And this will be my first Non-Bleach palette drawing! I was a request by frivilosity and it features non-other than the adorable little Kero from Cardcaptor Sakura!

I had much fun drawing this cute little mascot. And because he’s so adoring I decided to go with a very warm and orange/pinkish color scheme, he’s from a mahou Shoujou manga after all, and magic mostly always gives me this warm feeling <3

the palette I used can be found here:


And that’s that~ I really hope you like this one as well, and I look forward to drawing more of these! I have a very good idea for the next one already, requests are always welcome once again! <3

The first one of my Bleach palette drawings, and also a request, of course by my lovely dragon-summer. She requested Grimmjow, so I got to work immediately!

This is my first ever proper attempt at him too so yeah >w<

the palette I used for him was this one: 


It’s a little bit too cool and mellow for someone like Grimmjow, and I actually would have liked something with red or green better, but in the end this looks really good and I’m glad I didn’t settle for any other palette <3

It was a lot of fun to do this as well, working with a very limited amount of colors really does wonders to you hehe.

Oh well, without further babbling please enjoy the first one of these palette drawings!

And this is the third Bleach Palette and inspired by the last palette I drew, drawing the cutey mascot Kero just made me think of Kon and so I drew him 8D

The palette I used for him is this one:


Harsher colors, but still in a shade of orange, because he’s a lion plushie after all, and it fits his… ‘lively’ personality :'3

Nothing much more to add, if anyone has suggestions for the next palette drawing, please reply or put it in my ask, if not, I’ll think of who to draw next~~