que and me against the world

Status: Amor (Inglês) ❤

• Did not know love, only I knew kindness and today met you, which is true love 💏❤ (Não conhecia o amor, so conhecia a bondade e hoje conheci você, que é amor de verdade)

• When love is stronger, not all envy of the world is able to destroy it. ❤🍃 (Quando o amor é mais forte, nem toda inveja do mundo é capaz de destruí-lo.)

•Everything was against our relationship, but our love won (Tudo era contra a nossa relação, mas nosso amor venceu)

•You’re the one good thing in the midst of so many problems. 💭💘 (Você é aquela coisa boa em meio de tantos problemas. 💭💘)

• Every day, if I could, I’d be with you. 💏💞 (Todo dia, se eu pudesse, eu ia estar com você. 💏💞)

• You gonna still see me on your side, smiling … 💒💏 (Cê ainda vai me ver do seu lado, sorrindo… 💒💏)

• I still remember our first kiss 😍 (Eu ainda me lembro do nosso primeiro beijo 😍)

• So good when you hug someone you like and that person pushes you tight. 💑 ♥ (Tão bom quando você abraça alguém que você gosta e essa pessoa te aperta bem forte. 💑♥)

• “Then stay and be the love of my life."❤ (Então fica e seja o amor da minha vida ❤)

• Love has no color, no price or age. Love is two people who love each other in spite of their past, their flaws and dubious attitudes. (O amor não tem cor, não tem preço nem idade. O amor é duas pessoas que se amam apesar do seu passado, suas falhas ou atitudes duvidosas.)

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I don’t understand why some tries to make people feel ashamed of themselves for liking Messi. Just because he is ‘popular’? “But they support NT only for him”. Bitch most Napoli fans supported Argentina against their country because of Maradona. Don’t let me get started. And Messi is breath taking, mind blowing. He deserves the love and the attention he gets. I mean, I wake up happier when I know he is going to play that day. But I am actually lying here tough. I pretend like I love Messi for his talent but even without it, I would still love him so freaking much. It is Leo Messi ,yo. He is like rainbows and candies and everything beautiful in this world. Above all Messi es más argentino que el dulce de leche.

All my Messi fan friends, don’t let anyone make you feel like a bandwagoner. You are doing it right. Leo Messi is the best player and the most amazing human being. Bye.