quartz pendants



I’m starting my very first grimoire! I felt it was a bit too much pressure to start off trying to write one big book about all the different subjects I’m learning about, so instead I decided to split it into smaller notebooks, one for each craft. This is my crystal grimoire, I’m only going to add crystals I own in it and just general stuff for now, but I still have about a dozen more pages left to do and I plan to buy more crystals this week 😁

edit: part 2 link herepart 3 link here, part 4 link here


Hi hi my loves I made these forest pendants today and this is my first time ever using polymer clay for jewellery and I’m kinda pleased with how they turned out. The top one is clear quartz and carnelian and the bottom one is moss agate. If anyone is interested in purchasing them feel free to message me! Because they’re my first ones I’m selling them at £15 ono each (shipping not included). Have a nice day loves! 🌿



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