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Freezing? In Southern California?

Well, put it into perspective. :P

Would you wanna be stuck outside in 30-something degree weather? Don’t think dogs like it much either. At least animals in the wild have control over their surroundings. You lock dogs outside in the backyard, they’re trapped in the cold.

If I was a dog, I’d bark all night too. I’d be pissed! And cold! 

Granted it’s not as bad as leaving a dog outside at night in, say, Fargo.

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If I recall proper color film just came around in the late 30s and that looks like a 1910s-20s kind of girl to me so frame by frame hand painting seems probable. I could be wrong though.

I think you’re right! 

Because Wizard of Oz was in 1939 and the fact that Dorothy opened the her door and stepped out into Oz and it was in color (when the whole beginning of the film was in B&W) made people practically EXPLODE it was so new and magical. 

So yeah, that one must have been frame by frame hand painting. Which. Is. TOO. AWESOME.