que and me against the world

Status: Aurora 🦋

• I went too far when I was begging on my knees 🙇🏻‍♀🎶
(Eu fui longe demais quando eu estava implorando de joelhos 🙇🏻‍♀🎶)

• I went too far and kissed the ground beneath your feet waiting for your love, waiting for our eyes to meet
(Eu fui longe demais e beijei o chão sob seus pés implorando por seu amor, pedindo para os nossos olhos se encontrarem )

• Give me some love and hold me tight ❤🎶
(Dê-me um pouco de amor e me abrace )

• And I was dancing in the rain 🌧🎶
(E eu estava dançando na chuva )

• And I kept running for a soft place to fall 🎶
(E eu me mantive correndo para um lugar suave para cair)

• I fall asleep in my own tears I cry for the world, for everyone 🎶
(Eu adormeço nas minhas próprias lágrimas eu choro pelo mundo, por todos)

• I can’t recall last time I opened my eyes to see the world as beautiful 🌏🎶
(Não me lembro da última vez que eu abri meus olhos para ver o mundo tão bonito)

• Let love conquer your mind
(Deixe o amor conquistar sua mente)

• There is nowhere for you to hide the hunter’s moon is shining 🌕🐺🎶
(Não há lugar para você se esconder a lua do caçador está brilhando)

• He holds the gun against my head I close my eyes and bang, I am dead 🔫🎶
(Ele segura a arma contra a minha cabeça eu fecho os olhos e bang, estou morta)

• Oh, he did it all to spare me from the awful things in life that come 🎶
(Ah, ele fez tudo para me poupar das coisas horríveis que a vida traria)

• My tears are always frozen 💧❄
(Minhas lágrimas estão sempre congelado)

• We are not alive we are surviving every time 🎶
(Nós não estamos vivos, estamos sobrevivendo a cada vez)

• One day life will be kind 🎶
(Uma dia a vida vai ser gentil)

• Broken me and broken them you are broken too
(Tanto eu como eles estão quebrados você está quebrado também)

• Scars we cover up with paint 🎨
(Cicatrizes que cobrimos com pinturas)

• I would rather see this world through the eyes of a child🎶
(Eu preferiria ver este mundo através dos olhos de uma criança🎶)

• I would rather feel alive with a childlike soul 🙎🏻🎶
(Eu preferiria me sentir viva com uma alma de criança 🙎🏻🎶)

• The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is to love and be loved in return ❣
(A maior coisa que você ira aprender é a amar e ser amado❣)

• The world is way too cold and bright for their eyes ❄🎶
(O mundo é muito frio e brilhante para os olhos deles)

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Prince’s Epic ‘Purple Rain’ Tour: An Oral History

By David Browne, Rolling Stone, June 22, 2017

On July 27th, 1984, Prince and the Revolution were confronted with their first hint of how their lives were about to change when they attended the Hollywood premiere of Prince’s first movie, Purple Rain. “That night at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre was insane,” recalls keyboardist Lisa Coleman. “We thought we’re just making what would be kind of a cult film. I’d stood in line at that theater to see Alien the first day it came out. And now there I was, arriving in a limo. Limousine, red carpet – none of us had ever done anything like that before. We felt more like rebels, and suddenly we’re all fancy, like movie stars.”

That night would only be the start of one of the most momentous years in Prince’s life. The film was an immediate cultural touchstone, grossing $7.7 million in its opening weekend (a commanding figure at the time) and eventually grossing 10 times that amount. Four months later, at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Prince and the Revolution launched the Purple Rain tour. The 98-show trek, which continued through April 1985, was groundbreaking in many ways: It introduced Prince’s most elaborate sets and a new guitarist (Wendy Melvoin), and the crowd hysteria and occasional cameos from the likes of Bruce Springsteen and Madonna confirmed Prince’s place as pop’s most commanding star of the moment.

In the confines of those tightly structured shows, Prince reveled in special effects and over-the-top staging – doing splits or somersaults, playing his famous ejaculating guitar (using Ivory Liquid, of course) or pretending to talk to the Lord during the “Purple Rain” B side “God.” Yet the tour impacted on him in ways he and the Revolution never expected. In time for the upcoming deluxe reissue of the Purple Rain album – with accompanying bonus audio and video material – and the tour’s inclusion on Rolling Stone’s 50 Greatest Concerts of the Last 50 Years list, RS spoke with the Revolution and the band’s unofficial member, lighting director LeRoy Bennett, about those momentous five months and their aftermath.

I. Preparations

Wendy Melvoin (guitarist): I remember being conscious that the Purple Rain tour was the biggest thing he had ever done [during planning stages]. I kept seeing sketches of plans and Prince would buzz in and out of the rooms. We were all being fitted for clothes that were being made. I was standing on one of those pill boxes, and there are about five people doing the measurements on me. It was like Queen Victoria being dressed for a gathering. At one point, one of them tried to do an inseam on my pant leg, and I felt really oddly like, “Fuck this – I’m not entitled to this. Why is this happening?”

Prince walked in and asked me to come outside so he could talk to me. Apparently he had been watching what was going on and he took me outside and goes, “You have to allow this to happen. You have to allow them to do what it is that they do. That’s why they’re here. And don’t feel bad about it.” At that very moment, I realized, “OK. There’s something else happening here, and I just have to let this happen.” I didn’t want to get in the way of how he was trying to represent himself. And that was a big, big a-ha! moment for me. I sat back and saw this thing unfold.

LeRoy Bennett (lighting director): The theatrics started to become more and more evident. Controversy had a little bit and the 1999 tour had a bit more theatrics in it. But the Purple Rain tour was a major step in technology for us. Once you’ve seen a laser beam for five minutes, you’re done with it. So what we were doing was pushing the lasers and different things through fiber optics. We had dry-ice fog, but we used liquid nitrogen a lot. For “When Doves Cry,” we’d have jets that shot horizontally across the stage. It almost looked like ghosts that flew across, met in the middle of the stage and dissipated. Other [lights] came up from the back like these huge fountains. We wanted the show to be more of an immersive experience. We wanted to portray the emotions of the songs and create interesting environments.

Melvoin: As far as signing a non-disclosure, like “You’re not allowed to do drugs,” I had heard his crew had to do something like that, but we as a band didn’t have to. But he didn’t like it when you drank in public and someone took a picture of it. He would get really buzzed if you had a picture taken with a beer because it’s like, “I don’t want children to think they can be badass only with a beer in their hand!” I understood it. I got it. There was a little bit of a weirdness, but I understood it was a business he was trying to run, and I respected it.

Matt Fink (keyboardist): Very few bands – pop bands, which I suppose you could say we were at that time – were doing coordinated dance moves while they were on their instruments. Keyboard players like myself, you didn’t really see them doing choreographed moves with the bands. But Prince wanted the whole band moving.

Mark Brown (a.k.a. BrownMark, bassist): I grew up in a time period where I would go see Cameo and the whole band was always moving. I was always asked to help with the choreography [for Prince], and so, when we would build the shows, I was kind of responsible for all of the movement. I had to figure out a way, with this different type of music, to create movement that was simple and where you could still play your instrument effectively. It was a challenge because not everybody was used to dancing and playing.

Lisa Coleman (keyboardist): We would just have to bend our bodies or shake our heads. Sometimes it got kind of rough too because I was wearing high heels and playing keyboards. It ruined my back for the rest of my life.

Fink: We were at Rudolphs Bar-B-Que [in Minneapolis] one late night and I remember Prince saying to me, “Do you think it would be cool if Bobby was standing up playing drums?” And I said, “How does a drummer stand up?” He wanted so badly for Bobby to stand up and play drums. But it worked because we had the drum machine running and Bobby was playing percussion and cymbals against the drum machine.

Bobby Z. (a.k.a. Robert Rivkin, drummer): No drummers had been required to do choreography. That was just the Prince world. We’d practice in front of a mirror. Looking at yourself was hard. He made us all look graceful, like in a ballet, because you don’t want to be a dork.

Melvoin: We had two weeks of productions rehearsals, I think in St. Paul, right before the tour started. I remember the first day we went in for full-on production, and that was astonishing to see it. That’s when I realized it, “Holy shit, this is massive. We’re in a stadium right now in production rehearsals.” I know it doesn’t sound like much right now, but back then it was like, “Oh, my God.”

Bennett: We spent more time in rehearsal than we had ever done before. It was almost like we did a tour of Minneapolis because we kept changing venues once a week, or once a week and half.

Bobby Z.: It was all about how he entered the stage. At various shows it was, “OK, now you have the gymnasium and the catwalk.” The biggest thing they had were the elevators under the stage for “Let’s Go Crazy.” There was a mannequin for when he would appear and disappear. There were all these cool magic tricks to get Prince on and off stage.

Brown: For the “When Doves Cry” scene, you had this stage prop of the claw-foot tub up on a hydraulic lift behind Bobby that was way up high. The first time they tried using the tub, which was very lightweight and made out of fiberglass, Prince got into it and they had not nailed it down into the platform. That thing went right over backwards once he got in it. He took quite a tumble. He just lay there while they checked him out, and fortunately he just had some good bruising. Things got called that day while they figured out what needed to be changed on that one. That was a scary moment.

Bennett: My heart stopped. He didn’t really fall that far, like four feet. But it shook him up a little bit. He walked off the stage, got in his car – which he always parked next to the stage in the arena – and took off. That was the end of rehearsals for the day. The carpenters changed the lyrics to “this is the sound when tubs fly.”

Melvoin: If Prince was doing any kind of bad behavior – if he was mean or just straight-up wrong about something he said he was straight-up right about – he always said something bad would happen to him. The way I remember that moment is that he had gotten into a fight with his manager. Prince was in a super-cranky mood and he was practicing his move with the bathtub and the bathtub fell. He was so freaked by it that he was super nice and kind [laughs]. Very humble.

Fink: The soundchecks were always three hours long. I would have a boom box on stage – everybody usually did – and we’d record those soundchecks because afterwards you’d want to listen to it in the dressing room to refresh your memory as to what we just learned, because it had to be played that night. That’s the way I could get through it and remember it.

Melvoin: Our soundchecks would start at like 2 in the afternoon and we’d play until 5. Each person would have to keep running out to get hair and makeup done. We wouldn’t leave to go back to the hotel after soundcheck. We had to stay there. The show would go on at 8.

Brown: Before the show, we’d all huddle up and pray. He’d point to you or tell you to lead if you had a bad day or a good day. He would speak when he had something to say. It was a meaningful ritual. You felt like you needed protection. The crowds were so loud and it was so crazy that we needed each other because that was the only thing you had – each other for support.

Fink: It was non-denominational. If someone was sick at home you’d talk about that. You just said whatever you had to say. It was a critical moment, especially when he spoke. He really said a lot of profound wisdom during those circles. He would reveal a little bit more of himself in those moments.

Melvoin: I used to think of it more as like tandem sky divers. We’d form that circle and say, “Just get us through this and make it run smoothly for him.” It became superstitious and it bothered me to some degree. But I appreciated the tradition, and I think everybody relied on it.

Coleman: Sometimes he would say weird things like, “This might be the last time we play,” or “I might break up the band,” or give us strange motivations like that just to go out onstage and kill it.

II. The Tour Begins

Coleman: When we got to Detroit [for the first show], suddenly we had bodyguards. “What? Bodyguards?!” Wendy and I had one and so did the guys. I remember getting to the hotel and guys carrying our bags, and the whole feeling was like, “Uh-oh. This is different.”

Fink: I think there were 105 people out there with us. Twelve buses. It was a massive undertaking. I knew, “Wow, we’re in the real big time now.”

Melvoin: In 1984, '85, that was the beginning of massive stadium shows. Def Leppard would always be two venues ahead of us, and Bruce Springsteen was doing Born in the U.S.A at the same time. We were all following each other in these huge caravans.

Coleman: [The first show in Detroit] was one of the loudest things I’ve ever heard. It’s like when sports teams come out onto the field. We were hitting the stage and it’s as if we were coming out from the locker room, you know? People were screaming and hanging over the rails and reaching for us. They knew our names, more than ever because of the film. We all kind glanced at each other like, “Holy shit!”

Bennett: The hair stood up on my arms. It still does thinking about it. It was just insane because none of us had experienced anything like that before. Suddenly we were elevated to a much higher level than we ever anticipated and it was a bit overwhelming. You had to really fight hard to concentrate on what you were supposed to do during the show, because you couldn’t believe what was going on.

Melvoin: When they turned the lights off and you’d stand by the side of the stage and hear, “Ladies and gentlemen …,” it was deafening. To this day, I have never heard anything like that. It was so loud that my ears became distorted at one point.

Brown: It was hard to hear yourself onstage. The audience would settle down after the first couple songs, but still … I had a huge bass rig. And even with all of that equipment, I would only hear it if I walked back by the bass amp. You’d feel the beat, but there were moments where you could get lost.

Fink: The loudest white noise possible.

Bennett: There were times where I couldn’t hear myself talking to the spotlight operators and they were having a hard time hearing me. It was crazy.

Bobby Z: Then Prince would rile them back up. He’d shake his ass or do a costume change or something, and people would go nuts again.

Coleman: The fun part was watching him, because a lot of things didn’t happen unless he gave us visual cues. It was like a game watching him run around the stage, and he would do a slight move of his hand, which would cue a riff or something. You’d have to watch pretty darn closely. Every once in a while, to cue the end of a song, he’d throw a hankie into the air, and when the hankie hit the ground, that’s when we would stop. So you had to be able to see the ground, and if you’re backed up on a riser behind keyboards and cymbals, sometimes it was hard to see, like, “Oh no! The hankie disappeared!”

Bennett: He would do hand signals for certain musical turnarounds, so you would have to watch for all that. He liked to mess around. Every once in a while, he would just do the signal in front of his chest, so the band could see it and I couldn’t. He would just do it to be funny.

Coleman: He’d say “Body Heat.” Bobby would hit the snare drum once and then we’d have to go to “Body Heat.” Then he’d stop that by saying, “'Rumble’ in E.” So we had all these different things, little modular funky things that we could put together that he could call out like we were his jukebox or drum machine that he could play. It was like a live computer.

Bobby Z: The crowd could feel it was tight and spontaneous, but it also had some train wrecks. Ninety-nine percent of the time it was a miracle.

Melvoin: I had boots on, tons of jewelry, and my instrument and I had to sing and do choreography. It was literally the Olympics. We were like synchronized swimmers. If someone screwed up that thing, there’s not even a bronze medal. You’re just off the team. This was high stakes.

Bobby Z.: At our Syracuse show, he called out “sway from side to side,” and the entire Revolution moved like a piston in an engine back and forth.

Coleman: We were wearing all these big … what do you call it? These regal New Romantics clothes? It was hot. I’d go up onstage wearing a cape on top of a dress, and I would just take off stuff during the show. Shed as much as I could. It was hot onstage with all those ruffles.

Melvoin: One of the things that Prince would tell us before going on tour, especially at the beginning of Purple Rain, was, “If you feel yourself rushing and playing too fast, cut your body’s heart rhythm in half and move your body in half-time, and you will play behind the beat.” We were religious about it.

Coleman: Prince wanted always be as good as the film. He didn’t want anyone ever to go, “Oh, that’s the band from the movie? Eww, they’re not as good.” That was one of his worst fears.

Brown: We used to get fined if we made mistakes, and I got to a point where I would stop playing bass notes in certain types of segues and start this rumbling on the bass. Prince loved that crap. And it saved me from a lot of fines.

Coleman: If you missed a cue or played an extra horn punch or something, that was $500. He would withhold your money. It never happened to me. I’m lucky. Actually, I’m good at faking it. He never knew when I made a mistake.

Melvoin: He threatened to take your paycheck away, and a couple times he tried, but we all laughed at him and said, “No, that’s not going to happen.” It was this warning, this threat, and he was really happy to go ahead and make the threat because it would make you get your shit together if you had made a mistake.

III. The Intensity

Coleman: When we were at the Superdome in New Orleans, it was, what, 90,000 people? We knew it was big because it sounded big, and then Prince said, “LeRoy, turn on the house lights!” And we turn on the house lights and it was scary. Prince was like, “Noooo! Turn them off, turn them off!” It was too much. It was an ocean of people.

Melvoin: I loved when we turned the lights on during “Take Me with You” and we could actually see the audience. We would turn on the stadium lights full blast – fluorescent, horrible lighting – and we could see everybody in the audience and we all became one and sang “Take Me With You.” You see every seat filled. You look to your left and you see everybody. You look to your right. It was incredible, and they all sang it. It was really beautiful.

Bennett: It must have been scary to them because they had no idea there were that many people. I’m sure the first time they saw that, they shit themselves [laughs].

Brown: We were literally the hardest-working band in show business. I would feel sorry when he would invite people to play with us onstage, because they didn’t understand that type of dedication. When people would sit in with us, they didn’t even know what to do. I don’t care how seasoned a musician they were.

Bobby Z: Everybody came in the band’s room, like Springsteen and Madonna [during a multi-show run at the Forum in Los Angeles in February 1985]. We had an open-door policy and got to meet a lot of fun people. Onstage, they always thought it was exciting. But onstage with Prince it was always a game.

Coleman: It became a take-no-prisoners situation, like, “Yeah, let’s just go out there and conquer the world.” And all the people that were supposed to be the competition were just like saying, “Wow!” to Prince. And again, he wanted to soak that up. He wanted to experience it firsthand, so that was a good way to do it.

Melvoin: Unfortunately he would kind of screw with people, especially big famous artists who would come up. If he sensed they were a little bit lost, he’d try and expose that: grab a guitar and do a blistering solo in their face. There was a certain amount of, like, straight-up competitive humiliation. But he thrived on that, like, “I know I’m great.”

Coleman: With Bruce, I remember Prince being a bit of an imp and trying to throw him off. He was giving us his secret hand signals while Bruce was trying to play a guitar solo. There was a little cat and mouse going on. I never knew if Bruce knew Prince was doing that because there was a bit of giggling, but we knew and were like, “No, don’t do that, it’s so mean!”

Fink: Prince was reveling in it. It was his goal to tower over everybody in a lot of ways. He loved it. With Madonna, they were flirting and playing.

Coleman: I have to admit I’m such a dork. I didn’t know who Madonna was. This girl came onto the stage and I was like, “Who’s that?” I thought he just pulled some girl up on the stage. I didn’t know what was going on until I was in the bathroom after the show.

Melvoin: Madonna came backstage and was in our dressing room, mine and Lisa’s, and wanted to use the bathroom. It was this true girl moment. We were each in our stalls peeing at the same time and she goes, “You guys are such badasses!” That was my first introduction to Madonna.

Coleman: We always had jams [during the encores]. “Baby I’m a Star” was notorious. “Purple Rain” could be 30 minutes long. We could stretch things out.

Bennett: We used to do a running bet with the crew on how long “Purple Rain” was going to be. Every night. I’m not a betting man, so I never got involved, but in the production office, there was a board where people would place their bets on the time. It was usually extended between 20 to 25 minutes. You could win a couple hundred bucks.

Coleman: During that time, Prince was very positive and didn’t want to miss what it meant to the world. He would read every magazine, whatever press. He wanted to see it all, good or bad. And then he wanted to affect it in a positive way, and he started doing more philanthropic things. We started playing at schools or doing food drives.

Melvoin: On that tour we’d be onstage for hours and then of course we’d end up doing another show afterwards or we’d do a show during the day somewhere else. It was full on every night until the last show. I remember we went to Gallaudet, the school for the deaf [in Washington, D.C.] and did the entire show in their auditorium, and it was incredible. There were huge monitors on the floor in the audience so the kids could feel the bottom end. I remember at least 25 signers in the audience who were watching us and signing all the words to every song. The kids loved it. And then they broke it down and we went to the stadium and played another show that night.

Fink: By the end of it, we were changing some arrangements. Prince still put us through mental gymnastics every day. He’d make a new transition between certain songs and you had to remember it. It was like a game to him. But Prince cut the tour short. Around the World in a Day was on his mind and backstage we were already looking at album covers for that.

Brown: During soundchecks, we recorded “4 the Tears in Your Eyes.” “The Ladder.” All kinds of stuff.

IV. The Aftermath

Coleman: By the end of the tour, he was done with [Purple Rain]. He just burned fast and hard. If you look at the concert footage, he was killing his body. It was really, really hard work and to do it for six months was plenty for him. He was starting to get excited about other things. He was ready to move on.

Bennett: Prior to that tour, we were all very close, but then it started to separate out so that he was very isolated from us towards the end of the tour. I think he anticipated the fame to a certain level, but not what that was. It sounds good in theory until it actually happens. I can’t say it frightened him, but it definitely threw him off. He was just withdrawing. I used to spend a ton of time with him back in Minneapolis over at his house and doing things with him like going to movies. That all started to go away and disappear at a certain degree during that tour. It eventually got to the point where it was us and him. And it started to suck.

Coleman: At first it was just one bus for the whole band. Then the boys had a bus, and Wendy and I had a bus. And Prince had his own bus.

Melvoin: From Purple Rain through Sign 'O’ the Times were his strongest mental and physical times. He wasn’t beaten down by any of it. It gave him incredible strength. There was a certain sort of naïveté about him during that time where he wasn’t second-guessing himself. He handled it really beautifully and wasn’t a frivolous little boy at all. He knew what his responsibility was, and he felt great about it. I don’t know how strong that feeling was for him in his later years. He handled it great at the time, but I’m sure that ultimately what it did to him is whittle away at a certain kind of deep self-esteem about himself. How could anybody reconcile that kind of power and success without it screwing with you deeply?

Coleman [on Prince not participating in “We Are the World” near the end of the tour]: It was the night of the Grammys – we’d done so well and everything was so positive. He just messed up big. I didn’t get why he wouldn’t be involved in that. I can’t really speak to that, honestly, because I didn’t really understand his thinking on it then. I think he just saw a whole bunch of pop stars getting together to “do good,” and I think he thought that was kind of bullshit, in a way.

But if you weren’t going to go there, then just don’t be seen. He was out [that night] and his bodyguard punched somebody or something. When the bad press came out it was like, “Don’t talk about it. … Nobody mention that.” So ridiculous! I thought it was most unfortunate. It was totally the opposite of what he preached.

Bennett: That whole period was so magical. You could just feel the energy of his stardom just skyrocketing. He could’ve continued to write major hits like all the songs on Purple Rain. I think it just became too easy. It wasn’t pushing him and challenging himself, because he constantly challenged himself. He did that with all of us, too. He pushed me to be more than I thought I could be. He would see who you are, what he saw you could do, and most of the time beyond what you believed you could do. And he would just push you there.

Brown: The confidence level that Prince created in all of us – you did anything. You did whatever to win the game.

Melvoin: It was thrilling. It was this roller-coaster feeling: “Woo, God, it’s scary, but I love it!” It felt like the world had opened up and we were going ahead and being allowed to make our dreams come true on that tour.

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The help I didn't ask part 6

“YOU CANNOT BE MORE WRONG” Keith was pissed he couldn’t believe Lance was dating such an asshole “YOU DON’T TREAT SOMEONE YOU LOVE LIKE THAT!” Keith yelled as he start walking to Lance and Lotor follow by his teammates “I don’t understand why Lance end up with someone like you YOU don’t deserve someone like Lance give a fuck about you” Keith say pulling Lance away from Lotor and punching him in the face and making him fall “if you loved him and cared about him you will protect him no damage him!!” Keith say hitting Lotor again and again and again “Keith” Lance said and try to put a hand on Keith’s shoulder but got pulled by Pidge “don’t” she said standing in front of Lance to make sure he didn’t walk to Keith.

“I will kill you right now if it wasn’t because I’m not a killer but believe I really want to after what you did to Lance” Keith say giving Lotor another hit Keith knuckles where bloody and already bruised, how long he has been hitting Lotor? He didn’t knew or care he just wanted to destroy his damn face, suddenly Lotor stared to laugh “you think I damage him? Physically yeah I’ll take that blame but Lance was emotionally fucked up before me” Lotor say “I wonder who’s fault was that? It wasn’t mine for sure” Lotor turned at Lance “what’s the matter baby? Cat got your tongue say something!” Lotor say and got hit again by Keith “Keith I thing he got enough” Shiro say “Not yet” Keith answer you could see the rage in his eyes he continued hitting Lotor over and over “Keith Lance is bleeding” Shiro say hoping that would stop Keith, everyone was scare of how keith was acting he was hitting Lotor like he wasn’t someone alive like he didn’t have blood or a pain tolerance nobody felt bad for him tho maybe Lance a little but his team didn’t care they just didn’t like to see Keith in that state “K-Keith….I-I think you can stop now” Lance say Keith was raising his fist to hit Lotor one more time but he stop at Lance words he hesitate for a moment but he hit Lotor one more time and then stand up.

Keith walk directly to Lance, Lance shut his eyes closed when he saw Keith hand come closer ‘oh god now is my turn to get beat up…this is gonna hurt’ Lance thought but then he felt Keith moved his hair and pass his thumb over Lance forehead cut “it doesn’t look deep…hopefully you will not need stitches” Keith say “Let’s go back to the castle before I decide to kill him” Keith say everyone start to walk away to the castle but as they did Lance turn his head back at Lotor who was lying in the floor and then he stop walking “Lance?” Keith ask just a few steps away from Lance “I’ll….I’ll catch ya in a second” Lance say running back to Lotor “Lance no” Hunk say and all the team walk to Lance but stop when they saw Lance kick Lotor “That’s for hurting me!” He kick him again “that’s for making me feel even more like garbage” and again “that’s for putting a tracker on me!” Lance rip off the chip he had in the back of his neck blood coming out of him and kick Lotor in the balls “and that’s for all the times you said you loved me” Lance threw the chip at Lotor and start to walk to his team “oh and I’m breaking up with you” Lance say he was crying but he wasn’t sad well he actually was but that wasn’t all why he was crying he let out some of his rage out there his tears where a mixture of sadness and anger “Damn” Keith say as Lance walk beside him.

The team got back into the castle and they launch they all head back to the resting room or that was how Lance called a room they had with a lot of couches, they sit down and stay in silence for a while, “in sorry” Lance say breaking the silence “I fucked up i betray you all I’m so so fucking sorry you guys” Lance say voice cracking he was at the edge of tears if he was emotional fucked up before now he’s worse, Lance was angry and sad and scared and nervous but somehow happy and exited but terrify and anxious and everything in the same second “you didn’t betray us Lance” Pidge say “yeah man for what we heard and for what Lotor say he was using you” Hunk say “but if we want to know the truth Lance you’ll have to tell us….trust us” Shiro say “heh always sounding like a dad aren’t you shiro?” Lance say letting out a sigh “alright but sit comfortable…is a long story” He say, Lance told them everything absolutely everything he didn’t kept anything for himself he told them his homesickness and how he doubt his place in the team how Lotor notice how broken he was and use that against him all the time he got injured by him and how he treat those himself everything and somehow he manage to say all of that without crying but his voice did crack a lot and he had to stop for a couple of ticks “and that’s all” Lance say finishing “Oh Lance we never thought about you like that” Allura say walking to Lance and hugging him “yeah silly you’re our sharpshooter after all aren’t you?” Pidge say also hugging Lance “if it makes you feel better I also miss my family buddy but I have a second awesome family right here on space” Hunk say hugging Lance “you’re an important part in this team Lance never forget that” shiro say joining the hug, Keith didn’t say anything he just walk into the hug “you guys” Lance say as he start to cry “you ruin all my attempts of trying not to cry” Lance said as he cry “Lance if you ever feel sad again come to me so I can roast you about it and at least make you laugh ok?” Pidge say already crying “I will Pidge I promise” Lance say, after a long hug the paladins of Voltron needed a break so they all start to leave the room.

“Keith could you come with me please?” Lance say, Keith just nodded and follow Lance to the infirmary “why are we-” Keith ask but got cut “give me your hands” Lance say and Keith just obey, Lance took some bandages and start wrapping Keith hands “You really beat him up….thank you” Lance say looking down to Keith hands “no need to thank me he deserved it…good kicks by the way” Lance scoff “i was just a little mad” Lance say as he wrap Keith’s other hand “and you had all the right to be Lance what he did to you wasn’t alright” Keith say “what I did to you all wasn’t right” Lance say “if anything I’m not better than him” Lance say with tears in his eyes “Lance don’t say that don’t compare yourself with someone like him you where bad and he came to be there for you anyone would’ve fall for his game” Keith say “even you?” Lance ask tilting his head to Keith a little “probably not me but that’s because I have no feelings” Keith say “Liar” Lance answers smiling a little “huh?” Keith ask “you do have feeling you where betting him up and everyone could see the anger in your eyes you where really scary at that moment” Lance say “alright done” Lance finish wrapping Keith hands “that was different it was because it was about you” Keith say and Lance blush a little ‘Damn it Keith don’t say things just like that’ Lance thought “well now that’s sweet” Lance say teasing Keith like he always did.

Keith looked at Lance like he was scanning him Lance just kept looking around waiting for someone to say something, he flinch when he felt Keith hand on his “did Lotor touch you here” Keith ask “what?” Lance said “he did?” Keith ask again “well I mean yeah…I’m sorry” Lance say, Keith stared at him and kiss Lance hand Lance looked at him in shook “did he touch you here too?” Keith ask touching Lance shoulder “mmhmm” Lance answered still shook, Keith got close and kiss Lance shoulder then he move to his neck then jawline “did he touch you here” Keith ask moving his thumb over Lance lips, Lance nodded and Keith kiss him it didn’t take long until Keith introduce his tongue inside of Lance mouth ‘wow wow wow que Carajo?’ Lance thought he felt dizzy damn Keith knew how to kiss how in the world he was so good at it?, they kiss for what it felt an amazing forever then Keith end the kiss so he and Lance could breath “Follow me” Keith say standing up and walking to his room Lance just follow in silence as all as the doer closed behind them Lance got pinned against it trap again in another kiss this time shorter because Keith stared to kiss Lance jawline again then his neck leaving some hickeys “Lance if you ever EVER feel bad or sad homesick or whatever I want you to know that if you feel like you can’t talk to anyone you can always come to me alright? You will always have me” Keith say before kissing Lance one more time this time sweeter “I love you” Keith say “and I mean it not like that asshole I do Love you I loved you since the garrison” Keith say Lance was locked on Keith’s eyes those black purple eyes “and I’m pissed” Keith say “pissed?” Lance ask “yeah pissed I’m pissed off because someone who doesn’t loved to got the privilege to touch you and have sex with you” Keith say “so that is unforgivable and I’m correcting that” Keith say pulling Lance to the bathroom and opening the shower “it’s cold!” Lance say “it’ll warm up just hold on” Keith say pulling Lance closer.

Nfsw under if you wish skip it scroll until you see a 💙

Under the water of the shower Keith pulled Lance shirt off and start to kiss his chest “oh god Keith” Lance say blushing and looking away, Keith made his way down to Lance pants ‘he’s not going to do it is he?’ Lance wonder in his thought and the he heard the zipper of his pants go down 'oh Jesus he’s going to do it’ Lance thought “Keith Keith you don’t need to do that if you don’t want t-” Lance got cut with a kiss “listen up Lance everything I’m doing to you tonight is because I want to alright?” Keith say and who in their right mind could deny that Lance nod and Keith go back into his knees, pull Lance jeans off and then his boxers he grab Lance member with his hand and move back and forward until it turn hard “oh god” Lance say, once hard Keith press his lips against the tip and then open his mouth getting as much as he can of Lance length what he couldn’t fit in his mouth Keith will move his hand around it Lance even start to gently rock his hip forward, Keith took Lance member out of his mouth just to lick the sides and then shove it back again.

Lance let his head fall down as he kept getting trap in the feeling of Keith’s mouth on him and then he felt finger, Keith fingers where rubbing his hole “k-Keith” Lance gasp and Keith realice his member with a loud pop “have you ever finger yourself?” Keith ask with his voice full of lust ohhh how it turn Lance on “did you?” Keith ask again introducing a finger on Lance “s-sometimes….in the garrison” Lance confess as he was panting “really? How often” Keith ask introducing his finger deeper in Lance “k-keit-Ahh!” Lance say shivering at the sensation “answer me Lance how offend did you masturbate?” Keith say “Three….three times a week” Lance answer “heh that’s a lot you know? Were you thinking on someone special?” Keith ask introducing a second finger “y-you” Lance answer Keith looked up to him “you were thinking on me?” He ask “Mmmhmmm” Lance say as he nod “I may….or may not….declared you my rival because I had a mundo crush on you” Lance say “so…you always liked me?” Keith ask scissoring Lance “oh Keith!” Lance let out a Loud moan “yeah…always since we meet” Lance answers “oh god Keith, There right there” Lance say moaning and shaking “oh here?” Keith say as he press more at Lance prostate “Keith..please~” Lance beg “what is it baby?” Keith say getting up from his knees “I need…I” Lance say “go ahead keep going” Keith say teasing Lance kissing licking and sucking his neck as with his free hand he grab Lance member and move his hand “K-Keith I-if y-you do everything at t-the same time I-I’m gonna” Lance say it was just too much for him “Keith…why a-am I t-the only one naked?” Lance say looking at Keith still with all his clothes on but with a clearly erection.

“You wanna see me naked?” Keith ask teasing Lance bitting gently his collarbone “ye-Ahhhh!” Lance say as Keith touch his prostate again “Keith please…I need you” Lance say “not here” Keith say “wrap your legs around me” Keith say and so Lance did Keith was way stronger than he looked he pulled his fingers out of Lance turn the shower off and carry Lance to the bed one there he kept teasing Lance “Keith…I’m begging you please I n-need you” Lance beg “what you need of me Lance” Keith say as he masturbate Lance “I-I need you I-inside of me” lance grab his butt cheeks and speed them so Keith would have a perfect view of Lance hole “you really want this?” Keith ask “yes please just fill me with you…make me yours” Lance said letting the lust talk “who can su no to that…tell me if it hurt” Keith say and press his member inside of Lance who let out a choked gasp “I’m sorry did I went too fast?” Keith ask looking at Lance “No! no it’s just it feels so good! Don’t stop please don’t stop!” Lance say trying to get Keith closer Lance didn’t understand the times he had sex with Lotor yeah it wasn’t that frequently but he never felt this good before “Keith Keith!!” Lance kept moaning Keith name as he rock his hips Keith will pull his member and before it was completely out he shove it back inside “Keith I’m gonna-” Lance say befor coming “I cum first” Lance say “yeah you did but you’re so tight down here you’re sucking me in” Keith say, he kept rocking his hips back and forward Lance keep moaning his name “Keith I love you I love you so much” Lance say, he pulled Keith closer to kiss him “I’m sorry” Lance say “for what?” Keith ask “for letting someone who wasn’t you touch me…I’m sorry” Lance say and Keith kissed him “Lance I’m gonna fuck you so hard tonight that you’ll forget you’ve ever been with anyone that’s not me” Keith say and kissed Lance again rocking his hip faster and harder “Lance I’m gonna” Keith say “go ahead Baby do it finish inside of me” Lance say “do you even hear yourself when you talk?” Keith say coming inside of Lance.

'How long have we been doing this?’ Lance thought his throat hurt he’s been moaning Keith’s name for a long time already he was lay down in his stomach now so it wouldn’t hurt his back it did hurt but he wanted more “Keith…more I want to feel you more” Lance say Keith only answer with a deeper trust leaving Lance breathless they kept going for a long long time 'how many times have I cum?, how many times have Keith cum? I can’t even tell who’s coming anymore’ Lance thought “should we stop? Are you feeling alright?” Keith ask “I’m perfect now that I’m with you, I’m just a little tired” Lance answered “I love you Lance” Keith say kissing Lance shoulder “let’s take a break ok?” Keith say pulling his member out “I love you too I’ve always loved and I always will” Lance say pulling Keith closer to kiss him.


Keith and Lance where both laying on Keith’s bed They were both awake still but without energy sweating panting, Keith pulled Lance close to hung him Lance lay his head on Keith’s chest and listen to his heart it was still going fast but it was relaxing “Baby I’m sorry for bring the topic but you know the difference between what we did and what you did with Lotor?” Keith ask Lance looked at him confuse “no…what is it?” Lance ask “you had sex with Lotor but I make love to you it felt different right?” Keith say and damn he was right with him it felt like fireworks and dynamite it felt warm and inventing and even if it hurt it felt safe for Lance “yeah you’re right this felt heavenly” Lance say they stay a couple of minutes in silence Keith soon realice Lance fell asleep he couldn’t blame him Keith was tired as well he manage to grab the covers without waking Lance up and cover him “you’ll forget about everything he did to you in no time Lance I promise” Keith say giving Lance a kiss in the forehead he fell sleep a minute later.

To be continue

((The only reason I didn’t turn red as fuck writing this is because it’s fucking 12:55 am and I’m sleepy as hell im definitely gonna pass out after post this I’m sorry it took this long but I spend a lot of time reading smut/nfsw fics so I would be able to write something decent agh!!! My eyes hurt however I hope you all liked it and enjoy it there’s gonna be a new episode tomorrow and 😴😴😴))

Status: Amor (Inglês) ❤

• Did not know love, only I knew kindness and today met you, which is true love 💏❤ (Não conhecia o amor, so conhecia a bondade e hoje conheci você, que é amor de verdade)

• When love is stronger, not all envy of the world is able to destroy it. ❤🍃 (Quando o amor é mais forte, nem toda inveja do mundo é capaz de destruí-lo.)

•Everything was against our relationship, but our love won (Tudo era contra a nossa relação, mas nosso amor venceu)

•You’re the one good thing in the midst of so many problems. 💭💘 (Você é aquela coisa boa em meio de tantos problemas. 💭💘)

• Every day, if I could, I’d be with you. 💏💞 (Todo dia, se eu pudesse, eu ia estar com você. 💏💞)

• You gonna still see me on your side, smiling … 💒💏 (Cê ainda vai me ver do seu lado, sorrindo… 💒💏)

• I still remember our first kiss 😍 (Eu ainda me lembro do nosso primeiro beijo 😍)

• So good when you hug someone you like and that person pushes you tight. 💑 ♥ (Tão bom quando você abraça alguém que você gosta e essa pessoa te aperta bem forte. 💑♥)

• “Then stay and be the love of my life."❤ (Então fica e seja o amor da minha vida ❤)

• Love has no color, no price or age. Love is two people who love each other in spite of their past, their flaws and dubious attitudes. (O amor não tem cor, não tem preço nem idade. O amor é duas pessoas que se amam apesar do seu passado, suas falhas ou atitudes duvidosas.)

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One shot Louis - Parte 1 

  p.s: Esse imagine é bem especial para mim, eu nunca terminei de escrever ele com medo de acabar estragando ele todo e por este motivo eu não sei quando vou postar a segunda parte

p.s²: leia ouvindo ‘The One That Got Away’ da Katy <3

p.s³: (juro que é o último :v) Se tiver alguma coisa que esteja nada a ver, desculpem. Originalmente eu escrevi com o Matt Espinosa então… ignorem.

 Era verão em Doncaster, Eu e Louis estávamos no jardim na nossa casa que havíamos comprado, Não era grande coisa, mas como éramos apenas eu e ele estava bom. Assim que terminássemos a faculdade nós iremos no casar e então compraremos uma casa maior. Estudávamos em faculdades diferentes, então não nós víamos muitas vezes, mas sempre que tinha algum feriado ou temos uma folga, nós voltamos e ficamos sempre deitados aqui na grama do jardim e pensando em nosso futuro.


-Promete que ficaremos juntos para sempre? – Eu perguntei sorrindo. Era assim sempre que eu estava com Louis. Ele me faz feliz como ninguém um dia fez, Ele é o amor da minha vida e com quem eu quero passar o resto da minha vida.


-Prometo, Iremos passar toda nossa vida juntos. Iremos encher essa casa de filhos e quando estivermos velhos, nós iremos rir nos lembrando de todas as loucuras e confusões que nos metemos. – Rimos e eu me aconcheguei em seu peito


-Eu te amo Louis – Disse olhando diretamente em seus olhos e o vi abri um sorriso em seguida


-Eu Também te amo Abby Miller, Futura Sra. Tomlinson – Ri e o beijei.

-O que acha de viajarmos? Sabe… Passar um tempo longe de tudo. Que tal Paris? – Nos imaginei, os dois em Paris – Louis? – Chamei sua atenção, mas uma vez ele não prestava atenção no que eu dizia, Depois de algum tempo ele era sempre assim. Nunca ouvia uma palavra do que eu dizia.

-Hm, Claro. Seria ótimo – Deu um sorriso forçado

-Louis, Está tudo bem com você? Desde que eu voltei você não parece, mas a mesma pessoa. Você está desligado, vive no mundo da lua, não da atenção ao que eu digo. O que está acontecendo?

-Abby, Olha você sabe que eu gosto muito de você, mas… Eu estou apaixonado por outra pessoa. – Isso foi o bastante para meu mundo desmoronar. Quando notei lagrimas desciam livremente sobre meu rosto.


Summer after high school

(No Verão, depois do fim das aulas).

When we first met

(No nosso primeiro encontro)

We’d make out in your Mustang

(Nós nos beijamos no seu Mustang)

To Radiohead

(Ouvindo Radiohead)

And on my 18th birthday

(E no meu aniversário de 18 anos)

We got matching tattoos

(Nós fizemos tatuagens iguais)


-Q- Quem é ela?

-Abby… – O Cortei

-Quem é ela Louis? Quem é? – Elevei meu tom de voz, Nunca fui uma pessoa muito calma, então me irritava com qualquer coisa facilmente.

Used to steal your parent’s liquor

(A gente roubava bebida do seu pai)

And climb to the roof

(E subíamos para o telhado)

Talk about our future

(Conversava sobre o nosso futuro)

Like we had a clue

(Como se tivéssemos noção)

Never planned that one day

(Nunca planejei que um dia)

I’d be losing you

(Eu perderia você)

-A Emma

-E- Emma? –Como ele foi capaz? Como ELA foi capaz? Ela é a minha irmã

-Você está apaixonado pela minha irmã? Eu sabia!  Sabia que ela era uma vadia, minhas amigas falavam que vocês estavam muito próximos, mas eu não liguei sabe? Achei que era apenas uma aproximação boba, afinal quem imaginaria que seria traída pelo namorado e com sua própria irmã! – Há essas horas eu já chorava desesperadamente.

Ele tentou chegar perto de mim, mas eu me afastei. Tudo que eu conseguia era sentir nojo tanto dele quanto da Emma, Minha melhor amiga, Minha irmã.

-Abby… – Subi as escadas rapidamente correndo desesperadamente. Tudo que eu queria agora era sair daqui, ficar longe e esquece-lo.

“É, mas, Às vezes você promete a alguém que será para sempre, mas isso não funciona dessa maneira.”

Dias Atuais

Depois desse dia eu mudei de cidade, Não quis continuar na mesma cidade que os dois. Eles estavam sendo felizes, Cidade que um dia eu fui feliz. Eu me formei em direito, E agora sou Juíza, Ganho bem, Moro em uma casa maior em Bentley¹, Era perto de Doncaster, mas embora eu tivesse dinheiro, casa e um bom emprego isso não me fazia feliz, Eu não tinha mais ele e sem ele nada disso valia a pena.

In another life

(Em outra vida)

I would be your girl

(Eu seria sua garota)

We’d keep all our promises

(Nós manteríamos todas as nossas promessas)

Be us against the world

(Seríamos nós contra o mundo)

In another life

(Em outra vida)

I would make you stay

(Eu faria você ficar)

So I don’t have to say

(Para não ter que dizer)

You were the one that got away

(Que você foi aquele que foi embora)

The one that got away

(Aquele que foi embora)

Cheguei a minha casa, Cumprimentei a Sra. Pettyfer, Ela era uma senhora adorável. Todas às vezes quando eu chegava ela estava cuidando de seu jardim enquanto seu cachorrinho – toby – corria pelo seu jardim latindo fazendo-a rir, às vezes eu gostaria que minha vida fosse assim como a da Sra. Pettyfer, Embora ela já tivesse se casado várias vezes ela parecia feliz com seu novo marido tinha uma vida feliz ao lado do mesmo, Sr. Pettyfer e com seus outros filhos, que realmente moravam com ela e o mais velho, Alex, que vinha visita-la de vez em quando.

Ela tinha quatro filhos. James, Alex e a mais nova Ammy, Ela já havia me apresentado todos eles. Alex tinha olhos esverdeados e seus cabelos eram castanhos e um pouco mais alto que eu, Ele me disse que tem 1,83 e eu tinha 1,65, Não era baixa, mas também eu não sou nenhuma gigante. Acho que tinha a altura ideal.

Alex era realmente bonito, mas apenas Louis estava em meus planos, mas todos esses planos foram para o lixo assim como nossas promessas de ficarmos juntos para sempre, teríamos filhos, Seriamos os únicos na vida um do outro e acima de tudo nunca iríamos deixar nosso amor acabar. Prometer isso foi totalmente idiota afinal todo mundo sabe que o famoso ‘felizes para sempre’ só acontece em filmes e contos de fadas. Eu ainda mantenho nossa promessa, mas talvez para ele… Eu não era o bastante. Na minha vida ele sempre foi o único, mas na vida dele parece que eu não fui à única, e talvez nem a primeira.

Algumas vezes eu me pegava chorando enquanto lembrava-me de nossos momentos juntos, de quando compramos aquela casa, no Natal quando ele me pediu em namoro. Foi uma das coisas mais maravilhosas que ele já fez por mim, Seria impossível um dia esquecer isso.

 Toda a família estava reunida até mesmo a família de Louis, Meus pais haviam feito questão que todos eles estivessem presentes, Louis tinha viajado de última hora, Não havia dito o motivo da viagem, mas falou que voltaria a tempo para o Natal. Éramos melhores amigos, mas eu não sentia amor de irmão por ele, muito menos de amigo. Eu o amo, Amo como nunca amei ninguém na minha vida. Ele havia ligado há algumas horas dizendo que já estava embarcando e que chegaria a tempo do Natal. Eu estava ansiosa, Queria dizer tudo o que sentia por ele, Confessar todo meu amor. Dizer a ele o quanto o amo, Talvez ele não sentisse o mesmo, mas pelo menos eu tiraria aquele peso das costas. Algumas pessoas normalmente quando se apaixonam por seus melhores amigos costumam ficar com medo de perder a amizade do outro, mas eu conheço Louis muito bem e sei que ele não iria se afastar por causa disso.


 Eu não tinha muitas esperanças sobre ele dizer que sentia o mesmo, mas iria tentar mesmo assim. Emma entrou em meu quarto, Ela estava linda como sempre. Além de minha irmã ela era uma das minhas melhores amigas, Eu contava-lhe todos os meus segredos assim como ela fazia o mesmo.


-Está pronta? – Emms perguntou sorrindo


-Estou quase – Sorri – Só falta terminar de me maquiar, Espero que dê tudo certo – Sorri nervosa.


-Calma Abby, Aposto que o Louis também sente o mesmo por você – Sorri me abraçando – Mas, E então – Deu uma volta – Como estou?


-Está linda Emms! – A Abracei


 Seu namorado- Nathan- também viria junto com sua família, Mamãe sabia de minha ‘paixão adolescente’ –Como ela mesma se referia- por Louis, por isso havia convidado sua família e ele para vir passar a noite de natal conosco.



Terminei de me arrumar e me olhei em frente ao espelho, Eu estava realmente bonita. Peguei meu celular e desci junto com Emms. Já havia algumas pessoas lá em baixo. Mamãe decidiu fazer uma grande festa, Convidou amigos e nossa Família. Assim que eu e Emms descemos fomos procurar mamãe para saber se as famílias de Louis e de Nathan já haviam chegado. Encontramos a junto com papai na sacada abraçados. Eles são realmente as pessoas mais apaixonadas que já havia visto, Até o modo que se olhavam era bonito.


-Meninas, Vocês estão maravilhosas! – Mamãe nos elogiou assim que nos viu


-Obrigada – Falamos em uníssono –A senhora também está linda mamãe – Eu a elogiei


-Realmente, Sua mãe deve ser a mulher mais bonita na festa – Rimos com o comentário de papai.


-Mãe, Você sabe se o Nathan ou o Louis já chegaram? – Perguntei


-Não querida, Só o Nathan chegou. Eu o vi agora a pouco e estava procurando por você Emms. – Sorriu


-Obrigada mamãe – Emms Sorriu


-Querida! Tome cuidado com o Nathan, Ainda não confio totalmente nele – Papai advertiu antes de Emms sair.


-E em quem você confia papai? – Emms perguntou sorrindo, fazendo todos nós rimos.


 Papai tinha realmente muito ciúme de nós duas, Sempre quando estávamos com algum garoto ele dizia que não era de confiança, O que era realmente engraçado. Lembro-me do ataque que ele deu quando a Emms disse que estava namorando com Nathan, Ele se negou a aceitar, mas depois ele acabou aceitando, dizendo que: “Se ele te faz feliz, É isso que importa para mim, mas se ele quebrar seu coração eu juro que mato ele”. Ele não tinha nada contra Louis, Ele conhecia sua família e ele saia quase todos os dias com o Tio Mark – Pai do Louis-. Pode-se dizer que eram Grandes amigos.



Faltavam alguns minutos para 24h00min e ainda não havia tido nenhum sinal de Louis, Não poderia ligar para ele, pois como ele ainda estava no avião com certeza deve ter desligado o celular para não dar interferência. Falei com Tia Jay –Mãe do Louis- e ela me disse que havia falado com Louis e ele havia prometido que estaria aqui até a hora do Natal, mas pelo que parece que infelizmente ele não poderia cumprir sua promessa. Fui até a sacada e me sentei no sofá, Olhei mais uma vez o celular e como das outras vezes, nada!


-Querida, chegou um presente para você – Mamãe chamou sorrindo – O que foi querida? Não está se sentindo bem? – Caminhou até mim se sentando ao meu lado


-Estou bem mãe, Só queria que o Louis pudesse ter vindo. –Uma lágrima escapou


-Oh meu amor! Não fique triste – Me abraçou - Vamos ver o presente que chegou para você, A caixa é enorme deve ser um belo presente. – Sorriu se levantando e me puxando junto, Minha mãe sempre me fazia sorrir.


Cheguei à sala e todos estavam sentados com taças de champanhe em suas mãos, Em baixo da árvore havia muitas caixas de presentes e de diferentes cores e tipos de embrulhos. Começaram a contagem regressiva, mas enquanto eles se preocupavam com o natal eu ficava cada vez mais triste por meu plano de me declarar para o Louis ter dado errado.


-Feliz natal! – Todos gritaram em uníssono sorrindo


-Querida, abra seu presente! – Papai disse


-Tudo bem – Papai trouxe a caixa mais para perto e eu comecei a desembrulhar, Deveria ser uma coisa bem grande. A caixa era quadrada e estava embrulhada com um papel presente vermelho –Minha cor preferida- com detalhes de flores em tom vermelhos mais escuros e um laço dourado, Tinha um cartão mais não quis ler no momento, Pedi ao meu pai para segurar enquanto eu desembrulhava aquela caixa. Pedi uma faca ou algo afiado para poder abrir e tomei um pequeno susto ao ver meu presente. Era o Louis, Ele estava todo encolhido na caixa, ri ao ver o estado em que o mesmo se encontrava.


-Louis! O que está fazendo ai dentro?


-Ué! Eu sou o presente – O ajudei a se levantar. Acho que ele percebeu meu olhar confuso e explicou – Queria fazer uma surpresa para você. – Sorriu. É. O Louis é realmente um louco. Será que ele não pensou que poderia ter morrido sufocado? –Eu queria um minuto da atenção de todos aqui. – Todos pararam de falar e prestaram a atenção nele – Eu conheço uma garota há anos e pode não parecer de longe, mas ela é a pessoa mais legal, divertida e adorável que alguém poderia conhecer. Quando ela está tímida ela costuma ficar tão vermelha como uma pimenta e nesses últimos anos eu me dei conta que estava completamente apaixonado por ela e só agora tomei coragem para me declarar para ela, Espero que você não me mate tio Johnny. – Todos na sala riram até meu pai, Ele saiu da caixa e se abaixou na minha frente pegando na minha mão – Abby, Você aceita namorar comigo?


 Eu não consegui falar nada apenas o puxei e o beijei, O beijo foi calmo, apaixonado. Foi o beijo, O que por toda minha vida eu havia esperado. Quando nos separamos várias pessoas aplaudiam enquanto eu ficava mais vermelha que uma pimenta. Louis ao ver meu estado começou a rir, o que me fez acabar rindo também.


É aquela provavelmente deve ter sido uma das melhores noites da minha vida, Eu ri e me diverti tanto, mas infelizmente tudo isso acabou.  Tirei a roupa e fui tomar um banho, Estava cansada e precisava urgentemente de um banho. Liguei o chuveiro e deixar água quente cair molhando meus cabelos. Por mais estranho que seja eu às vezes me pagava imaginando Louis e Emma juntos. Ouvi meu celular tocar era o toque que eu havia colocado para quando minha mãe ligasse. Sai do Boxe, me enrolei em uma toalha e corri para procurar o celular. Ele estava na sala. “Como ele foi parar ai?” Pensei, Embora já soubesse como ele havia ido parar ai, Segundo todas minhas amigas e até mesmo meus pais, eu era muito desorganizada!

-Oi Mãe

-Oi querida, Eu e seu pai estamos com saudade quando irá vir nos visitar?

- Mãe, Eu não quero ter que olhar para a cara da Emma, Sabe disso. – Desde que eu e Louis terminamos, Eu nunca mais tinha ido visitar meus pais. A última vez que havíamos nos visto na minha formatura quando a Emma tentou falar comigo e quando eu me mudei.

-Filha, Um dia terá que perdoar sua irmã – Pude sentir a tristeza em sua voz

-Desculpa mãe, mas perdoar ela pelo que ela fez comigo é uma coisa muito difícil, Quem sabe um dia.

-Tudo bem – Suspirou – Posso ir até ai?

-Mãe, Você e o papai sempre serão bem-vindos na minha casa – Sorri, mesmo sabendo que ela não estava vendo.

-Tudo bem, Semana que vem iremos te fazer uma visita.

-Até semana que vem mãe e… Eu te amo

-Até querida e eu também te amo. – Desligou

Subi para o meu quarto ainda com meu celular e o coloquei em cima do criado mudo. Tirei a toalha e a coloquei em cima do balcão. Entrei novamente no Boxe e liguei o chuveiro voltando a tomar meu banho. “Espero que ninguém me atrapalhe agora” Pensei rindo. Coloquei meu roupão e peguei uma toalha para enxugar meu cabelo.

Today we’ve lost a true fighter, a true hero and a true inspiration. It’s said that only the good die young and now I’m starting to believe that. Rest in Peace Tito Vilanova. You are more than a football coach, you are a father, a husband, a son, a grandson, and most importantly an angel watching over us. Thank you for all that you did for this club, and for fighting for the crest of Barcelona, even through your hardest struggles. You are a true example of why FC Barcelona is Mes Que Un Cub, losing you is like losing a family member. You may be gone from the physical world, but we know you’ll always be shining on this club, and most importantly your son Adria. It took cancer three times to finally stop you here on Earth, but nothing can stop you from being with us in spirit. We love you Tito Vilanova, nothing matters more than remembering and honoring your life. You’ve touched the lives of so many, the least we can do is honor yours. You inspire others to fight against adversity, you did not die in vain.

Words cannot possibly describe the joy that I feel right now as a cule. These boys fought for this at all costs. Starting at the beginning of this season were there were more doubters than believers. Especially when turmoil erupted and we started wanting Luis Enrique out of the coaching position and rumors emerged about Messi leaving . But what’s amazing about this, is that from that week on Barca became what it is now.. A fighting group, who fought against all odds and right now just beat one of the best clubs in the world and is on the brink of winning la liga, and copa del rey as well. WE FUCKING DID IT!!!! BARCA WE DID IT!!! But why am I surprised Barcelona is “mes que un club” 

I don’t understand why some tries to make people feel ashamed of themselves for liking Messi. Just because he is ‘popular’? “But they support NT only for him”. Bitch most Napoli fans supported Argentina against their country because of Maradona. Don’t let me get started. And Messi is breath taking, mind blowing. He deserves the love and the attention he gets. I mean, I wake up happier when I know he is going to play that day. But I am actually lying here tough. I pretend like I love Messi for his talent but even without it, I would still love him so freaking much. It is Leo Messi ,yo. He is like rainbows and candies and everything beautiful in this world. Above all Messi es más argentino que el dulce de leche.

All my Messi fan friends, don’t let anyone make you feel like a bandwagoner. You are doing it right. Leo Messi is the best player and the most amazing human being. Bye.