qubool hai feels

ok first of,

Dilshad - got shot and instead of wanting to know who the hell came to her house and shot her, she’s thinking about Rashid and the bloody gudiya with the suraag.

Rashid - your ex wife gets shot and your current wife had to tell you to go visit her you gutless creature. & weren't you supposed to go meet Dilshad before that because she found something TO SAVE YOUR ASS from the gudiya saazish.. 

Dadi - aap zyada apna dimag mat chalao.. for your own safety. Last time Razia locked you up in a kamra, this time she’ll chuck you in a coffin.

Asad - stfu and listen to Zoya. you don't know everything. and stop cutting people off when they talk especially phupi, I mean the lady could be taking her akhri saansein (knowing razia) let her speak!!!

Zoya - you’re the man :)