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If requests are still open, could we have a beach date with Reiji? Something fun and upbeat with some fluff? You do such a wonderful job with these! Keep up the great work! ❤️

I thank you. I do work really hard on these and I’m glad you and the others enjoy them.

Reiji drove on the highway almost dancing in his seat. The pair of you were going on a beach date. Sun, sand, surf and of course, your boyfriend in his brightly colored swim trunks. He grabbed your hand to give it a kiss.

“Rei, what are you doing?”

“Just giving my honey a little love before we get out the car! You’re going to look beautiful in your swim suit.”

You rolled your eyes and kissed his cheek. Within 20 minutes you were unpacking his car. Towels, a blanket to sit on and a picnic basket and plenty of sunscreen. Reiji escorted you to the locker room to change as he did the same. He found a magical spot on the sand while you changed. His disguise was nothing short of convincing. Sure, you missed his brown hair and silver eyes, but his black hair and eyes are nice too. With your favorite swim attire you stepped out and looked for your beloved.

Reiji wondered if you could find him in the sea of people. He spotted you but his height did help him. He called out your favorite pet name and waved frantically. You finally saw him and came over only to be engulfed in an embarrassingly hot kiss. 

“R-Rei…! I, why did you that here?!”

“I want everyone to know that you’re mine alone. You know how much I love you~”

He peppered your face with kisses until he landed on your lips again. You giggled and accepted his amorous kiss. 

“Ok, ok! Let’s eat lunch before it spoils.”

You patted his chest then sat on the blanket. You pulled out your lunch conducive for the heat. Sandwiches sans dairy products, pasta salad, and some drink favorites. Reiji takes his portion and lies on your lap while he munches away. 

“I love this view~”

You looked down and put your plate of food on his forehead.

“Hey! I can’t see you!”

“I know. That was the plan. You staring at my breasts was not.”

“You are wearing a swimsuit, Dearest. I look and I will all day~”

You rolled your eyes and finished your lunch with him. After he made a trip to the car you walked with him along the boardwalk picking out souvenirs, trying on hats and sunglasses. Reiji found a pair of maracas and could not resist. On the spot he made up a song just for you. His voice is melodious and sweet so it drew a crowd. His eyes were on yours alone.  


The store owner recognized the voice, but kept it to himself. He gave Reiji the maracas after the song. His only catch was to use them! Of course he agreed and made it a point to use them for his next concert. With his choice of instrument put away he picked you up and ran into the sea. Despite your fighting with him and for the sake of your cover up attire, if you are wearing one. 


 Giggling the entire time he only walks out to knee deep water. He had to remember his wig and contacts.

“Don’t worry! I can’t get too wet either, remember?”

You wiggled out of his arms and splashed water on his chest. He laughed and splashed water on your chest. The water battle was on! 

Uta no Prince Sama Maji LOVE LIVE 6th Stage - 05/27/2017

OMG. OMG. OMG. I have still not completely absorbed the fact that I was there - that my dream of attending Maji Love Live concert has finally come true on this fateful day. *cries a river*

This is a fan report - which is basically my feelings put into words. And warning: as in my previous seiyuu event reports (Bungo Stray Dogs, High Speed), this is looooooong. ^_^ Plus, I used the seiyuu’s nicknames for convenience.


Shinomiya Natsuki - Taniyama Kishou (Kiiyan)

Ichinose Tokiya - Miyano Mamoru (Mamo)

Aijima Cecil - Toriumi Kousuke (Tori-san)

Jinguji Ren - Suwabe Junichi (SuwaJun)

Ittoki Otoya - Terashima Takuma (Terashii)

Kurusu Syo - Shimono Hiro (Shimono)

Hijirikawa Masato - Suzumura Kenichi (SuzuKen)


Kotobuki Reiji - Morikubo Showtaro (Morikubo-san)

Kurosaki Ranmaru - Suzuki Tatsuhisa (Tatsun)

Mikaze Ai - Shouta Aoi (Shoutan)

Camus - Maeno Tomoaki (Maenu)


Hyuga Yamato - Kimura Ryohei (KimuRyo)

Otori Eiji - Uchida Yuuma (Uchida-kun)

Amakusa Shion - Yamashita Daiki (Daiki-kun)

Kiryuin Van - Takahashi Hidenori (Takahashi-san)

Otori Eiichi - Midorikawa Hikaru (Midorikawa-san)

Mikado Nagi - Yonaga Tsubasa (Wingu)

Sumeragi Kira - Ono Daisuke (OnoD)

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