quartz and malachite


WOO! Every gem and fusion :D whenever there’s anything new I’ll be adding more!

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It’s the fusion mermaid brigade!
all together!

I am so damn happy with everyone’s response that I feel I could explode! the point was to make you happy and share this with everyone to show that we do have amazing people in this fandom too! we should celebrate that too! this show is about love!  

Rainbow Quartz by @l-sula-l | Opal by @atta | Sardonyx by me! (NSFW for boobs) | Smoky Quartz by @jamiedraws | Sugilite by @panthra | Stevonnie by @asheface | Garnet by @jen-iii | Malachite by @azzles | Alexandrite by @snowydesertfox

When i first saw this scene it instantly looked familiar, and it made me wonder when Garnet got the power to get into a fusion’s (or any person’s for that matter) head.

Then i realized

this is familiar 

because this is something that steven can do

this isn’t Garnet going into stevonnie’s head

this is Garnet letting them into her’s