So I recently read the entirety (so far) of the webcomic Trying Human, and it’s so adorable! I have a sci-fi webcomic idea of my own floating around in the nebula of my mind, so I love seeing other sci-fi comics out there! I’m kind of in love with the reptoids and how expressive they are with their HUGE EYES. :3

So, I’m an anatomy nerd, and I recently watched an excellent video called “Shape-Shifting Dinosaurs”. So, after reading this comic, I got thinking about how the reptoids (who are genetically created from dinosaurs) would develop. I decided that they are more reptilian/dino-like the younger they are. In youth they are digitigrade (standing on the balls of the feet) and by adulthood they are plantigrade (standing flat-footed). Their craniums develop a more humanoid appearance by the time they reach maturity. Newborn reptoids have an egg-tooth which disappears shortly after hatching.

Hours later, I’m pleased with my drawings here, and I wish I spent this much time on my own ideas. Lawl.

Technically, this is Quazky fanart. Yess