que and me against the world

Status: Aurora 🦋

• I went too far when I was begging on my knees 🙇🏻‍♀🎶
(Eu fui longe demais quando eu estava implorando de joelhos 🙇🏻‍♀🎶)

• I went too far and kissed the ground beneath your feet waiting for your love, waiting for our eyes to meet
(Eu fui longe demais e beijei o chão sob seus pés implorando por seu amor, pedindo para os nossos olhos se encontrarem )

• Give me some love and hold me tight ❤🎶
(Dê-me um pouco de amor e me abrace )

• And I was dancing in the rain 🌧🎶
(E eu estava dançando na chuva )

• And I kept running for a soft place to fall 🎶
(E eu me mantive correndo para um lugar suave para cair)

• I fall asleep in my own tears I cry for the world, for everyone 🎶
(Eu adormeço nas minhas próprias lágrimas eu choro pelo mundo, por todos)

• I can’t recall last time I opened my eyes to see the world as beautiful 🌏🎶
(Não me lembro da última vez que eu abri meus olhos para ver o mundo tão bonito)

• Let love conquer your mind
(Deixe o amor conquistar sua mente)

• There is nowhere for you to hide the hunter’s moon is shining 🌕🐺🎶
(Não há lugar para você se esconder a lua do caçador está brilhando)

• He holds the gun against my head I close my eyes and bang, I am dead 🔫🎶
(Ele segura a arma contra a minha cabeça eu fecho os olhos e bang, estou morta)

• Oh, he did it all to spare me from the awful things in life that come 🎶
(Ah, ele fez tudo para me poupar das coisas horríveis que a vida traria)

• My tears are always frozen 💧❄
(Minhas lágrimas estão sempre congelado)

• We are not alive we are surviving every time 🎶
(Nós não estamos vivos, estamos sobrevivendo a cada vez)

• One day life will be kind 🎶
(Uma dia a vida vai ser gentil)

• Broken me and broken them
you are broken too
(Tanto eu como eles estão quebrados você está quebrado também)

• Scars we cover up with paint 🎨
(Cicatrizes que cobrimos com pinturas)

• I would rather see this world through the eyes of a child🎶
(Eu preferiria ver este mundo através dos olhos de uma criança🎶)

• I would rather feel alive with a childlike soul 🙎🏻🎶
(Eu preferiria me sentir viva com uma alma de criança 🙎🏻🎶)

• The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is to love and be loved in return ❣
(A maior coisa que você ira aprender é a amar e ser amado❣)

• The world is way too cold and bright for their eyes ❄🎶
(O mundo é muito frio e brilhante para os olhos deles)

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El madridismo es un sentimento fuerte que no podemos explicar. Somos de la Casa Blanca, somos por los Merengues.

Really, this video gives me goosebumps. I want us to win that Duodecima but ever more, I want them to be proud of their jersey, of their color, of their club. Against all the World, us, Madridistas will be your 12th player. 

I always prouder to be a Madridista and support the Greatest Football Club of all the time after watch it. No one, no other team is bigger than Real Madrid. Many legends proudly wore, played, defend, loved our color since 115 years ago. More than 100 years of hardwork, respect, passion, love & success. ¿Como no te voy a querer? Hasta el final, Vamos Real. Reyes de Europa. Reyes del Mundo 💕 Hala Madrid Y Nada Más.

El blanco, nuestro color. Madrid, nuestro ciudad. El Estadio Santiago Bernabéu, nuestro casa. Real Madrid Club de Fútbol, nuestro orgullo.

“The Real Madrid shirt is white. It can staid of mud, sweat, and ever of blood but never of shame.” — Santiago Bernabéu

“Bienvenidos, damas y villanos! Si estas aquí, eso significa que has escocido el blog correcto para mirar a mis excitos contra los héroes del mundo! Todos pueden preguntarme a mi y a mi equipo de idiotas de todos los cosas que hacemos en mi hogar del maldad! Todo aquí esta en forme de lo que ustedes llaman…un “telenovela”! Es el forma de televisión mas malvada que he visto! Mwahaha!”

“Welcome, ladies and villains! If you’re here, that means you’ve chosen the right choice to watch me and my triumphs against the heroes of the world! You can all ask me and my idiotic minions about everything that we do in my home of intense terror! Everything here will be in a format that you all call…a “soap opera”! It’s the most evil type of television that I’ve ever seen! Mwahaha!

Status: Amor (Inglês) ❤

• Did not know love, only I knew kindness and today met you, which is true love 💏❤ (Não conhecia o amor, so conhecia a bondade e hoje conheci você, que é amor de verdade)

• When love is stronger, not all envy of the world is able to destroy it. ❤🍃 (Quando o amor é mais forte, nem toda inveja do mundo é capaz de destruí-lo.)

•Everything was against our relationship, but our love won (Tudo era contra a nossa relação, mas nosso amor venceu)

•You’re the one good thing in the midst of so many problems. 💭💘 (Você é aquela coisa boa em meio de tantos problemas. 💭💘)

• Every day, if I could, I’d be with you. 💏💞 (Todo dia, se eu pudesse, eu ia estar com você. 💏💞)

• You gonna still see me on your side, smiling … 💒💏 (Cê ainda vai me ver do seu lado, sorrindo… 💒💏)

• I still remember our first kiss 😍 (Eu ainda me lembro do nosso primeiro beijo 😍)

• So good when you hug someone you like and that person pushes you tight. 💑 ♥ (Tão bom quando você abraça alguém que você gosta e essa pessoa te aperta bem forte. 💑♥)

• “Then stay and be the love of my life."❤ (Então fica e seja o amor da minha vida ❤)

• Love has no color, no price or age. Love is two people who love each other in spite of their past, their flaws and dubious attitudes. (O amor não tem cor, não tem preço nem idade. O amor é duas pessoas que se amam apesar do seu passado, suas falhas ou atitudes duvidosas.)

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Pillows. (Do I look like a pillow to you? Taehyung)

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Pillows. (Cuddly drabbles- Do I look like a pillow to you?)

For my love @i-write-storiesandsuch <3 *Bring me taehyung NOW)


No reply. Just tightening of arms.

“Taehyung?”  He was acting like you couldn’t see him, but of course you could. How could you not, in the position he was?

“Taehyung.” This time, he replied with a small whine, nuzzling into your lap further.

“My name isn’t Taehyung~…” he mumbled sadly and you couldn’t help your small laugh. Even though you were ready to complain, your free hand ran through his soft hair and Taehyung leaned into your touch gratefully.

“Do I look like a pillow to you, Taetae?” using the right nickname with him worked, because he looked up at you, eyes twinkling with mirth.

“Of course not, baby.” Even though his expression was joking, his voice stayed serious.

“Pillows can’t talk. And they can’t read books.”

“So how about you find a real pillow and let me finish my book?” you suggested with a small bop to his nose, which wrinkled at the contact.

“But my jagi is more comfortable than any pillow in the world!” Taehyung called out, nuzzling back into your stomach, making you giggle as it tickled.

“And you’re so soft…and you smell so nice…and you always lean down to give me kisses…” making that his que, he puckered his lips up toward you, and you couldn’t help yourself to plant a small kiss against his puffy ones.

What you intended to be just a quick kiss was surprisingly deepened by Taehyung, when he lifted his head up to reach you better, his hands grabbing your cheeks and holding you in place. At first the hand that you put on his chest was to push him down, but it ended up resting there, almost pulling him back up when Taehyung leaned away, a small smile playing on his face.

“Be my pillow until you finish your book, so I can be yours?” he whispered, still close enough for his lips to brush against yours as he spoke. You chuckled, kissing him once more.

“That sounds like a good deal.” You murmured back and Taehyung whooped in happiness, burrowing into your lap for comfort.

It wasn’t like it felt bad.

Also, you read your book better now when your fingers had Taehyung’s locks to twirl around.

Overall, you couldn’t complain about being your boyfriend’s pillow.

Especially not when he was your every night.

Today we’ve lost a true fighter, a true hero and a true inspiration. It’s said that only the good die young and now I’m starting to believe that. Rest in Peace Tito Vilanova. You are more than a football coach, you are a father, a husband, a son, a grandson, and most importantly an angel watching over us. Thank you for all that you did for this club, and for fighting for the crest of Barcelona, even through your hardest struggles. You are a true example of why FC Barcelona is Mes Que Un Cub, losing you is like losing a family member. You may be gone from the physical world, but we know you’ll always be shining on this club, and most importantly your son Adria. It took cancer three times to finally stop you here on Earth, but nothing can stop you from being with us in spirit. We love you Tito Vilanova, nothing matters more than remembering and honoring your life. You’ve touched the lives of so many, the least we can do is honor yours. You inspire others to fight against adversity, you did not die in vain.

Words cannot possibly describe the joy that I feel right now as a cule. These boys fought for this at all costs. Starting at the beginning of this season were there were more doubters than believers. Especially when turmoil erupted and we started wanting Luis Enrique out of the coaching position and rumors emerged about Messi leaving . But what’s amazing about this, is that from that week on Barca became what it is now.. A fighting group, who fought against all odds and right now just beat one of the best clubs in the world and is on the brink of winning la liga, and copa del rey as well. WE FUCKING DID IT!!!! BARCA WE DID IT!!! But why am I surprised Barcelona is “mes que un club” 

I don’t understand why some tries to make people feel ashamed of themselves for liking Messi. Just because he is ‘popular’? “But they support NT only for him”. Bitch most Napoli fans supported Argentina against their country because of Maradona. Don’t let me get started. And Messi is breath taking, mind blowing. He deserves the love and the attention he gets. I mean, I wake up happier when I know he is going to play that day. But I am actually lying here tough. I pretend like I love Messi for his talent but even without it, I would still love him so freaking much. It is Leo Messi ,yo. He is like rainbows and candies and everything beautiful in this world. Above all Messi es más argentino que el dulce de leche.

All my Messi fan friends, don’t let anyone make you feel like a bandwagoner. You are doing it right. Leo Messi is the best player and the most amazing human being. Bye.