queasykinesis12-deactivated2015 asked:

Hello there. I was just wondering if you had any future plans to write a song based on Karkat or Dirk and Jake's relationship? Also, out of all your Homestuck fan songs, I love Eridan's and Trickster Jane's the most. C:

Yes, definitely to Karkat. Yes, hopefully to Dirk. Though if I write one about Dirk it’d probably be more about his general psychology or his relationship with Roxy, rather than him and Jake.


Various pictures of cute, cosplays from this weekend <3
Celes - Beccakarp
Cutie Fawn - Echoingsentiment
Raven - lylaurina
Blue/Pink Lolita - Kawaiisenpaistrider
Faye Valentine - Khaleesiserket
Amaimon- Queasykinesis

If you know the tumblr of anyone I missed, go ahead and let me know and I’ll tag them :)