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“I had the trainer get me a hot dog,” John Garrett said. “Nobody saw you, the only person who knew was the trainer. The best hot dogs in the league, by the way, were at Le Colisee. Toasted buns and everything. So I’m eating one and Dan Bouchard was the (starting) goalie. So he’s playing and the game is going OK, so I figured I’m not going in this one. Some nights, when the other team scores three quick ones, you had a hint you might be going in so you get rid of the dog. But he lets in one goal and he’s (ticked) off at whoever’s on the ice at the time and he just charged off the ice.

"Well, I’m sitting there and I’ve go the hot dog tucked in my pad. So I’ve got to go in and I stand up and put my mask on. I can’t reach down and dig the dog out of my pads, people are looking at me. So I go out there and finish the game. I had to fall down a couple of times and mustard and ketchup was flying. I had to tighten the straps on my pads so the dog doesn’t come out. The trainer’s just killing himself (with laughter).”

–Montreal Gazette, 2008