I drew this comic in my notebook this morning while listening to John Porcellino talk about his writing process. His influence is kind of obvious here, maybe. But I thought of it while I was walking to the classroom, so it was probably a subliminal rather than direct influence….

This took about an hour to draw, and I went straight to inking using microns–no pencils.

Hi guys! I just passed 100 tumblr followers, thanks everyone!

It’s a little late, but here’s my witchsona. Riding a pine branch, wielding a hawthorn wand, accompanied by ghosties and wearing an article of clothing I really wish I owned. I wanted to put more detail into it but since it took me practically all day as is, it’ll have to do. I haven’t posted anything in color on here in a while! It’s nice to practice every now and then. 

You might have noticed I still haven’t posted the webcomics review I promised…weeks ago. Truth is I’m behind on a lot of things in life right now, so it might have to wait until I’ve gotten some of this other stuff out of the way. Busy busy!

One of the things about these comics that can be seen as either a drawback or a bonus is that it’s a direct tap into how I’m feeling in the moment that I make them. None of them have taken longer than an hour to draw and they’re usually about a persistent feeling or a moment. So for this one it’s really clear that I just had no energy to put into it. On the other hand, people seem to respond well to that raw feeling. I want to make comics that are more planned, though, so now I just need to find a way to channel that immediacy into a story.

Here’s a little sketchbook doodle from class today that I messed around with in photoshop for a bit. I know it’s a little ironic when I hardly ever post anything here. But it’s good to have goals! I hope I can use this to encourage myself and others!


Here’s my most recent project–a mini comic which we could only draw using Ed Emberly’s symbolic language. It was an exercise in how much you could convey with simple shapes. It was a lot of fun to do, and actually the simplistic style appeals to me a lot–I might go back to it sometime!

The story is based on a Coyote tale from the Karuk of northern California. Thanks, Coyote, for lending me your story.

Another 1 hour comic. My lettering isn’t as clear here, and some of the art is pretty dodgy, since I was feeling impatient. That’s something I need to work on–letting the comic take as long as it needs instead of rushing through it. But I also kind of like the very simple panels, and it’s a fun exercise to see how much i can communicate in just a few lines.


Well it’s the end of a school year for me. This is the cover of my final project, a 25 page comic called Castle. I’m planning on bringing some copies to TCAF to trade and give to my admired artists, but if there are any left over after that I’d be willing to sell them for about $5 each. I’ll post a preview here eventually! For now please enjoy these production photos.


Hello everyone! I realized I’d never posted this online, so here it is. This was done between November and December of 2013 for a mini-anthology with my classmates Reilly Hadden, Anna McGlynn and Hannah Ratblood. It’s the last part of a continuous story about a town plagued by psychic disturbances after a meteor lands right in the middle of main street, so it might not make much sense on its own. But perhaps the Moon Rock anthology will be reprinted…and put on sale??? WHO KNOWS!!

I don’t think the second chapter is online, but if you’re curious: here is the first chapter, and here is the chapter that precedes mine.

Now that it’s half a year old, I can see a lot of flaws in it. But there’s no point in dwelling on it when new comics are waiting to be made!