'Demi' Canadian bill becoming local currency in Quebec's Gaspé region
Practice not illegal, according to Bank of Canada, but not patriotic

Residents in Quebec’s Gaspé region are cutting Canadian bills in half to create a new local currency they call the “demi.”

No one really knows who started the practice, but $5, $10 and $20 bills, sliced down the middle, have been showing up since the spring.

Residents and some local merchants have been using them, accepting their value as half of the original bill.

“It’s money that can only be circulated among these local users,”  said Patrick DuBois, a demi user from Carleton-sur-Mer, Que.  

“No one else will accept it anywhere right now.”

Michelle Secours, who owns a business in Caplan, Que., said the demi has created a parallel local economy. She said it shows a commitment to local businesses.

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Vampire by Todd (Whitby61)
In Montreal, La Ronde, is the big amusement park for those who have iron stomachs. And for those of us who don’t, we stay with our two feet firmly planted on the ground!!! This is the ride "Vampire”, and it scared me more than any Bela Lugosi movie :)”

Reasons to Love Evelyne Brochu:

It’s time to do one of these posts that doesn’t incorporate the hair, you know? Like, really highlight what the hell it is about Evelyne Brochu that is so damn incredible because she possesses and projects a lot of really wonderful qualities. 

* She frequently speaks about her feminist views and how they’re a source of guidance and influence in her every day life:

“Once, I was going to a film event and someone told me not to wear high heels to it. They said that it might intimidate the men. For some reason, I was ready to take their cue, but about an hour later something in my head started ringing and I thought, That is the worst advice anybody’s ever given me. I wore the highest heels I’ve ever worn to that event. If someone needs me to belittle myself in any way to make themselves feel better in my company, fuck them” - [x]

“Women are half of humanity. They’re part of history. They’re part of intimate stories and part of greater stories.” - [x]

“I want to hear about what makes women vibrate, not how they put their earrings on” - [x]

“One day, someone advised me to pay attention to heels because men do not like a woman to be greater than them. I told myself that if they are not able to be next to a great woman, I did not want to spend a moment beside them”. 

“How come this story, that’s narrated by a woman and has female characters, should only apply to women and be less interesting to men?…Vice versa. Why, suddenly, in the third season if men come into play is it not the same anymore? Human beings are created with empathy. Art serves that purpose. So why should I be disinterested in a character who’s a man and why should a man shy away from a show that’s female-driven?…“This show blurs those lines. Why not go deeper?” - [x]

“What would Patty Smith do?” - [x]

“I’m a feminist” - [x]

“Strong, kickass women have become the focus” - [x]

* She is a firm believer in the importance of creativity and creative expression (art, music, literature, dance, theatre, film etc); both on a social and personal context. 

“Writing is my private world for now” - ELLE Québec Magazine

“I think languages have to do with having a good ear and I have to thank my mom for that. She’s a cello teacher and she got me involved in music really early” - [x]

“I don’t know, maybe I was looking for myself. I started learning Drama arts then I had some kind of revelation; I took dance lessons at the same time. I was thinking during 6 months that dancing was going to be my future. There was a class called “Atelier Chorégraphique”, where you had to write a poem on imposed music and then you had to dance your poem with a neutral mask, which prevented me to express myself with my face…I realised that day that my favorite part of that exercise was when I took off the neutral mask and told my poem to my friends. I had a revelation and I had to go back to theatre. I did auditions that year and it worked” [x] (Translated by savedrcormier)

“Music [inspires her acting]! Jean-Marc Vallée taught me that. For “Les Loups”, I listened a lot to Barbara [x & x] and for “Tom à la Ferme” Rihanna and American pop” - Elle Québec Magazine

“Elle écrit depuis longtemps et sans arrêt. Des nouvelles, des poèmes, du théâtre. Il faut ajouter qu’elle lorgne également du côté de la musique. Le projet est embryonnaire, elle n’ose qu'en dire quelques mots” - [x]

*She pushes herself for her art; regularly picking roles that intimidate her, that she is drawn to for the characters strength or that she know’s she will be challenged in her portrayal of such:

“I can’t reveal too too much. In fact, I don’t know what to say. I had to do a lot of preparation and work. It’s a character that’s very far from who I am, who lives in a world that’s harder than mine, who has a family background that’s harder than mine…I needed to take classes and familiarize myself with something that is quite rare in the general population. I’m proud of myself. When people will watch the movie, they’ll understand” [x]

“I’m a big fan of moviemaking experiences that are also adventures, that involve travel or (a character) not coming home, but diving deeper and deeper. There’s something in that that makes me think that, on a human or artistic level, things are going to go deep.” - [x]

“Every job feels like a whole new world. Every character speaks in a different way, every story makes you go places where you’ve never been, every director uses his or her medium in a unique way. That is what I like the most I think, how experiencing something that is always called “acting” can feel so new and different with every project” - [x]

[On what attracted her to the role of Delphine] “Her focus. Even more than her strength and her incredible brain – which I’m super jealous of – I think she has the capacity of holding on to where she’s headed. She has a very clear vision of that. That’s something that I envy. Sometimes it feels a little harder for me to know exactly what I want and how I’m going to go about it. It’s a long organic process. Whereas Delphine has a very mathematical, clear-cut sort of straightforward brain and that’s super cool to play…It’s her life, and I think that’s what makes her not be a cliché; without it, you’d have the science chick with the ice-cold eyes and the super brain and the lab coat. She’s not as cliché as that character. She’s a woman. She’s just like anybody. She’s not done discovering who she is. There’s something very appealing to someone that smart going through something she wasn’t ready for. I think a lot of life is like that” - [x]

“I’m a really big fan of strong women in real life and in fiction and I think Aurora is one of them. She’s not a hero in terms of she has no fear; she’s not perfect, she’s impulsive, she makes mistakes and I love her for that. Her strength and disheveled beating heart really attracted me to the role…The scripts really moved me. Not only are they well researched page-turners and the adventures are really exciting but they are also exciting on a human level. You ask yourself, what would I do in this situation?” - [x]

“I had to learn how to fight with a knife, fire a gun and drive a 1940’s truck. I also had to learn how to speak German. One of the biggest challenges though was running in heels on cobblestone streets. I can’t believe I didn’t break an ankle. I felt like Superwoman” - [x]

‘There’s something different between reading a script and actually going through something…when I saw [the seal slaughter] I had a complete shock and I realised again, how North American City girls, we’ve lost a contact with something that is so fundamental to any form of life. Things die and I’d never seen anything die before apart from a plant and so I had a sort of a physical shock; there’s like a reaction that was so profound that you couldn’t put in the movie; I was gasping for air…it was a very - for me, an awakening, really’  - [x]

“I get to play a spy, basically, this really courageous, idealistic girl who is a freedom fighter but outside of the box. I got to work in Budapest for three months and a half, with an international cast, with people from Germany, of course Hungary, England, Canada and the States. The show will be a great adventure to follow, but for me it was a great adventure to shoot it” - [x]

* She is a firm supporter of the LGBTQ community and regularly discusses the importance of playing a bisexual character on Orphan Black:

“Here we are, creating fiction and I’m working and doing what I’m passionate about and I’m very blessed but I’m aware also that it’s not reality; that it’s created. But I think, when it does have an impact on somebody’s reality, then that makes it extra special. I’ve had a couple of letters from young lesbians that told me that seeing these characters that are gay but have, you know, many other issues to deal with, and being a lesbian is not one of them and finding that so refreshing and so helpful in their lives, that it gave them, perhaps, courage to come out at school or to their parents; knowing how in different contexts, different situations and places it can be a hard thing and it’s so hard to be yourself at any age and it’s even harder at a young age. So, when you have somebody in high school and sort of pouring their hearts out onto these letters an you get them at home and that comes out of you participating in a show, it’s just so…[chokes up], I’m sorry…it really moves me…It’s huge, it’s huge and I’m so proud to be apart of that. So proud.” - E Online Interview, 2015

“I mean, the clonesbians—you know, I have to say, I feel sometimes that fiction can reflect reality and sometimes even affect it. And I’m really proud to play a gay character whose main problem is not that she’s gay, which it shouldn’t be for anyone. So, I’m really proud of that” - AfterEllen.com Interview

“Because I play this character in such a modern proposal, many young lesbians write to thank me…it gives them the courage to tell their parents, to assert themselves at school. If Delphine can inspire these young girls to have courage in their own lives [and] to be themselves, good! It brings me a great degree of pride to participate in something which is good for the world” - [x]

* She is incredibly intelligent and one of the most articulately spoken individuals imaginable: 

“We’re drifting away more and more from a binary perception of the society, where there are the good and the evil. Our relation to ambition is doubtlessly tinted of this. We’ve kept this “underdog” side. Success does not make us perveted alphas. I am not a sociologist but I feel this around me. Ambition, for my friends and I, is something which is propelling us. Which is devoid of this guilty feeling. During interviews, I am sometimes asked if I am not going to lose myself with all the success. This thematic is always heavy and dark, so I cherish the luck I have got to work and make beautiful encounters. I don’t get the feeling I am climbing up the ladder to the detriment of others, neither daily nor in my absolute dreams” [x] (Translated by @delphinecormier1). 

There’s this broad sense of infinity we don’t get in the city, a warmth of how people are — I guess because of how brutal nature is, there’s nothing you can do but just be closer (to the people around you). All of that just feels so good and feeds me so much” - [x] 

“The social identity is going hand-in-hand with the individual identity. It takes some maturity to be open to the the other while remaining yourself. It’s like there was this fear of “if I leave, I am going to get lost and betray myself.” I think we are left collectively and individually somewhere where we remain ourselves while being somewhere else” - [x] (Translated by @delphinecormier1). 

* To be frank…she is tough as shit!:

“I started theater and when I finished Drama School, I was excited to take dancing classes again but I had a major bike accident that busted my knee…I got run over by a car and had to spend 3 weeks at the hospital. The doctors told me that if I didn’t want a knee made of metal at 40, I would have to be careful. When I have to act, for a play, cinema or TV…I give everything, I don’t spare myself but I try to be careful in my daily life, so that I can have a functional knee when I’m 40 and to be comfortable on a stage” - [x] (Translated by savedrcormier). 

*She is highly regarded by critics, actors and directors alike:

“Evelyne’s amazing. Evelyne’s like, such an incredible actress. I was a huge fan of her’s before I met her, ‘cause I’d seen her in the film called Café de Flore, which is this brilliant French-Canadian film and she’s so incredible in it and when I met her I sorta fangirled out on her really hard. I was just like, shaking and was really excited and so happy I got to meet her. She’s so amazing to work with” - Tatiana Maslany. 

“Let’s give it up for Delphine! For Evelyne Brochu’s performance this year! She knocked our socks off!” - Graeme Manson.

“She is just so lovely and so beautiful and just such an exquisite actress and I’m a big fan of her’s” - Ksenia Solo. 

“Evelyne Brochu does a fantastic job playing this aspirational version of a person struggling between multiple identities, having a powerful passion for justice, and having grave doubts about her ability to lead a team” - Stephanie Morgenstern.

“Évelyne, she’s a bomb which explodes in slow motion on screen. She’s more than just beautiful. She’s a passionate actress with a sophisticated acting who gives everything, resists to comfort and fights with certainty. She owns some weapons, coming from deep zones, which is a secret only herself knows” - Xavier Dolan. 

“…I walked into the green room and Evelyne Brochu from Orphan Black was in the green room we were in! I almost fell to my knees, I freaked out! I was like, oh my god I can’t believe I’m in the same room as her! It’s such a normal reaction to have that when you see people you admire so much” - Elise Bauman

“…she’s a very sensitive person and very bright. I liked our exchanges … She really read the script as her being in contact with this magnificent nature, something that grabs her soul and body in a very sensual way” - Sophie Dersaspe.  

“…They get big jobs, and you want them to do well, especially in Evelyne Brochu’s case. She’s got a lead on another series, and we’ve got to celebrate that and work with that” - Graeme Manson.

She has this beautiful, philosophical approach to her descriptions of life:

“I felt like my heart was pumping the way it should have pumped it’s whole life” - discussing the impacts of visiting Iles de la Madeleine. 

“We [Québec and the Québecoise] also have structures, and they are the ones that allow these talents to hatch. The more you harm the structure the more you weaken it, and the more you put in danger the rest. It’s like for the athletes: if there is no support, they can not improve. It’s the same thing for artists” - [x]

“Skyping your mum is not the same as touching her” - discussing homesickness whilst working abroad. 

“I want to have more courage” - [x]

 “I’ve found a place in the world, geographically, that is a place within as well as a place where I can go” - discussing the impacts of visiting Iles de la Madeleine. 

“We are not going to pretend in Québec that the rest of the world does not exist! We fall within an ecology. I am 100% Quebecois even though I have watched many episodes of “Friends”, that I love the Rolling Stones, Radiohead and Nirvana. It did not prevent me from, even in my “genesis” years, to be Quebecois. And to feel like I am even more when I am somewhere else” - [x] (Translated by delphinecormier1). 

She is just genuine:

Love Wins

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I admire all of them [ the Orphan Black cast]

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Alice Munro wrote an incredible book called “Lives of girls and women”. I highly recommend it.

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Teen invents portable, low-cost dialysis machine
Montreal teenager Anya Pogharian has received international attention for a portable dialysis machine she created for a local science fair.

What started off as a science project may have a revolutionary impact for dialysis patients.

Montreal teenager Anya Pogharian has received international attention for a portable dialysis machine she created for a local science fair.

“I wanted to mimic the exact same circuit as a dialysis machine because I’m trying to see if the cost can be reduced while maintaining the functionality,” explained the teen inventor, who has spent well over 300 hours on the project, even though the science fair only required 10.

Inspired after a summer of volunteering at the Montreal General Hospital, the teen said she realized that a portable system could make a major difference.

Typically used by kidney disease patients, dialysis removes waste and excess water from the blood. It can be a time-consuming process.

“Dialysis normally takes hours in a hospital setting, several times a week,” she said, adding that a portable machine could help bring the treatment to those who need it abroad. “Like for example, 90 per cent of patients living in India and Pakistan who need the treatment to survive don’t have access to it. So, a lot of preventable deaths.”

She started researching the problem online and read owner’s manuals of dialysis machines to provide inspiration and insight into how to invent her own.

While dialysis machines currently cost about $30,000, her second prototype cost about $550 to build and is receiving international interest.

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Malyk Bonnet, teenage hero, saves woman from kidnapping

Laval, Que., police are calling 17-year-old Malyk Bonnet a hero after he went to extraordinary lengths to aid the escape of a woman who had been abducted by her ex-boyfriend earlier this month.

In an interview with CBC Friday, Bonnet said that, at the time, he didn’t think of himself as a hero.

“Now I realize what I did and wow … it’s really awesome.  I mean, I saved a life!” Bonnet said with a laugh.

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