Well it’s the end of a school year for me. This is the cover of my final project, a 25 page comic called Castle. I’m planning on bringing some copies to TCAF to trade and give to my admired artists, but if there are any left over after that I’d be willing to sell them for about $5 each. I’ll post a preview here eventually! For now please enjoy these production photos.


Hello everyone! I realized I’d never posted this online, so here it is. This was done between November and December of 2013 for a mini-anthology with my classmates Reilly Hadden, Anna McGlynn and Hannah Ratblood. It’s the last part of a continuous story about a town plagued by psychic disturbances after a meteor lands right in the middle of main street, so it might not make much sense on its own. But perhaps the Moon Rock anthology will be reprinted…and put on sale??? WHO KNOWS!!

I don’t think the second chapter is online, but if you’re curious: here is the first chapter, and here is the chapter that precedes mine.

Now that it’s half a year old, I can see a lot of flaws in it. But there’s no point in dwelling on it when new comics are waiting to be made!