quartz bullet


4.2.17 7:05 PM // this week’s bullet journal spread ft. my attempt at a rose-quartz x serenity color scheme. didn’t have access to a working printer so i drew instead (or at least tried to hehe) 📖


Wow the power of rose quartz serenity is real lmao
My notes from this week and this week’s (Monday to Friday) spread :)


Here’s this weeks’ spread! It’s featuring my island bar desk set up haha. Gotta live with what you got amiright. I took a quote from Rose Quartz since the layout was all ~pink~! This is also featuring one of my puppers from back home, Hubbell. He’s so good and poses for photos <3 

Tiempo de desconexión: cristales de cuarzo

Desde pequeña me ha encantado dibujar. La historia de muchos, supongo. Hay algo mágico en ello, es normal. Algunos, sin embargo, decidimos hacer de ello nuestra muy sufrida profesión.

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