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Batman v Superman Costume Designer Reveals Hidden Details:  With Wonder Woman, what Zack talked to me about was creating a character who has an incredible power and strength. Her presence as a warrior is completely legitimate and unquestionable but at the same time she has the grace and the elegance of the amazonian culture. It’s quite a formal culture, their way of fighting is very very disciplined and he wanted to send that message and show her majesty with her look.

The “too provocative” comments have me absolutely steaming but nothing pisses me off more than this new girl band on the X-Factor who said they want to be “cool and edgy with the harmonies rather than that sexiness that (LM) is kind of asking for” SORRY?!?!?! Have you heard their harmonies??!?!?! In the first week on X Factor their harmonies were slaying yours let alone 5 years into their insanely accomplished career so please don’t make comments like that unless you’re ready to back them up. Also, yeah they’ve been dressing a little sexier since Get Weird but that is in NO WAY how they got to where they are today and it kind of disgusts me that (maybe without meaning to) that is what this girl is insinuating. They wore BLAZERS AND BAGGY PANTS throughout the Salute Era and lets not even mention what they wore on X Factor (because those were dark times in LM style) and made them look like asexual creatures tbh. 

Here’s some exclusive photographic evidence of the girls neglecting their harmonies and using sex to build their career:

omg shield my eyes Jade’s shoulders are showing and BELLYBUTTONS?!?! Also Perrie’s head is showing welp way too sexy for me 

Call the cops Leigh’s leg has escaped the confines of her dress and Perrie’s ankles are showing what will the town elders think??

Well their thighs are exposed time to call it quits on their voices because why listen when SKIN IS SHOWING?!?!

And now they look hotter than they ever have and are confident in their bodies and it is AMAZING. I’m not gonna pretend that if I was that hot and talented I wouldn’t be out there naked (like they honestly look covered up to me??) and even if they were out there naked IT’S NONE OF OUR BUSINESS!! They look fantastic, they sound fantastic, they are happy, they are in their mid-twenties so sit back, relax, and watch them take over the world because they don’t give a shit about what any y’all say.