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Hey, you know, Rock Lee acts almost the same way towards Sakura as Sakura does towards Sasuke. But the fandom thinks Rock Lee is creepy and needs to leave Sakura alone but that Sakura is cute and just in love. Hmm, why could that be?

Sakura to Rock Lee: you’re not my type

Fandom: 100% absolute, unambiguous rejection

Sasuke to Sakura: You’re annoying

Fandom: Omg, can’t you see he’s teasing her? so cute! You’all haters, how can anyone find Sakura annoying? that’s my girl, Queeeen!!! 

Tbh, these “it’s about the girls’ feeeeelings!!!!” pseudo feminists from SS and NH’s fanbase could end up with a restraining order in real life. 

I’m kinda scared that if at the end of svtfoe she goes back and she has to say goodbye to her best friend and be the princess (queeeen?) and it all brings me to tears again and then maybe Marco leaves to go live with her after she thought she won’t be able to see him OR SOME SHIT LIKE THAT and it’ll just kill me.

  • …a long lost interview with Hollywood columnist Shirley Eder has emerged where Wood reveals how she was “petrified” of the ocean after a bad experience on a film set in 1952.

The Oscar-nominated actress said: “I had a mean director one time who threw me in the ocean. I don’t want to say [who it is].“

"I was terrified. I was petrified, because we were in the open ocean.

“It was a picture with Bette Davis, as a matter of fact, and when she found out, she refused to work until they got a double for me because she knew that I was petrified.”


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First 10 songs on shuffle without skipping are:
1. The World We Knew - Daughtry
2. Déjà Vu - Nick Carter and Jordan Knight
3. Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 002
4. Pieces - Red
5. Paradise (Original Mix) - Golden Lights
6. Naruto Road to Ninja Theme Soundtrack Collection
7. Seven - Tobu
8. There and Back - Wolfgang Gartner
9. Legendary - Lou Barlow
10. Hurricane - 30 Seconds to Mars

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Why was Sam Smith able to come out?? Is it because he's not in a relationship with a band mate?

To be honest, I don’t know a lot of the specifics around Sam Smith. He’s signed to Capitol Records, which also boasts Mary Lambert on their roster. (MY QUEEEEN.) That alone has a huge impact on an artist’s coming out. Not being in a publicly “debunked” relationship and a poorly managed and handled boy band probably helps, too. As well as not having a disgusting figure behind the guiding force of his career. (Max Clifford, Simon Cowell’s former publicist).

Also, one of his three managers is a man he fell in love with. Elvin Smith. This is only a rumor, apparently, but it’s been reported on in British press/tabloids. A little bit of digging found this DM article. Iiiiinterestingly, this article links Sam to two familiar faces in the 1D fandom: Nathan Sykes (The Wanted) and Ariana Grande.

Oh what tangled webs we weave.