Qubique - Next Generation Tradeshow

What are some of the reasons not to miss participating in the trade show of a new generation?

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Qubique is different

From October 26 to 29, 2011, Berlin’s decommissioned Tempelhof Airport transforms into the new Mecca for the world’s furniture professionals and design gurus, when Qubique opens its doors for the first time!

The first two days of Qubique are dedicated specifically to trade professionals and experts: retailers, architects, interior designers, and media representatives all have the opportunity to come together to exchange information and gather new ideas.

During the two days that follow this, the trade show opens its doors to the wider public. Design lovers and enthusiasts, trendsetters, and young creative talents will be able to experience, enjoy, and be inspired by the brands at the show.

Big market players will feel just as at home at Qubique as progressive brands and exciting newcomers. The entire furniture market isn’t represented, but rather an inspiring selection of high-quality, authentic, and unique products. The focus in this case is on classic home furniture. Other disciplines like art, architecture, and music also play an important part in the event, an atmosphere which cultivates exciting new relationships and exciting trends.




 May Jane from Concepta-Barcelona, will tell you the story of her recent event at the Qubique Design Fair in Berlin.




 “I arrived in Berlin on the 26th of October with two chairs from our collection for the celebration of the Qubique Design Fair. The management of Qubique has a great reputation and prestige stemming from the world renowned Bread&Butter Fashion Fair. Since I started my own company, Concepta, just a few months ago my intention was to infiltrate this event in an attempt to generate some brand awareness and finding agents that were interested in distributing my brand internationally.


 On Thursday the 27th of October I arrived at the Fair, which was being held at Tempelhof Airport, “the airport of Berlin Tempelhof has become a symbol of freedom more than anything else. The history of West Berlin wouldn’t be the same without the airlift, which brought supplies to the city from 1948 to 1949.” 

After getting in contact with the organizers and relaying my idea they were very excited by the prospect and provided me with a small area and a blank wall to conduct my event. My idea consisted of two local Urban artists ‘customizing’ my chairs and painting the wall during the course of the fair, therefore bringing an interactive and refreshing element to an otherwise mostly 'static’ showroom.

On Friday 28th of October I arrived at Tempelhof airport with local artists Bert van Wijk and Michel "Cren” Pietsch and two “La Nuit” chairs designed by Serra&DeLaRocha.

The organizers gave us a space and a wall in Hangar 7, next to the Restaurant of the Fair therefore guaranteeing a great deal of foot traffic throughout the course of the next two days. Due to the fact that we had no brand material, on this first day the two artists concentrated on painting a mural with the name of the brand and certain design elements that were then going to carry on to the two chairs. This was important since it established my company’s identity, reinterpreted by local artists, and created a reference for people passing by.

With the wall finished and brand name reference established, on Saturday 29th of October the artists painted on the two “La Nuit” chairs, giving them their own interpretation and character. Once finalized we did a final presentation of our 'stand’ with the two 'customized’ chairs and the wall with our brand name in the background.




 The response to this event exceeded all expectations I could have had. Throughout the two days there was a constant crowd surrounding our 'area’ and both visitors and other exhibitors reacted very positively to the idea, in part because of the stark contrast it provided with the other generally 'conventional’ stands at the fair. Maybe the most gratifying aspect was the number of children and the enthusiasm with which they interacted with the artists during their creative process. By allowing our brand name and product to become a blank canvas for the artists to build upon we did something more than just exhibit merchandise, we contributed to enriching each other cultures. Through this event Concepta Barcelona served as a vehicle to bring contemporary elements of Berlin’s urban art culture to the Qubique Design fair, whilst simultaneously showcasing our product.“









Berlin-bound for Qubique (7th October 2011)

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Berlin is one of the most exciting European design cities right now, so it’s no surprise that a new exhibition has sprung up for autumn 2011. The inaugural Qubique show takes place between 26-29 October at the decommissioned Tempelhof Airport and Modus will be right there in the thick of proceedings with its latest product launches presented by our agent; Now is Here, alongside a superb selection of UK and overseas brands. There’s high hopes for this new trade show, which aims to attract design fans from all over the world. We’ll see you there! 

Visit Modus on stand 12