qubool hai spoilers

anonymous asked:

Ok so on IF there is a spoiler with a pic of AsYa going on their first official date 😊. Also, I read that IT'S CONFIRMED THAT ON THE DATE ASAD PROPOSES HIS LOVE FOR ZOYA AND LATER ON HE WILL SLAP TANVEER TOO!!!

There’s a spoiler pic!!!! FIRST DATE?! You serious Anon Ji? Pakka na? 

First date….. Well there goes all my revision! I bet in my biology test I won’t be thinking of meiosis and mitosis and genetic engineering, I’ll be sitting there thinking of how perf AsYa kids are gonna be! Okay Imma shut up now….

I’m a bit suspicious on the proposing, and I really don’t want to get my hopes up just to have them ground in a shredder, and then thrown down a bin! And I really don’t want Asad to slap Tanveer…. BUT I’LL BE HAPPY FOR ZOYA TO DO THE HONOURS!

But Anon Ji, I’m definitely gonna take your word on the first date! I can just imagine it now! Asad taking Zoya to a restaurant…. Oh wait I’m meant to be hating on Asad for his dumbness….. Well, then Zoya can spill her drink on Asad, revenge poora! And then maybe accidently punch him somehow. Or maybe the waiter could flirt with Zoya and Asad gets really jealous….. 

Okay, I can’t afford fangirling today! *creys* Or going to live in my lalaland…. But pakka na?!