quartz with hematite

Properties of Sands

By Rainy-Day-Witchcraft

⌲ Beach Sand: Use for calming or anxiety spells to gradually wash away and smooth out fear/negativity, for spells of change, or in magick for motivation or strength

Desert Sand: Use for cursing to “dry out” your target of wealth/luck/happiness/etc, or add to a resilience spell for the capability to grow through hard times or situations

⌲ River Sand: Use for spells that are focused on moving on physically or mentally, or for change and/or healing magick - Can also serve as an elemental water offering

⌲ Volcanic Sand: Use for destructive spells or curses, in magick to reveal deeper or hidden meanings/feelings, or for banishing magick - Can also serve as an elemental fire offering

 Heavy Mineral/Crystal Sand: (Sands with significant presence of Quartz, Garnet, Olivine, Hematite, etc.) Use in magick for personal growth, focus, or motivation. If you have a sand heavily composed of a specific gemstone (quartz, for example) usable as a substitute for that gemstone in spellwork.

⌲ Black Sand: Use for protection, banishing, or negativity-based spells

 Biogenic Sand: (Sand composed majorly of bioorganisms - shells, skeletons, bones, corals, etc.) Use in magick for healing or protection


Our Peach Quartz crystal points have the sweetest energy and you can’t help but smile when holding it. This crystal works with the Sacral Chakra which is all about joy, creativity and happiness. This is a wonderful crystal to use during meditation to bring in a sense of playfulness and gratitude.

The peach or apricot color is the result of hematite within the quartz. Hematite is wonderful for grounding, courage and protection.

All of our crystals are hand picked by us, we love aesthetics, but the energy, resonance and vibration is what is really important.

These beautiful wands measure between 4" - 4 ½"



Crystal Grid for Transformation

This grid not only protects you while you open yourself to the journey of transformation, but also offers the balance and guidance you may need

  • Amethyst - balances and connects the physical, mental, and emotional bodies, extremely protective
  • Emerald - ensures universal equilibrium, raises consciousness, enhances strength of character
  • Black Kyanite - grounds the body while aligning chakras, removes fears, clears blockages
  • Lepidolite - stone of transition, stimulates intellect and analytic qualities, focuses on what is important
  • Pyrite - provides and energetic shield, taps into abilities and potential, boosts self-worth and confidence
  • Red Hematite in Quartz - assists in overcoming despair, illuminates soul path, restores life force energy

Baryte, Hematite & Quartz

A highly unusual, strangely shaped, combination cabinet specimen from the famous iron mines of Egremont, England. Pink, crested baryte blades are sheathed in a dramatic box-work of specular hematite, which in turn, is coated with a quartz druse, giving the hematite the sparkly look.

Locality:  Haile Moor Mine, Egremont, West Cumberland Iron Field, North and Western Region (Cumberland), Cumbria, England, UK


The Non Diamond Leaders! I’m sure y'all can figure out which is which but I’ll throw y'all a bone and tell ya anyways!

Page One:
Sunstone - Apollo
Moonstone - Artemis
Smoky Quartz - Hermes
Hematite - Hephaestus
Rose Quartz - Aphrodite

Page Two:
Ametrine - Ares
Milky Quartz - Athena
Purple Scapolite - Dionysus
Corundum - Persephone

And that’s the gem gods headshots! I’m going to start on the full body shots for them and the earlier gems I didn’t get too now so be on the look out for more new stuff!