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20170623.187.MA.Milton.EustisEstate.d.1878.WmRalphEmerson by J Russiello
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Two Queen Anne style homes on Vinewood with metal fences and trees near street. Recorded in glass negative ledger: “D/Streets-Vinewood.” Date unknown.

  • Courtesy of the Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library

Historic Oakwood was a home to the prominent members of Raleigh’s society during the 19th century. It is a neighbourhood in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina and it is popular for its Historic Oakwood Cemetery, its many Victorian houses and its location close to the Mordecai Plantation Manor.  Its Victorian-era architectural styles include Second Empire, Queen Anne, Italianate, and later infill brought the bungalow, the American Foursquare, American Craftsman style, and the Minimal Traditional house to the area.  

It is also known for its Christmas Candlelight Tour, which opens private historic residences to the public, and the Garden Tour, which allows the public to see the vast gardens worked on by the Oakwood Gardening Club.


Camellia Rose Inn, Gainesville by Steven Martin
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The Camellia Rose Inn is one of several Victorian houses that have been converted to bed and breakfasts in the Southeast Gainesville Residential District. The district is a historic district that preserves most of Gainesville’s best remaining Victorian houses.

unconditional - two (h.e.s)

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a/n: this took a long time, but i hope anyone who was waiting for it won’t be too disappointed. as always, let me know if you like it (or if you don’t), it gives me huge motivation to keep going. <3

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summary: your first outing with harry is strange, but fitting - you’re enjoying his company until a strange revelation makes you think again.

Is it appropriate to text a man you’d met when incredibly drunk and in immediate danger?

The question has been stewing in your head since you discovered Harry’s note, written in a beautiful hand on equally beautiful paper. You’d spent at least quarter of an hour on your couch, running your fingers over the thick texture of it, trying to make some modicum of sense of everything that had happened; no amount of attempts had solved anything for you, though. Everything had moved in a hardly discernible blur, intertwined with your standard day-to-day life. It’s like a dream. If it is, why haven’t you woken up yet?

It plagues you wherever you go. Work, class, shopping – Harry sits in the back of your mind with his spectacular smile. It should be unnerving, considering you’ve only met briefly and he was entirely baffled by your very existence by the looks of it, but it feels natural. What sort of nonsense is that? You have to laugh at yourself under your breath in the lecture hall, tapping your pen idly against the desk. Love at first sight has always appeared to you as fairytale nonsense sold to the naïve. Wait, why are you even contemplating love in the first place? Your lecturer peers at you curiously, probably picking up on your interesting array of facial expressions, and you offer a wry smile in apology. This is all ridiculous. You need to stop fussing so much.

The note is forgotten under a heap of books for a blissful hour while you’re studying, but is rediscovered all too soon, peeping out just enough to torment you. What to do? There was no reason for you to spurn him and throw it away without giving it a second glance. It was perfectly logical that he knew where you lived, since he was the one who walked you home. It is just a bit too ideal, a bit too blissful, to stumble across a handsome man who is interested in you too, after he saved you from impending doom.

Your phone is heavy in your hand. You manage to punch in his number nonetheless.

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Queen Anne style row-house by eric
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2517 Harrison Street, the Mission, San Francisco 


Homer ~ New York ~ Sunflower House ~ Historic ~ Queen Anne Architecture by Onasill ~ Bill Badzo
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This home, located on the corner of North Main Street and Clinton Street, is a fine example of the Queen Anne style of architecture. It was built in 1881 for the William Kellogg family, and was designed by Archimedes Russell, a well-known architect from Syracuse. His fondness for the sunflower symbol, typical of the 1880′s, is prominently featured on the gables of the house, the side entry door, the main staircase, and even the weathervane. Many original features still exist, including beautiful stained glass windows, parquet floors, fantastic woodwork, five working fireplaces, and two indoor “inhouses” (as opposed to “outhouses”)On the corner of Main and Clinton is perhaps what is Homer’s most famous Victorian, designed by Archimedes Russell, a well-known architect from Syracuse.


John Steinbeck’s Home by Larry Syverson
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Author John Steinbeck’s birthplace and boyhood home is in downtown Salinas, California. The Queen Anne style Victorian house was built in 1897. It is now a museum and restaurant.