Moving Day

While most Canadians are celebrating Canada Day, many Quebeckers will be celebrating a less joyous occasion: moving day (fête du déménagement.) Originally in May so people couldn’t be evicted in the middle of winter, Moving Day was moved to July 1st so children could complete a full school year living at the same address, and workers wouldn’t miss a day of work because July 1st is a holiday. It is no longer the law, but still tradition that many leases in Quebec end on June 30th, making July 1st the day when it is impossible to rent a U-Haul and find enough friends to help you move your unwieldy couch. 

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Sorry if you've covered this, but how does Derek know how to speak French well? Particularly since he grew up in Brampton.

I haven’t! He spoke Spanish from a young age, so he had a bit of a step up in language retention because he was bilingual and because one of his mother tongues was in the same language family. So when they started French in school (grade three), it became his best class, by far, and he stuck with it long after it was no longer mandatory, because his grades weren’t super great otherwise, so hey, easy class! He wouldn’t be able to, say, have a job fully in French, but he is media capable, can chirp Quebeckers effectively, and most of all, can mess with tiny Habs. 

ohsingingbird replied to your post “hi, uneducated american here. what’s a secondary 2, 4, 5, etc? are…”

My mom’s family moved to the US, and my Mom’s Aunt was so mad because she thought she was done with school because of the Canada school system, but had to go to another year of schooling in the US.

Omg. I’d have made sure to get my high school certificate before moving haha.  Because as long as you have it, you don’t have to take the extra year. That’s why you often find 17 years old Quebeckers in American universities.  They didn’t need CEGEP to get in so they were able to skip 2 years lmao. 
Which I wouldn’t suggest.  CEGEP is the smartest thing ever.  It’s pretty cheap (150ish a semester) so you get to test out if you actually like your field before paying the big buck!  And you also get to mature a bit more post high school hahaha

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As Quebecker, poutine is fries, gravy and curd cheese, was invented here and is probably the thing u will find the most here at any store, in almost any format, and on the rare occasion in desert format

Wtf is wrong with Canada hat stuff looks nasty yo

happy st jean to all you quebeckers out there

i have lived here all my life and I’m still not sure what this holiday is for but pros: no one is allowed to work; cons: it’s like the fourth of july in texas on st-jean

Good luck of the day

My movers were supposed to be in around noon, but there’s one team available in an hour so I’ll be moving earlier than expected awwwww yissssss

(To those not from quebec, 1st of july is moving day so it’s lucky my movers are coming earlier than expected since a billion other little quebeckers are moving today)

Any cartoon artists here?

Hey guys, I don’t normally do posts of my own, but I love y’all, probably love and pride getting to my head, and I want you guys to be a part of my next tattoo!

I already have Mjölnir on my forearm and am planning to do a viking and a Quebecker trapper on my calves, which all represent me in some way, but before that I’d really like to get a little something simpler.

I’m asking for all you cartoony-type artists, could any of you draw a pansexual ninja for me? Like just a little cute ninja with a pansexual flag or headband

Love you guys, I have trust in you

Love Always Wins