Tbh it baffles me how so many people who would usually appear super opposed to cultural appropriation have seemed to overlook the fact that this fkn Met Gala is literally one giant display of White people fetishising and appropriating Chinese culture to suit their idea of “exotic and oriental fa$hionz” just because Beyoncé/Rihanna looked good in a dress. Um..?

this is gonna sound really picky but i’ve been meaning to say it for a long time

because of my fear of being touched i’m incredibly uncomfortable with even the thought of being touched so like… please don’t send me messages that say *hugs* or *pats your knee* or *holds your hand* because it literally makes me feel as queasy and panicky. thank you

AoS Finale Predictions

Okay, so I’m going to make some predictions (with emotional commentary) for the finale next week here. I may (probably will) turn out to be horribly wrong on at least some of them. The writers have also stated that there will be ‘at least one thing you’ll be waiting for Season 3 to see resolved’ which is where my prediction regarding Jemma comes from.

1. We’ll find out that Bobbi was the one who dragged Kara from her safehouse and handed her over to HYDRA. We know she did ‘awful things to ingratiate herself with HYDRA’ as per Bakshi’s speech to her in interrogation. This whole thing is making me faintly queasy. Because she didn’t do that without orders or permission from someone higher in SHIELD, surely? And while I can see Fury being ruthless enough… surely not Coulson? That whole thing is bothering me. Because he was supposed to be in London LOOKING FOR Agent 33 when he was actually with Sam Koenig at Theta Protocol. SURELY NOT, COULSON! I’ve been looking at him as the moral compass all along, but… really? I suppose, though, it’s possible that Bobbi was already in HYDRA, and just looking for a way to ‘prove’ her loyalty, and acted of her own volition? Either way, I don’t like it. That said, of course two wrongs do NOT make a right. Except in Ward’s twisted head, naturally.

 2. Cal will go postal. This isn’t much of a prediction. Weaver and everyone else on that quinjet are already as good as dead, right? The question is, will we find out that was all part of Jiaying’s Master Plan? I’m guessing yes. 

 3. Hunter, Mack, Fitz and Coulson will go after Bobbi and Mack will get killed, on his One Last Mission For His Friend. There will be some sort of standoff with Ward/Kara vs the others and I’m guessing Kara will probably be killed too, most likely by Hunter. At which point Ward will cut and run. Hunter and Bobbi make up – and choose to walk away from SHIELD together, setting up the spinoff we already know they’re going to star in. And if it’s not successful – can’t see it running more than 1 season really – they can always come back. But the cast is getting a bit bloated. 

 4. Cal will not survive. 

 5. This is where my predictions get really wild. Jiaying will release a Terrigen bomb. This is WHY Cal will not survive. Nor will any other SHIELD agent present except… da da dunnnn…. Jemma. Causing Jemma to turn into that which she fears most, something more than human. 

 6. May… will survive because she is in a quinjet, firebombing the place as per Raina’s vision. Raina will not survive. Gordon – probably will because he can zap out, and he’ll probably be really pissed off because he’ll realise Raina was right about Jiaying and he’s backed the wrong horse.

7. Jiaying… won’t make it. We’re going to find out that the necklace Gonzales gave her wasn’t just a necklace. You don’t call something like that an ‘insurance policy’ as he did to Weaver. Either it’s got cameras/other monitoring gear in it  - which will be used to expose her Eebil Plan ‘my people won’t blindly follow me’ well they sure as shit won’t if they find out you deliberately provoked a war, lady! – or it’s something lethal.   

8. This will cause Skye to have lost EVERYONE again. Since apparently she quibbles with May and turns her power against her, according to the trailer. 

The only one I am 100% sure of dying is Cal. That little speech to Skye about ‘glad to have known you – you’re magnificent’ was totally a death speech. And he’s already drunk whatever the fuck is in those vials.

As for Jemma, I can’t see any reason for her to be there in Afterlife UNLESS something dramatic like this is going to happen. She literally has no reason to be there. She’s not a field agent. I can’t imagine Gonzales requesting her presence. He has Weaver for tech support. By all rights, Jemma should be back at base with Fitz. OK, so people have pointed out that Jemma is there to Index people. Fair enough. I’m standing by my prediction that she will ‘not escape unscathed’ as the writers have said will happen to ‘main characters’. Considering her character arc in the second half of this season, turning her into an Inhuman would be a HUGE issue for her to deal with.

So… what do you think? Am I right? Am I crazy? Do you have any more predictions to go with these ones?

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Your Mr. Queasy plush and cheeseburger backpack are amazing. I love seeing what you make and how you make it. I'm looking forward to the new and cool things you create. It's also really inspiring to me how you make your own patterns. 😊😊😊 Oh and I think you're hella rad

There are so many compliments in this ask oh man oh man

First, thank you!

Second, I’m still learning how to make my own patterns
It’s a bit difficult to figure it all out but I’d like to think I’m making some sort of progress…..

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I totally understand 100% the hatred for what's-her-face. Just thinking about her makes me queasy. BUT I'm trying to not let her presence bother me. It's really tough, but I'm remembering I'm his fan, not hers. If I catch a small glimpse of her face, I just look away while scrolling past. I smile when Darren is clearly happy with his life regardless of her in it. She's just another crappy person amongst many. And I stop following anyone who kisses her ass. She won't bring my happiness town.

you’re totally right and i think that ignoring her in general is the best thing that we can do. Darren fans we need to just focus on him - more attention than she deserves falls on Mia and enough is enough.

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Tsukishima with a sarcastic and smart ass crush? And him confessing to his crush?

Tsukishima felt his heart beat a little faster as he approached his crush, noticing that that they looked especially cute today. He swallowed. He was finally going to do it; he was going to let them know how he felt. He had run a few different scenarios on how to do this in his head before meeting them. He figured the worst that could happen was them making a sarcastic joke about it, which didn’t make him feel any less queasy, but he decided that wasn’t going to stop him.
“So, you’re finally here,” they said. He felt his face and ears go hot so he looked down to avoid their stare.
“Yea sorry, I got caught up in something,” he said, looking at anywhere but his crush. Every time they would joke around, Tsukishima would point out that it was irritating the way they were always so sarcastic about everything, (even though that is one of the reasons he liked them.) Their smart ass comments have led to many funny situations, some of which they would bond over while hanging out. They thought it was weird that lately, he didn’t sass back as hard.
When they agreed to spend the day together, Tsukishima saw this as an opportunity to finally tell them how he felt about them. He shifted his weight and looked around as he tried to find his words.
“Are you okay? I was joking about the being late thing you know. I just got here, ” they said. Tsukishima nodded and looked at his crush.
“I-,” he quickly shifted his glance to the side, playing with his hands as he attempted to look back at them “I…like you.”
He quickly looked back at his crush, heart pounding so loudly in his chest,  he could swear everyone around them could hear his heart beat.
“Well, yeah. It’d be pretty awkward if we hung out and didn’t like each other.” They chuckled and grinned up at him. His ears felt hotter.
“No, I mean,” he carefully took their hand in his, “I really like you.”
“O-oh,” they blushed, eyes widening slightly as what he said sunk in. Now it was them who avoided Tsukki’s gaze. They were quiet, and to Tsukki it seemed like forever, “Speechless for the first time, huh,” Tsukki thought. He was slowly letting go of their hand when they spoke.
“Actually, I…I like you, too,” they looked up at him, smiling shyly, their blush reddening even further as they took hold of his retreating hand. Tsukishima smirked at them,
“I guess this is our first date, then.”
He adjusted his hands more comfortably in theirs and they walked, both still blushing and nervous, to the start of their date. (his hand probably sweaty from his nervousness)

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  • <p><b>Dean:</b> Seriously, will you just hurry up, Cas? I hate malls.<p/><b>Cas:</b> I want to find her the perfect gift. It is the first birthday I am experiencing of hers after all.<p/><b>Dean:</b> Yeah, but a girl like Claire doesn't want glittery lotion and crap. She's tough. Ya know, she's rough around the edges.<p/><b>Cas:</b> Well, what about this store? It looks "rough around the edges".<p/><b>Dean:</b> Whatever man, just hurry up. The smell of that Cinnabon is starting to make me queasy.<p/><b>Cas:</b> This store looks like it caters to hunters.<p/><b>Dean:</b> Cheap, tacky hunters maybe ... although, that is kind of a cool shirt.<p/><b>Cas:</b> We're not here for you Dean.<p/><b>Dean:</b> I know ... just hurry up!<p/><b>Cas:</b> What about this necklace?<p/><b>Dean:</b> Too chunky. She would never wear that.<p/><b>Cas:</b> Okay, well what about this poster. This young man looks to be relatively handsome and about Claire's age. Maybe she would like to look at him. That is what teenage girls do, correct? Look at boys they find "cute"?<p/><b>Dean:</b> I dunno, man. But where the hell is she going to hang a poster? She doesn't exactly have a picket fence around her motel room.<p/><b>Cas:</b> Well, what would you suggest, then?<p/><b>Dean:</b> How about this pissed off looking cat doll? Ya know, since she's so pissy all the time.<p/><b>Cas:</b> That's perfect.<p/><b>Dean:</b> Cas, I was joking ... Cas ... Cas, don't really buy her that. Cas?<p/></p>

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hey James. I gave oral sex for the first time last night and I like he kept pushing me to go deeper and I have a sensitive gag reflex and was already feeling kinda queasy bc i was recovering from food poisoning. Long story short I ended up puking on his dick. I am MORTIFIED. He hasn't texted me back and this is first time Ive done anything with anyone. Like what if he never talks to me again?

Log off.

super ridiculously godly good looking boy randomly messaged me being all like “stab me in the heart and tell me how far you live from me” and telling me i was beautiful and asked to hang with me but every one of his photos he’s holding a can of alcohol and that turns me off greatly. 

alcohol and men make me feel queasy when put together… :\

Live A Little

(P.S. This is the finished version. Well kinda😏)


Staring at yourself in the mirror, you leaned forwards, letting your forehead hit the glass lightly, letting out a groan.

The past night was nothing but a blur.

But you did remember this morning perfectly.

You woke up tangled in white bed sheets that weren’t yours. They looked really familiar but you couldn’t quite figure out why.

Slightly moving, you felt your head start to pound, causing you to groan.

Looking around, you noticed it was sometime during the day. Again everything around you look so familiar but it just wasn’t clicking for some reason.

Squinting, you tried to move off the bed but had to quickly stop when you felt the room starting to spin.

Dropping back down, you closed your eyes tight, willing your now queasy stomach to settle.

This hangover was definitely going to be one for the books.

Slowly moving to take off the covers, you paused realizing you were completely naked. Starting to panic, you glanced over to the other side of the bed, finally realizing you weren’t alone.

Next to you was a boy tangled in the covers just as you had been, laying his face completely in the pillows, softly snoring.

You had no idea who was next to you.

Trying to be as quiet as possible, you searched around the room for your clothes.

Eventually you got everything together but something in the corner of your eye made you pause.

Reaching out to pick up a light brown shirt off the floor, you instantly felt your heart stop.

Sticking your hands through the small holes of the shirt, you glanced back to the bed, feeling last nights alcohol threatening to make another appearance.

You watching the boy shift around, giving you a clear view of his face.

Dropping the shirt back onto the floor, you quickly ran out of the room, ignoring someone’s calls from the kitchen. You knew exactly who’s voice it was but you couldn’t face them right now.

You couldn’t face anyone right now.

Especially not him.

God you so were not ready for him to wake up and realized what happened.

Once out of the house, you quickly rushed over to one of the bushes, not able to hold back last night’s choices.

What had you just done?

Staring at yourself in the mirror again, you wished you could take it all back.

No… Wait… Actually you wished you could remember what happened.

You knew you both obviously did the deed, but how? 


Thinking back, you remembered going out last night to a club, had a few drinks, maybe even danced a little, but after that… 

Everything was a blur.

Before you could think any further, you heard your phone chime from your bedroom.

Ignoring it, you tried to wash your face, but was stopped short by another chime.

And then another.

Confused, you walked out of your bathroom, making your way over to your now  silent phone.

Sitting on the bed, you unlocked it, immediately feeling like throwing up again.

You were getting texts from different friends, sending you pictures from last night.

Scrolling through each picture, made you completely sick.

There was multiple pictures of you grinding on him, taking shots with him, and even kissing him. Eventually the pictures moved on to you walking hand and hand with him into the cab, totally engulfed in only paying attention to him.

Good god you were never going to drink again.

Groaning, you threw yourself back onto the bed, letting your head hit the mattress.

You loved him, you really and truly did, but he was your best friend.

Thats it.

Nothing else.

He always said you were like a sister to him!

And that’s how it was supposed to stay!

I mean sure, you might have had a slight amount of feelings for him lately, but it didn’t matter! 


How in the hell were you supposed to go back from this?

Covering your eyes with your arm, you tried to fall asleep, wanting more than anything to get over this hangover, but your phone chimed again.

Sighing, you brought your phone over your head, instantly feeling it slip from your grasp, landing right on your nose.

Cursing, you angrily grabbed your phone, getting up, unlocking it to see who it was.

Instantly, all your anger faded.

Instead, your stomach was churning again, sending you flying back to the toilet.

On your screen was a simple message:


Part 2