que nos pasa puerto rico

Anuncio/La campaña de servicio público “Respeto”, hoy día mejor conocida como ¿Qué nos pasa, Puerto Rico?.  (2006)

Translation of the sign: 

Many Men (Children) use this urinary everyday.

Some don’t pull down the chain.

Others use it as a trash can

And no one is capable of keeping it clean.

Ad / public service campaign “Respect”,  better known as What’s happening to us, Puerto Rico ?.   (Year: 2006)

Just a little something I want to share

I was being a total creeper yesterday and was looking at my little sister’s conversations through facebook chat. I don’t want to discuss what they were talking about, because it was stupid and completely irrelevant to what I want to share. So, yes, she was talking to her friend (btw, she knew I was looking), and I found it so hard to read… I had to start reading out loud to see if I could make sense of what I was reading, and it wasn’t until a few minutes later that I finally got it. 

The way her friend substituted letters on purpose, shortened words, eliminated other letters, ah, it was so hard… It made me wonder how they could even understand each other. Other than that, it made me wonder if her friend even knew how to tell right from wrong (spelling-wise). 

I know we can get lazy sometimes, so we abbreviate words to make it easier, but I think there’s a limit. We wan’t to understand each other, after all. 

*sigh* It bothers me; it really does. It wasn’t even the typical “sii estoii bn ii tu?”. It was more like “s stii bn ii t?”

And I thought this ‘thing’ couldn’t get any worse. I was so wrong. I’m pretty sure her friend is not the only on writing this bad.  

Haven’t ranted in a while. Needed to get that out. Thanks for bearing with me, guys. :)