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Fictional History: The Silver's Salvation

“A flicker of light, a trick of the mind, and suddenly a population has razed civilization as we know it to the ground.”
— Lucern Mercer, founder of House Merandus, -7 NE

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prompt idea ❤ on the day of Regina and Emma's wedding Regina freaks out because she can't dance and Emma secretly watches as David calms her down and teaches her

Thanks for the prompt :) 

“You know I never expected this,” David muses as he watches Regina pace back and forth. 

“What?” Regina snaps, panic emanating from her features with every step. 

“That you’d be the one to panic. I always thought it would be Emma.”

“You did?” 

He nods, “I did…she doubts herself too much and she doesn’t always believe that she deserves her happiness but she does.” 

“And you think I can give that to her? Happiness?” 

“I don’t think, I know…and you know it so why are you panicking?” 

Regina sighs sitting down by her vanity with a frown as she admits, “I can’t dance…”

“And you picked your wedding day to reveal this?”

“Everyone just assumed I could,” she replies with a slight blush, “But my mother was too afraid of me making a fool of myself, the King showed no interest in dancing with me…and well…the Evil Queen didn’t exactly receive any invitations either…”

“So you’ve never danced?” 

She shakes her head, “No…and now I’m going to marry the woman I love and i’m going to embarrass her.” 

“You could never embarrass her. If you went out there and tripped over your feet she’d tumble down with you and pretend you’d both planned it.”

Regina finally smiles then, “She would…I don’t want to let her down.” 

He nods before holding out a hand, “Here I’ll teach you,” he offers. Once she takes his hand he slowly leads her through the steps before assuring her, “You know you could never let Emma down, whether you could dance or not, she’d love you anyway.” 

I would Emma thinks as she smiles softly from where she’s peeking around the door. She could sense her fiancee’s panic and had come to ease her fears only to find her father already doing so. She sighs contently glad to see him helping Regina…proving to them both that he’s in their corner the way they know he is. 

She stays watching them for a few minutes until her mother comes to find her, “Oh Emma…I thought you’d disappeared.” 

“No…Regina was panicking so I went to help.” 

“You’re not supposed to see her.” 

“She didn’t see me. Dad’s in there making sure she doesn’t panic.” 

Snow smiles, “They’re better friends then they’d like to admit…so, are you ready?” 

Emma sneaks one last glance at Regina dancing tentatively around that room before nodding, “Ready.” 

At the end of the day, Swan Queen has always (and will always) belonged to Swen. They can’t take away something they never gave us in the first place. It’s not theirs, it’s ours.

Years from now, when everyone has forgotten about the train wreck of OUAT and C$, Swan Queen will live on in the thousands and thousands of fan creations, the books being published, those of us who realized our own sexuality because of SQ, and, perhaps most importantly, the friendships made along the way. They can’t take any of that from us.

So let the show fizzle out. A&E clearly don’t care about their own creation, let alone their fans. But we don’t need them or their show. Swen does it better anyway. We always have and we always will. And fuck anyone who says differently!


So I’m having a very odd mental health day, but itsbambii is still a fucking queen and a great trans youtuber and y'all should go check her out bc her videos have been cheering me up a bit

Clarence House has just tweeted a picture of the queen and prince Charles to celebrate Mother's Day

Will Kensington palace do the same with Kate, George and Charlotte ?

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So in your AU does Kravitz find Taako, tell his friends (Ren and the others) about him but not introduce them to kinda keep it a secret? And then Taako wanders off from Kravitz's house and Ren finds him in the forest, doing the whole "You're Taako!" Scene?

omg…. this is actually really Really cute but i actually had a bit of a different idea

Basically, Kravitz and his mom decide to keep Taako a secret bc they didn’t really know how people would react to a fucking Alien???

But one day, when both Kravitz and the Raven Queen are at work, Ren stops by like “Hello? I don’t mean to intrude but me n’ the girls made a little too many pastries, would u like some?” and basically what happens is Kravitz comes home to see Taako giving baking advice to his neighbor while Ren’s taking notes

  • Me: sees queen Elizabeth is trending
  • Me: hasn't had an emergency news alert from the BBC
  • Me: is confused


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