quebec student movement needs some 68-esque slogans already

“by stopping the machines together we will demonstrate their weakness”

“be realistic; demand the impossible!" 

"conflict is the origin of everything (heraclitus)”

“a single nonrevolutionary weekend is more bloody than a month of total revolution”

“those who talk about revolution and class struggle without referring to everyday reality have a corpse in their mouth" 

"the most beautiful sculpture is a paving stone thrown at a cops head”

“action must not be a reaction, but a creation.”

“actions enables us to overcome divisions and find solutions”

“life is elsewhere”

“beneath the paving stones, the beach…”

“the student’s susceptibility to recruitment as a militant for any cause is a sufficient demonstration of his real impotence.”

“what if we burned the Sorbonne?”

“we don’t want to be the watchdogs or servants of capitalism" 

"to call in question the society you “live” in, you must firstbe capable of calling yourself in question.”

“there is a policeman inside of your head and He must be destroyed”

“i love you!!! oh, say it with paving stones!!!”

“make love, not war”

“commodities are the opium of the people”

“the cause of all wars, riots and injustices is the existence of property. (st. augustine)”

“the economy is wounded. I hope it dies!" 

"obedience begins with consciousness. consciousness begins with disobedience”

“i have something to say but I don’t know what”

“comrades, stop applauding, the spectacle is everywhere.”

“only the truth is revolutionary”

“to hell with boundaries”

“the future will only contain what we put into it now”

“masochism today takes the form of reformism. no re-plastering, the structure is rotten”

“boredom is counter-revolutionary”  

“we want structures serving people, not people serving structures”

“politics is in the streets.”

 all power to the fucking-soviets 

anonymous asked:

ontario has really high tuition tbh look at quebec , like 2,800 for Quebec residents. the student movement has resisted every increase to tuition in the last several years. mass demonsrations, clashing with police in the streets. the hard work paid off, look at tuition in other provinces now in comparison

Ontario has the highest tuition in Canada, I believe.