The Archer’s 1000 Picspam —> 61: Polyamourous Snow White

Fairy Re-Tellings

There was once a kingdom that gave birth to two sons. The eldest was to rule, as was tradition, while the other married into a neighboring kingdom. The Princess of that kingdom loved the younger prince dearly and the arrangement was a perfect match. However, the eldest prince too needed to take a wife and he did. A princess with skin as white as snow and hair as black as deepest ebony. With flush cheeks and lips red as the rose she was given the nickname Snow White.

The now-King saw how Snow White’s eyes roamed to his younger brother’s form when he and his wife visited. And so, he conspired with his advisor to kill the Queen. For what use was an unfaithful wife? There were more than enough women who would take her place; being easy on the eyes was not worth the inevitable humiliation.

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