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Steven Universe PSA

Okay guys so I really only wanna have to talk about this once. I know there’s been a lot of discourse and I get it. The fact that Steven has a knife at all seems like it doesn’t fit the aesthetic of the show or the message that it’s trying to send. But it’s not that he HAS a knife that makes the “Steven’s Knife” and “Steven’s Gun” episodes resonate with the viewers of the show. The crimes Steven commits in these episodes mean something not to us, not to the crystal gems, but to ROSE QUARTZ HERSELF. Stay with me now. All of the strife Steven has had put up with in the last few episodes have been due to Rose’s mistakes! Dealing with the Gems’ disdainful undertones for Steven because he is partially responsible for Rose’s death, the turmoil of finding out his mom was a murderer before he was, and hell, Bismuth pulled a GUN on Steven because of her anger over Rose Quartz’s choices. Steven was faced with his first challenge and it TERRIFIED him.

We have never seen Steven with such a look of raw horror when faced with something he does so often. This is the FIRST gem Steven has stabbed. The body count has been adding up since episode one, but this is the first GEM we seen Steven pull his knife on. Why? Because Rose Quartz loved HUMANS. Rose Quartz lives on ONLY through Steven’s gem. And it is my personal theory that the many stabbings Steven has done over the course of the series have all been with the intent of steeping Rose Quartz (through his own gem) in as much human blood as possible. An act of vengeance for the trouble she has caused him by his very birth. I am not condoning Steven’s actions. They are EXTREMELY violent and wrong, ESPECIALLY for a kid’s show. But I am hoping to shed a little light on why, amongst this show of singing and free love, the main character would wield, and frequently use, a knife.

i really hate doing backgrounds particularly really stylized backgrounds like SU has but im pretty happy with how this one came out!!

Stevonnie wearing (partially thats not all there is to it tho) the armor i designed for rose which im just now realizing ive not posted here?? i mean its just a sketch and thats just so i have a reference for it when i do a cosplay with it i guess ill post pics of the cosplay when its done ANYWAYYYYY i tried to emulate the style of the show i hope it came out decent??