queen and king for real

i think one of the reasons that i like cal so much is that he has ambitions and goals and dreams outside of mare

Love yourself girl or nobody will. You cant love nobody else until you know how love feels. You want to make someone happy to forget how you feel? You want to provide for a man … . . but do you have enough to help you? You want to show him what’s real but you cant be true to you? Now do that sound right? Settle down and think for a while. Cater to yourself and you’ll figure it out. The world revolves around you because you are a queen. As a Queen you have to wear your crown right never let it slip keep it on tight. Once a boy see a Queen without her crown he takes advantage. Queens are attracted to Kings and Kings are attracted to Queens not jesters. Jesters are only needed for a Kings amusement for a quick second.  

Sooo, i got my copy of King’s Cage but i am slightly.. kind of.. not HAPPY. I am happy but not HAPPY because this cover is not what i signed up for :’D
I, of course, ordered the right version when i picked it up bc it just wouldn’t go with the rest of my RQ books and we can’t have that, not at all!!!

Now @vaveyard, could it be that different covers are available at different times ?

I’m a kinda of a old fan now, I’ve being listen to kpop for about 7 years and I’m getting kinda a pissed with people that are becaming biased of groups that didan’t even debuted yet or didan’t even have a song. I know suport is diferent from being fans, but some people call themselfs stans and sutff… Like, really? Music has become just a accessory in kpop recently, some people call every song a “hit” and even every group “kings/queens” without any motive or real good song…

If everybody minded their own business, the world would go around a great deal faster than it does.
—  Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, 1865
Autoridades (Authorities): Spanish vocabulary

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(f) is for a feminine noun, (m) is for a masculine noun

authority: autoridad (f)

king: rey (m)

queen: reina (f)    

royal (adj): real (adj)  

kingdom: reino (m)    

prince: príncipe (m)  

princess: princesa (f)

president: presidente (m)  

vice-president: vicepresidente (m)    

senator: senador (m)  

monarch: monarca (m)  

ruler (sovereign): gobernador, soberano (m)  

dictator: dictador (m)

magnate: magnate (m)

director: director (m)  

chief: jefe (m)    

manager (director): gerente (m)

boss: amo (m)

tyrant: tirano (m)    

diplomat: diplomático (m)  

mayor: alcalde (m)

sheriff: sheriff (m)  

emperor: emperador (m)  

tsar, czar: zar (m)  

pharaoh: faraón (m)

khan: kan (m)    




The Musketeers King Louis and Queen Anne as their real 17th Century Portraits. King Louis is by Philippe de Champaigne painted in 1670 after Louis’s death in 1643, and Queen Anne a contemporary copy after Peter Paul Rubens painted in 1620-1625 after it was lost.  Previous edits from the same set depicting The Musketeers characters as they would have looked in the 17thc can be seen here: d’Artagnan (x) Constance (x) Milady de Winter (x)