Got these Serum Beauties together at the Heaterz show 💖✨

Purp Skurp triple jet ladder (top left)
Quave x Elbo kleino (top right)
Buck x Adam G serum turtle 🐢

(& excuse the nasty ass table… it just kinda happened)

Some new species have been identified.

The mizers, splax(singular: splak), galzons, and raglards have been documented, catalogued and are now available for purchase.

You can own a one of a kind creature cap for only 25usd shipped. These are all hand made by me, ZZV glass. They make great carb caps for your favorite banger, and most of them are also dabbers.

Captions = artists getting credit. Please respect that.


The newest batch of creatures has finished incubating.

It seems some have developed a genetic mutation that allows them bioluminescence in UV light.

These creatures make great carb caps for Quartz bangers and will fit MOST “non-XL” bangers on the market.

This generation has 35 members and 25 of them are still available for adoption. A small twenty dollar adoption fee for any non-mutant creature, And twenty five dollars to bring home your very own mutant(UV reactive) creature. Transport fee of six dollars within the continental U.S.

Kik Zzvspecial or message to purchase.

All glass by me, ZZV Glass. Captions = artists getting credit. Please respect that.