quartz clusters


WOO! Every gem and fusion :D whenever there’s anything new I’ll be adding more!

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Yesterday while helping a friend pick some crystals for his jewellery making business I saw this tiny cutie sitting on a shelf with big amethyst geodes and clusters and I though he must feel lonely there and he was too cute to pass up. So I took him home where he met his new family. I think I’ll name him. If you have any suggestions feel free to comment. 😊 Hope you have a lovely day! 💕❄☕🔮


Spectacular Colombian Clear Quartz

Happy New Year everyone and we wish you all a fabulous start to 2017.

We resume our normal opening hours from tomorrow, 10am - 6pm, when we look forward to sharing our famous collection with you.

This Colombian Clear Quartz Cluster is bound to inspire you and as a stone is known to help with clarity of mind and to guide you out of any confusion.

Email sales@venusrox.com for more information and again, Happy New Year to you all! VR x

a few of my personal stones 😋✨💕