queen and her protege


          After her sudden meeting with the one and only Oliver Queen, she felt the need to check on her protege. After all, Ollie was looking for him in the first place - even if she didn’t doubt of his ulterior motive towards her - && she wanted to be the first one to tell Roy. 

           Sneaking into the apartment - because obviously, she had the keys && honestly she wasn’t sure Roy told Koriand’r && Jason - she quickly met Lian’s black eyes, opening her arms as she jumped towards her. “Hi there baby girl” Dinah replaced a brunette lock behind her ear affectionally && pecked her temple. “You been good to daddy?” The blonde asked before putting her back on the ground, ruffling her hair amused until she was greeted by the ginger man. “Hey…” Kissing his cheek gently, she bit on her lower lip && took a long sigh.

          “Ollie’s in town. He’s looking for you”