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Had enough of forced straights

Once Upon a Dream

Written for Day 1 (First Kiss) of @jonxsansafanfiction’s Fifteen Days of Valentine.

I couldn’t come up with an original idea for the first kiss prompt, but eventually, while I was already half asleep, the scenes started playing out in my head and turned into this!

When Jon comes back from the dead again, he has lost all of his memories. The Night’s Watch has no use for him anymore, so they send him back home to Winterfell, where the Queen in the North anxiously awaits the return of the last member of her family.

Sansa doesn’t know what to expect the day his arrival is announced to her. It’s been over a moon since the raven came from Castle Black and she is still as unsure of what to do when she’ll see him as she was then. She’s read the message at least a hundred times and she still doesn’t know how to feel about it.

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  • Jon: the stars are beautiful tonight
  • Melisandre: yeah
  • Jon: you know what else is beautiful
  • Melisandre: what?
  • Me: Sansa
  • Jon, Melisandre, Arya, Jaime, Tyrion, Brienne, Theon, Tormund, Bran, Lyanna, Davos: *sigh* yeah Sansa

You know what I need for Sansa Stark in the future? Direwolves. She can never marry again and I will even learn how to live without her being queen in the north. But give the lady some direwolves to fill the whole in her heart Lady left. Three cute direwolves named Steel, Ivory and Porcelain that follow her everywhere and growl at everyone who raises their voices to her. Give the woman some direwolves to make her feel safe and loved again


The Umbers gave Rickon to our enemies. They can hang. But the Karstarks declared for Ramsay without knowing they had another choice. I beg your pardon, My Lady, but they know that a Stark beheaded their father. I don’t think we can count on them either. How well do you know the North, Ser Davos? Precious little, My Lady. My father always said Northerners are different, more loyal, more suspicious of outsiders.