you just know that if it had been a male director, Diana would have been all wide-eyed and curious about Steve’s body and would have made sexual comments and tried to grope him and it would be played for laughs and after a graphic sex scene she would have been all flushed and magically different

but instead we have Patty “yaaas queen” Jenkins, so Diana just gives Steve’s naked body an interested once-over before telling him that men are neither necessary or recommended for a woman’s sexual pleasure and then rolled over and went to sleep while he lay there spluttering


“I had originally planned to turn up as a Musketeer, but at the last minute, John suddenly exclaimed, ‘Let’s go as Teddy Boys, and dress the way we always wished we could when we were at school. Let’s do it properly this time.’ We both made a terrific impression at the party, but were nonetheless eclipsed by such inspired impersonations as Peter Brown’s periwigged King Louis XIV of France, and Apple press officer Derek Taylor’s Nazi-uniformed Hitler. Cilla Black and her husband, Bobby Willis came as, respectively, a Cockney labourer, and a nun. However, Freddie Lennon, who appeared as a trash collector, achieved the most realistic impression of all.”

[Pete Shotton]

Photos from The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour fancy dress party held on the 21st December 1967 at the Westbourne Suite at the Royal Lancaster Hotel, London. As well as John’s Teddy Boy, Ringo is a circus ringmaster, Maureen is an Indian squaw and Paul and Jane are pearly king and queen. George and Pattie also attended - George as a swashbuckling Errol Flynn (where are the photos of that?!) and Pattie as a Eastern style belly dancer. Yep, this is that party.

If these women are not the most precious, powerful, and beautiful “family” you ever know, I don’t understand you. I mean, look at them! Wonder Woman herself, the General Antiope and the Queen Hippolyta (and Patty Jenkins, the director of one of the best movie I ever seen)  

Then you have Menalippe, aunt Antiope’s wife

And Antiope’s amazon warriors….

Can you show me the shortcut to go to Themyscira, please?

Patty Tolan, queen of the bisexuals ™

blnauraltest  asked:

Ooh girl you must be a self hating Beyoncé stan! All these posts you be making about her one might say you're obsessed. 33 years old though? Yikes you might want to find a better hobby perhaps one that doesn't involve trying to tear down a successful black woman.

Here is only a partial list of black female artists who are more talented than Beyonce, listed alphabetically for your convenience: Alicia Keys, Anita Baker, Aretha Franklin, Audra McDonald, Billie Holiday, Celia Cruz, Chaka Khan, Della Reese, Diana Ross, Dinah Washington, Dionne Farris, Donna Summer, Ella Fitzgerald, Erykah Badu, Esperanza Spalding, Etta James, Gladys Knight, Gloria Gaynor, India Arie, Jennifer Hudson, Jessye Norman, Josephine Baker, Kelly Rowland, Lauryn Hill, Leontyne Price, Mahalia Jackson, Mary J. Blige, Meshell Ndegeocello, Natalie Cole, Nina Simone, Patti LaBelle, Queen Latifah, Res, Roberta Flack, Sarah Vaughan, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Tina Turner, Whitney Houston. I know I’ve left some out. I am not tearing Beyonce down because she’s a successful black woman. I’m tearing her down because she’s an overrated phony with horrible fans.

Two years ago, I was indifferent to Beyonce. Then I got a Tumblr. People like you are the reason that my indifference has turned to hatred. It’s called hype aversion. You can’t blame people for getting irritated when you elevate this woman to godlike status when she has frankly done nothing that others before her haven’t already done. And don’t get me started on her disgusting fans who descend upon people who dare not to worship her and how she never calls them out, probably because she secretly enjoys it when people are attacked on her behalf. Here’s one man’s story: http://www.cosmopolitan.com/entertainment/celebs/a57607/beyhive-trolling-essay/

And come on, are you really so blind? Beyonce isn’t socially aware. She’s doing this for brownie points.

my sister called me to say she had just watched wonder woman and she loved it so so much and it makes me so happy like she hates superhero movies and she wasnt even gonna watch it if it werent for me annoying her to do it and now she did and shes in love with the it im so proud

dreams unwind | 1970-1979 [Listen Here

1. ziggy stardust | david bowie // 2. rhiannon | fleetwood mac // 3. once i had a love (aka the disco song) | blondie // 4. police & thieves | the clash // 5. welcome to the machine | pink floyd // 6. all my love | led zeppelin // 7. trust me | janis joplin // 8. it’s too late | carole king // 9. starman | david bowie // 10. higher ground | stevie wonder // 11. because the night | patti smith // 12. killer queen | queen // 13. x offender | blondie // 14. hey you | pink floyd // 15. storms | fleetwood mac // 16. behind blue eyes | the who // 17. heart of gold | neil young //