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Yura to Beka: WELCOME TO THE MADNESS that is my unbelievably extra family.

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anonymous asked:

Is it me or everytime I hear the end credits for Queen for a day I always get the chills?

They’re super creepy, and I intend to rip the audio off so I can finally have at least one score track from the series.

We talk about Alan Menken and Glenn Slater a lot, because of the songs, but really, Kevin Kliesch moves the whole thing along with the score, and I really want a full soundtrack.

anonymous asked:

What is Search for the Sundrop about? Was there an export in the Queen for a Day novel?

We don’t know what Search For the Sundrop is about! But it’s a Tales of Rapunzel book, so it’s likely to be a novelization of two episodes. And yes, the Queen For a Day novelization was exported. I have European friends who bought a copy.

If there was one thing I did right in my life, it was when I gave my heart to you.
—  Day 228
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