queen 1

I just started a lot of shit on Facebook by saying that black queens are often seen as less fishy than white queens because white people tend to view black women as more masculine than they see white women in response to a picture of 6 queens (2 black, 1 Latinx, 3 white).

They are all “what’s race got to do with it?” And “but I see fishy black queens all the time.”

One gave me a “girl bye” then kept trying to comment at me.


‘Sympathy for The Queen’


Felicity Smoak? Hi, I’m Oliver Queen. Of course! I know who you are. You’re Mr. Queen. No, Mr. Queen was my father. Right. But he’s dead. I mean, he drowned. And you didn’t. Which means you can come down to the IT department and listen to me babble. Which will end in 3, 2, 1…

My Baby, My Pet

Prompt: Could you please do a hc where Neko!Dan has a heat and Phil helps him?

Author’s Note: DUH DUH DUH DUHHH Delivery from the Phan Smut Queen!!! (why am I like this sometimes) Ask for a hc, get a fic, apparently. (1.7k words)

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