quasi crystals

IIIIT’S CRYSTAL AND ALL HER SIBS!! :DD finally finished this, it’s been sitting in my sketchbook a long while;;

Crystal is the tallest with the big toothy smile XD next to her is her twin brother Quasi, between them is their younger sister Vessca, and the rest are their younger siblings whom I have not yet named. xD

Might try to color this? Kind of hard bc it’s on tan paper oops;;


♠ Crystal / Chronomancer ♠

◦ Looks like the pretty girl you can’t sit with
◦ Is actually a massive dork
◦ Will climb anything, especially if someone dared her to
◦ Sleeps a lot
◦ Eats a lot
◦ Flunked out of everything

↑ Is a tank, skilled Chronomancer, friendly and agreeable
↓ Gullible, academically stupid, can be spacey or detached

Bio/backstory is located below! ^-^  ↓ ↓ ↓

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