que que cachoo



Nox @ Nox: Gee I sure wanna grab some lair reviews 

Me: Fuck you and I want this lair

These six are hands down my absolute fucking favorite out of your lair Nox, they’re all gorgeous and eerie looking. Like a Moth’s wing I get lost in them, they all look transparent and sickly looking…honestly a perfect plague look I hope to one day achieve alongside my nature/plague babies.

I’m a slut for off whites/whites and red color themes, dunno why it’s always been super appealing to me. Maybe because they remind me of moths & those little critters are my favorite insects….

Also u might be wondering why I picked Wyrmwound and it’s because he’s that GOOD CLASSIC PLAGUE LOOK™ everyone has at least one of in their lairs and it makes me nostalgic just looking at him bc I once upon a time had dragons like him.

Not sure if you’re keeping  Aurora as a guardian but dude,,,those colors + pale apparel choices with that accent are making me:

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