Here's What We Know About The Suspect In The Quebec Mosque Attack
Alexandre Bissonnette, 27, is suspected of killing six people and injuring eight others inside a Quebec City mosque.
By Mike Hayes

Before Facebook deactivated Bissonnette’s page, screenshots of his “likes” were also circulated on social media. Among them were the far-right French nationalist and presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, US President Donald Trump, and atheist and critic of Islam Richard Dawkins.

June 24 is Québec National Day

Just so you Check Please guys know that Jack has TWO national holidays (and Ransom only one).

things we do on the St-Jean Baptiste

- get hella drunk
- listen to Québec music in French
- discuss the separation of Québec from the rest of Canada.

(On that note, Jack has an opinion on it. Bob Zimmermann has an opinion on it. Alicia too. Every single person living in Québec for more than 30 seconds has an opinion on it. There’s no real majority on one side or the other, all referendums were 50/50 ish, but trust me, all quebeckers have an opinion on it. Mostly it’s “I don’t want another referendum”.)

I don’t know if Jack will celebrate, it’s not really his type, but I’m pretty sure Marty will wish him a “Bonne Saint-Jean” and he will stop, realize it’s the 24th already and wish him back the same.

(He’ll probably skype Bitty in French too.)

Moving Day

While most Canadians are celebrating Canada Day, many Quebeckers will be celebrating a less joyous occasion: moving day (fête du déménagement.) Originally in May so people couldn’t be evicted in the middle of winter, Moving Day was moved to July 1st so children could complete a full school year living at the same address, and workers wouldn’t miss a day of work because July 1st is a holiday. It is no longer the law, but still tradition that many leases in Quebec end on June 30th, making July 1st the day when it is impossible to rent a U-Haul and find enough friends to help you move your unwieldy couch. 

anonymous asked:

Muslims make like twice as much children as we do?? In Québec, in a small town, in all the schools of that f ing town you can't say christmas anymore because one/two little muslims didnt like it. They cannot live their religion in their houses, they always come with reasonnable settlements. These "reasonnable settlements" are always agreed by the autorities because they're too scared to be called xenophobes. Wake up people on est entrain de sfaire envahire

1.52% of Quebeckers are Muslims.

Quebec is not being overrun by Muslims.

What is it with Christians and their obsession with ‘Merry Christmas’? Its a non issue. It should be pointed out that schools and government are supposed to be secular…

anonymous asked:

Can you then understand why Canadians in other provinces are not in support of the students demonstrating in Quebec? I mean there are people in my home province who will never have access to a university education, being expected to bankroll the education of students in another province through equalization payments, whilst their own children and families will never have those opprotunities. It is infuriating, especially to those of us from traditionally more impoverished provinces.

No, I still support them.

Despite getting a lot of money, the government is at fault not the people of quebec. All they’re trying to do is get back what is being taking from them and a lot is being taking from them. The reason Quebec has all these things in society is because they have fought hard to get them. It wasn’t handed to them.

I don’t see any other provinces reacting to austerity or cuts. Every province is cutting but only Quebec seems motivated to do anything about it. It is unfortunate that some provinces are having hard times but its not right to blame quebec and quebeckers for trying to fight against these harsh government cuts. If anything you should be demanding that the federal government helps out poorer provinces more.

If you want change, protest, vote for a better government, demand better from your politicians. Just sitting around complaining won’t solve anything.

Can you imagine if the reason that the NDP doesn’t form government is because of racist Quebeckers and their ardent islamophobia over the Niqab.

As sad as that sounds, its a real possibility now. If the NDP doesn’t dominate Quebec, their odds of winning the most seats are slim.

blautraum  asked:

So Trudeau came to my city (Sherbrooke) and had his town hall meeting. He spoke French the entire time he was there, despite being asked questions in English. This region of Quebec has a population of Anglophones who felt hurt by this. There were even official complaints lodged against him for this. Any thoughts?

Obviously people have a right to be upset (Canada has 2 official languages), and people are upset:

Angry anglos file complaints against Trudeau for French only answers in Quebec

But Quebec and language rights is a very complicated thing. There is a strong push to focus on french to preserve and keep the language alive, amidst all the influence from anglo Canada.

I’m not going to pick a side on this. Its a complicated issue, and one that I probably don’t understand all the intricacies of (being a non-Quebecker).

If Quebeckers would like to comment, please do.