever pondered outfits for Arete? Because she's apparently a Strategist and I'm just what the fuck is she wearing. It seems weird and total eye candy for a woman who was supposedly queen. So I was wondering what do you think she ( and Mikoto ) wore while in Valla and as Queen of Nohr?

I have experimented around yeah! TBH given how ambiguous Valla is, I had to look up concept art and stuff and noticed that there is a mix of Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Celtic (?) elements in that country so…I might doodle some generic Valla clothes and classes that they might have had if I get inspired an)d/or motivated.

But here’s my lil pic of how Arete would have looked like as a Vallite queen. The crown is based on a Sumerian headdressthe rest of the design I sort of got lazy so woops.

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Consort Arete, The Last Queen of Valla

Born the eldest daughter of King Galenos and Queen Mira, Arete was a woman of exceptional spiritual power, having been granted the blessings of the Father Dragon Anankos at the mere age of ten. She assumed the throne after her father and continued her family’s legacy of leading the prosperous but hidden kingdom of Valla. She was known for developing new healing techniques alongside her sister Eirene, and also for her gift of song, a talent she shared with her husband Hesiod, the royal bard and composer. 

Her reign came to a tragic end when her husband answered the Father Dragon’s plea to have a glimpse of his kingdom beyond his chamber from which he kept himself sane. The total destruction the dragon wrought upon Valla was irreparable, leaving his children dead in a disaster not seen since the end of the Calamity of Mist and Foam. In grief over his mistake but weakened by his atrophied body, Anankos sought shelter in Hesiod’s corpse and fled to the surface to find a way to revive his people, leaving behind the few survivors.

Despite having lost her people and husband to an unstable god as well as bearing a child, Arete made the decision to help relieve Anankos of his suffering, and searched for him in the west lands, while her sister Eirene looked to the east. After gaining the favor of Marquis Barnaby of Lovell to find a position in the royal court, Arete made bold advances towards King Garon as an indispensable strategist with knowledge of the ancient arts of the water maidens.

In private however, she made her true intentions known, a revelation that King Garon did not take lightly after much proof. However, the king could not reveal such information to his closest allies, for as of late, the court has been suffering the ire of Lady Theresa. The two struck a deal. While she provided him her services as a water maiden, he would provide her resources to find the missing god masquerading as her husband. To set her above most dissenters, most particularly Lady Theresa, he made her consort, named Arete’s newborn child his own, and assigned Lady Gabrielle as her guard. While they only married out of necessity, King Garon came to enjoy her company, since she cared little about maintaining presence in castle affairs but was a good friend.

Now under the king’s protection and her daughter’s safety assured, Arete continued her search for Anankos, and thus uncovered a plot most foul in the court that played in coordination to her husband’s disappearance. And now, it seemed to her that King Garon was slowly succumbing to the influence of Anankos’ madness. Before she could act, her knowledge of the secret dealings within the court became known and she was dealt with.

Her body was found in the catacombs of Windmire soon after, her murderers unknown. Her few friends were devastated by the loss, while the rest of the court thought good riddance. In a moment of clarity and grief, King Garon realized Arete’s only daughter Azura was not safe behind his castle walls as they had thought and made plans to send her to the east lands immediately, where he heard his dear friend mention a sister living there. But the crawling influence of Anankos came and squashed the last of his humanity and finally made him a shell of his former self.

Kinda wish we knew more about Arete’s canonical role in the game, but I guess I have to try to make up for it…

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Thank you both dear anons! <3

Actually I think high heels are more fitting for the queen she was, but I like to think that she’d go barefoot when in her private quarters or when walking in the garden… Basically wearing high heels only when making an official appearance. 

And of course I’ll draw more of her! *u* I really like her and sadly there isn’t much fanarts of her. ;u;

[Fates Rewritten - A Retelling of FE:F]

(All right, this is just a fan rewrite that came from some general discontent with how Fates was handled. I’ll have gone through a couple drafts of this before I’ll be satisfied enough with how it turned out to post it. If you guys like this, show your support and I’ll post chapter summaries for each route sometime in the future! Thanks for reading!)

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revisiondesk  asked:

Hey I'm studying classics and noticed you made a Odyssey Mindmap! My teacher basically only read it with us and I was just wondering what way you went about learning it in class and then for your revision! You're the only person I've found doing classics so this would be a lot of help!😊

My teacher gave us a revision list, these are some of the things that will come up in the exam:

-The Phaecians

Involvement of the Gods
-Ino of the slim ankles

-Odysseus as a beggar
-Athena’s disguise
-Odysseus reveals himself to Telemachus, Eumaeus, Philoetus, Eurycleia, Penelope, Laertes.

-Battle in the hall
-Maids, the priest Leodes

Role of Females
-Immortals - Calypso, Circe
-Queens - Helen, Arete, Penelope, Clytemnestra

Odysseus as hero/leader

Role of minor characters

Supernatural/mythical reality
-Adventure section
-Realistic settings - Ithaca, Pylos, Sparta, Phaeacia

Passage based questions
-Dramatic impact

The structure of the narrative
-Brief summary of the plot

Signs, omens and prophecies
-The Oclymenus
-Prophecy Phaecians hear
-Signs throughout the return section (Argos the dog)

Ways that I revise Classics:

  • Make a flow diagram of the plot, because for the first question they will ask you about a sequence of events. Focus on the adventure section an the return section. Basically, make sure you know each plot summary.
  • Mind maps of all the information condensed. So for each topic, such as minor characters in the Odyssey, put them all on a mind map and then frequently review them.
  • Use the glossary at the back of the book, as they have all characters (and important characters in capital letters), which quotes, so you can easily find some quotes to back up your points.
  • Make flashcards for the characters, it can be difficult to remember the names of characters and their role as some of the names are very similar for example: Melanthius/Melantho. So use flashcards and add their role, if they are a good/bad character, and where they feature throughout the epic.

Hope this helps :-)

Girls’ Weekend Shenanigans

A submission by Anonymous

AU? Kinda?

Nyx lounged in the living room of the enormous country house they were staying in as she listened to the sound of Lady Corrin playing the piano. It was a quote-unquote “Girls’ Weekend” that Princess Elise had suggested, and all of the females agreed that it was a good idea. And it sure was! The “country house” they were staying in felt more like a mansion; for Anankos’s sake, it had a pool outside by the back porch! Nyx had never seen a pool before. They were relatively new, so not many people would have even heard the word “pool”, let alone seen one.

She looked up from her tome to look outside at the pool. She could see Elise playing with Mitama and the three maids. Beyond the pool in the grass, she could see Princess Camilla, Reina, Charlotte, and Queen Mikoto lying on towels, sunbathing as they conversed amongst themselves. Nyx sighed heavily.

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anonymous asked:

This is gonna sound dumb but what is the Concubine Wars? Like if you explained it before link me to it please or if you haven't can you explain? Even if you don't want to send me to someone who can cause I really wanna know. Why is everyone dying?

It’s okay to ask, although I’m flattered you’re asking me of all people to try and explain this, but I’ll try my best. For the most part, ’ll try to stick closely to canonical information for the most part. And please feel free to contribute to this discussion if you want!

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superpaulina10  asked:

Hello! It's me again! I want to ask you if you can give some information (and headcanons) about the concubine war for Garon's heart (wow it's look like a cheap romatic comedy with that title XD). Also, what did Katerina think about it.

It’s fine, I call it the Pimp Daddy Garon’s Waifu Wars jokingly to my friends…

But yeah, ever since I made up my hc stuff for Queen Katerina, I have thought about that whole concubine fight thing that happened bc Garon is too godamn thirsty…

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