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I’m bright and early today, ready to work on some “French” phonetics ( or more exactly on the differences between the pronunciations in Quebec, Belgium and France)
We are lucky to be a whole team today at work so I won’t enter the Cave until 11 AM… Lots of time to work!
And to relax, I brought this awesome book on medicinal plants which I HIGHLY recommend to anybody that can read French and is interested in botany or medecine or… who is just curious! :D
I guess this excuses me for drawing flowers as my main decoration for yesterday’s page on my bullet journal!

First Nations woman exposes Tinder racism on Twitter
Jessica Deer says she started #S**tWhiteGuysTellMe to help other aboriginal youth dealing with racism

A Mohawk woman started a Twitter hashtag, #S**tWhiteGuysTellMe, to expose the racist comments she was receiving on the dating app Tinder.

Jessica Deer, 25, is from the small community of Kahnawake, just outside of Montreal, and describes herself as blonde, blue-eyed, and pale skinned. She uses her Kahnawake name on Tinder, which sometimes prompts unwanted attention.

She says people would try to make her First Nations identity into something exotic, or make references to their love for Pocahontas.

“Those are issues that a lot of other people who are single and indigenous are facing,” she said.

In some instances, suitors don’t believe Deer is First Nations at all. Deer says she often has to defend her identity because her looks don’t match First Nations stereotypes.

“I think it’s just really a constant hassle to have to constantly explain my identity and defending my own identity when people don’t believe me,” she said.

“If I’m saying I am, please stop questioning it.”

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