After the game Karkat develops the habit of staying up to watch his lovers sleep because of anxiety and inability to sleep himself. It calms him and he feels better knowing his partner is safe and sound. It however does nothing for the dark circles under his eyes and the fact that he barley stays on a conscious level during the day.

Gay Tube Site ManHub.com Averaging More Than 30K New Members Per Month

The popular gay tube site ManHub has started 2012 with a bang. The site has become a virtual magnet for fans of free gay videos, and is now averaging more than 30,000 new member registrations per month. That number is only expected to grow, since overall traffic increased by 19 percent in February over January, even with the shorter month.

“Fans of gay porn are liking what they see at ManHub,” explains Rocky Resnick, chief marketing officer for ManHub. “With thousands of free, user-submitted videos just one click away, word has definitely spread. That makes ManHub an important resource for video producers and gay website operators who want to reach a huge audience that’s growing larger every day." 


PinkNews.co.uk founder and Channel 4 technology correspondent Benjamin Cohen has recorded a video for the It Gets Better Project.

Cohen, 29, discusses coming out to his Jewish family in the time of Section 28, when discussion about being gay was limited in schools. He also condemns reparative therapy for same sex attractions. His former school, JFS, was criticised last month for showing sixth form students a slide about gay cure treatments.

It Gets Better: Benjamin Cohen on being LGBT & Jewish and why ‘gay cures’ don’t work (by benjamincohenuk)

Dave: seriously I’m using one hand.
Dave: how did you sneak into the knighthood? Or did you just steal someones armor while their back was turned? come on share your secrets we’re all renegades here
Dave: I’m having SUCH a hard time believing they let you in
Dave: Oh
Dave: maybe I should have worn a helmet
Karkat: ?!?
Dave: shit
Dave: Sorry I didn’t realize I was giving you such a handicap
Dave: I’m talking about these paralyzingly intense planes I call my face
Karkat: WHA-
Dave: I know you probably aren’t used to this level of attraction among your kind

they start out as such a cliche black rom in familiarstuck
Of course Dave doesn’t even understand what he’s doing to poor Karkat
He’s just having a good old fashioned beat down

Also your reminder that I’m taking doodle requests UvU!

Mass Effect's Gay Debate Shows Gamers Have Growing Up to Do

Another year, another great game in the Mass Effect series and another idiotic controversy to go along with it. With previous installments, the game has drawn the ire of the “family” crowd who doesn’t believe that an M-rated game should even hint at sex, overlooking the mass slaughter of humans and humanoids that makes up the game’s core premise. Blue alien buttcheeks offend their sensibilities, and as such the barely PG-13 “love scenes” landed the game national news coverage. Now with Mass Effect 3′s release imminent, an even more dreaded bogeyman has now reared its head: GAY sex. The horror!

State of Illinois tourism site reaching out to LGBT audiences

Gov. Pat Quinn announced a new section to the state’s tourism website Saturday, created to assist LGBT travelers.

The new section comes as part of EnjoyIllinois.com, and offers suggestions for LGBT-friendly activities, destinations, accommodations and events in each of the state’s four travel regions.

Gay Couples Can Now Professed Their Undying Love With Facebook

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Interactive social networking website Facebook has recently launched its same-sex couple icon. With world leaders like President Barack Obama supporting same sex marriages, more and more groups have become open-minded in embracing and including this marginalized sector of society in their respective businesses and social concerns. About a few weeks ago, Apple also launched its same-sex couple and family emojis in its iOS 6 operating system. A similar support was also done by the Oreo’s Facebook page. Last week, the cookie company posted a rainbow-colored, six-layered Oreo cookie on interactive websites Twitter and Facebook.

Since same sex marriage is not honored in a lot of territories, couples can now have an avenue to profess their eternal love to their better half. In the United States, it is only legal and honored in nine states. Discrimination is still very much existing. In these states, married gay couples do not receive the same tax benefits as married heterosexual couples enjoy.

GLAAD Names New Officers, Board Member; Continues To Refocus In 2012

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The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation named new officers to its National Board of Directors today: Michael Lammon (left), formerly GLAAD treasurer, joins Sheri Fults as the co-chair of the National Board of Directors. John Stephens is stepping into the treasurer role and Thom Reilly serving as secretary.

Also joining the board as a member is Kevin Oldis, human-resources VP at CBS. Oldis has volunteered as a HR consultant with the nonprofit for the past 11 years.

Social-networking site launches for LGBT teens

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LGBT teens have a new social-networking site they can call their own.

JustLeftTheCloset.com launched in February and is a social-networking space for kids just coming out or not quite out yet to connect with one another. The site is for kids age 13-18 and has already added nearly 800 members in its first three weeks.

“We wanted to give kids a community where they knew there were other people like them,” said Just Left The Closet Community Manager Jeremy Cabalona. “Growing up I kind of dealt with a lot of the same things, being in a small, isolated community and not really having any friends and being in a really conservative family without anyone to talk to. Feeling like I was the only person going through this. Having a resource where there are other kids going through the exact same thing in a non-threatening environment and a safe environment, I felt would have made a huge difference in my life so I’ve always wanted to do something like this.”

UUA persuades Verizon to protect transgender workers

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For each of the last five years, the Unitarian Universalist Association has filed shareholder resolutions with Verizon Communications to urge the corporation to add “gender identity or expression” to its non-discrimination policy.

In mid-February, Verizon notified the UUA that it has agreed to adopt the policy, which provides protection to transgender people and those in transition.

Deadline approaching for the Wikimania 2012 Scholarships Program!

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Wikimania 2012, the 8th annual international conference, is being held on July 12–15, 2012. The conference is at George Washington University in Washington D.C.United States. The Wikimedia Foundation and several chapters (Wikimedia Austria, France, Hungary, Israel, UK) are offering a limited number of scholarships to offset the cost of select individuals’ attendance at Wikimania.

Deadline to apply for the Wikimania 2012 Scholarships Program is February 16, 2012!!

OPINION: Racism to Blame, Not Affinity Groups, for Lack of Minorities in Tech

Vivek Wadhwa talks about how critical organizations like TiE were in empowering Indians in Silicon Valley to not only fill the role of engineering talent but as the founder of the startup.  Pakistanis have their own social cliques as well as Chinese.  Pi Alpha Phi, for example, founded in 1929 at the University of California, Berkeley is the oldest Asian-American interest fraternity and provides programs and opportunities that serve as a pipeline for members to gain entry into companies like Google and Facebook.  I started Building While Brown which has a 500+ member network that connects diverse members of the tech and innovation marketplace.  Information is gathered outside our network and disseminated within our networks.  Because of affinity groups like Building While Brown, Black Founders, Latino Startup Alliance, Startup Triad (Asian), Women 2.0, Girls in Tech, StartOut (LGBT), Silicon Valley is becoming more diverse than it has ever been.  With accelerators like NewME and Mexican.vc and pitching events like the Pitch Mixer Entrepreneur Forum, minority-led startup founders no longer have to be the only brown face in the room.