It’s so weird how you can know every inch of someone, and what they are thinking just by facial expressions or nervous ticks. Then you wake up one day & realize you don’t know that person at all anymore.

MAMAAAAAAAA! OOOOOOOOOOOOH! Didn’t mean to make you cry!” The Doctor and you sang along as Freddie Mercury belted out the lyrics to Bohemian Rhapsody.  The two of you were right in front of the stage, barely anyone in front of you.  You were still in shock by the great amount of luck the two of you had to get such a great spot.

“Oh, here!” The Doctor exclaimed, pulling out one of his ties, the one he was wearing today wrapped around his head.  He tied the second tie around your head, and stated happily, “Now we match!”  The two of you laughed, and returned to singing along.