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You could make a continuation of that headcannon about the cheating princes where the princes ( who just noticed how much they loved the MC when it was too late ) react to learn that the MC is engaged to another man ( or that she is engaged to the butler ) . I hope you can understand , English is not my native language

A/N-  I understood it, I believe I do at least!  I am so so so so so so so so so so so so so so sorry for the delay, I hope you like it.

Poor Princes, but yay Yu finally got the girl <3  (Sorry I love Yu, is it obvious?)




“W-what” Edward stuttered as he read the article in the newspaper.  His eyes widened and Louis gazed at the rose prince nervously.  Louis knew what his master had just read, and began to feel a bit guilty.  All the workers in the castle wanted to keep the news a secret from the Edward just a little longer.

Before Louis could say anything Edward had dropped the paper on his desk as he looked up toward Louis sadly.  “I deserve this don’t I?  My lovely rose is about to set off on a future with a different prince because I…”  Edward’s voice trailed off leaving the end of his sentence a mystery.  Louis opened his mouth to ask Edward a question but quickly closed it.  The room fell into a cold silence and Louis began to pour some rose tea into a cup.

“Louis?” Edward whispered in a low voice, “do you think MC is… happier?”  Louis froze in his place; he wanted to answer his master truthfully but did not want to say it without hurting his feelings.

“Truthfully, I do not know” Louis stated and Edward sighed.

“I hope my lovely rose is glowing as red as ever, even if someone else is caring for her,” Edward stated standing up and walking toward the window, “but I wish I could hold her in my arms one more time and tell her how much I am sorry.  I hope he treats her better than I did.”


“Did you hear?  That popular designer MC is engaged!  It was all over the newspaper,” some woman laughed to her friends, “it seems that the guy is a new model that recently joined the industry.”  Wilfred froze when he heard the news.  He turned around and saw the group of women gossiping about MC at a party in Nobel Michel.

MC was engaged, and this was the first time he heard of it.  Why did no one inform him about this before?  Wilfred had tried his best not to think about MC since she barged out of the castle after catching him and what’s her face.  It did not help that every time he saw the flowers on his desk, or in the hall, or any flower in general he thought about her.

It could be a rumor for all her knew so Wilfred tried to stay calm.

Wilfred at least tried to avoid thinking about her with another man.  He recently began trying  to think of a way to get her back.  Wilfred was feeling lonelier now than ever; it did not help that his brother’s wedding was coming up any day now.

“Wills!” someone called and he turned to see a smiling Roberto walking toward him with a nervous expression.

“Hello Prince Roberto,” Wilfred replied.

“Did you hear the news?  I heard MC is getting engaged to Marcus Velasco, that new model.  Originally I thought it was fake but–” Roberto began anxiously but Wilfred cut him off by walking away.  He had went to get some privacy to think about the news.

Wilfred had been seeing other women since MC left him, but none of them could compete to with her.  When he finally realized she was the only one for him, he learns that she had already moved on.

A little too late.

She probably deserved a better guy than Wilfred…

A pain radiated from his chest when he thought about it, a pain worse than the pain he felt when he watched MC get into the car with her suitcase.


Glenn knew he should not be surprised by the news, but he was.

He thought he had a chance to eventually get back with MC, but he did not.

He believed if he waited some time and matured a little more MC would take him back, but he was wrong.

Glenn sat alone in the castle garden staring at the fountain with the news echoing in his head.  He had invited MC to Alan’s birthday party, with ulterior motives, knowing she would come for his little brother.  Glenn had planned a romantic night for the two of them where he would talk her back into his arms; obviously these things do not always go according to plan.

“I SHOULD’VE KNOW” Glenn yelled to no one as he threw his gift for MC on the ground.  Yu left with her, they left together.  Obviously they would be together after they left.

Yu warned him, Glenn should have listened.

Yu swept in when he had his chance and snatched MC up and now…

“We’re getting married” MC said with a bright smile on her face as a smiling Yu wrapped his arm around her waist.  Glenn never saw her happier before than she was in that moment.

Everyone else was happy for the duo.  Even Alan was excited for the idea of MC dressed up in white.  When Glenn heard the news something broke inside of him.  He froze up for a few seconds before bursting out of the room.  Glenn probably said something before he left, but he did not remember.

“Glenn?” a voice called and he looked up to see Alan looking at him with tears in his eyes, “why did you leave the party?  Are you mad that Yu has the princess now?  You will get your own princess soon, remember you told me that when you and MC started dating.”

“It’s more complicated than that Alan” Glenn yelled at his brother.  Alan looked like he got smacked and Glenn instantly felt guilty.  Glenn stood up and left his younger brother in the garden.  He had to be alone.


Roberto deserved some congratulations for going so long without seeing MC and not avoiding work.  Even though he was doing what he was supposed to do, Alberto was still worried about his master.  It seemed so weird for Roberto to be so work-oriented, but that is what happened once MC left.

Roberto has not drank any kind of liquor and spent most of his down time in his office alone… until now.  The temptation to see his old love was burning bright one day and he could not resist.  For the first time in god knows how long Roberto snuck out of the castle in search for his lost love.

He wanted her back by his side.  Roberto regrets not fighting more for her love, he let MC slip through his fingers.

Through some secret sources he quickly found out where MC was living and waited across the street from her place in some cafe.  He quickly stood up when he saw MC walking down the street.

She looked as beautiful as ever, Roberto thought, can I go talk to her though?  Nervous feelings began to build inside of Roberto as he watched the woman he loved walk up to her house.

Now or never, he thought as he rushed out of the cafe and yelled MC’s name.  She jumped and turned around right as the door opened revealing a man.

Roberto paled at the sight and MC’s cheeks went red.

“Rob-Roberto, what are you doing here?” MC stuttered, “h-how did you find me?”

“Who is he?” the man whispered to MC as Roberto stood in shock by the street.

“An old friend of mine, his name is Roberto,” MC answered not taking her eyes off of Roberto, “Roberto this is my fiance Joseph.”  Roberto stepped back from the scene as he began to fill with regret.  He should not have done this…

“I have to go” Roberto said smiling his famous smile, “I am glad you are happy MC.  You deserve it.”  MC looked at Roberto sadly as he began to walk away.

“You can co–” MC began but Roberto shook his head no saying he was busy with work.  MC knew it was an obvious lie.


Keith believed MC would come crawling back to him eventually.  Time passed and that was proven wrong.  After a year of no contact between the two, and guilt that tortured him daily (even though he would not admit it), Keith finally gave up on the idea of waiting.  Keith decided to go out and get MC back for himself, maybe she was just having trouble getting back to him?

MC is a ditz, she could get lost walking in a straight line.  She was also as stubborn as a mule, like Keith.

Keith formed a plan to get MC back after ordering Luke to get hold of MC’s schedule and her new home information.  He sent her roses, chocolates, cards, chocolates, quartets, chocolates, food, chocolates, balloons, chocolates, jewelry, chocolates, and so much chocolate.  Keith believed the easiest way to get to MC’s heart was with chocolate… a lot of it.

Keith had done it for a while until he got a response from MC herself.  Luke came barging into his office anxiously saying MC was here to speak to him.  Keith, secretly excited, said let her in.

MC barged into the office with an annoyed expression and quickly got to the point, “Why are you sending me these gifts?  You really have to stop.”

Keith felt a little disappointed by her response but ignored it, “it’s my way of saying that if you want to get back together, because I know you want to, I am–”

“I don’t want to get back together” MC yelled, “I am engaged to another man and he is pissed that my ex keeps sending me expensive gifts.”  Keith’s eyes widened at the news.  He really did not expect MC would be over him so quickly, especially before he was over her.  He would never admit it to another living soul but his heart began to break.

Keith felt fire run through his veins as he jumped out from his chair, “who is the man?  Some commoner?  Did you really pick a commoner over me a pr–”

“He might be a commoner but at least he doesn’t fuck anything that moves” MC retorted before Keith could finish his statement, “now stop with these stupid gifts before I am forced to leave the goddamn country.”  Silence fell between the two of them as MC finished her sentence.  The two of them stood there gazing at each other over Keith’s desk. Neither of them moved an inch as MC stood there breathing heavily and Keith looked like a lost puppy.  MC felt guilty and could not stand to look at Keith’s sad expression any longer so she left the office.  Watching her leave Keith fell back into his chair with tears in his eyes.  All the pride and honor he had in him vanished and left him an empty man.  He just realized how much he screwed everything up.


Books surprisingly do not help much when it comes to apologizing for cheating on your wife.  After spending so much time trying to apologize for everything, followed by a divorce, and secluding himself with books Joshua tried to think of a way to get his ex-wife back.  He would have tried to find another woman but no one could ever be as important to him as MC.

He did not want her back, he needed her back.

Time passed as he tried to find a a way to win her heart once again, none of the books helping, until he decided to think of a way himself.  Jan tried to talk him out of this plan, almost as if he knew something he would not tell Joshua, but Joshua refused to give in.  Joshua was forced to looking through books once again, it was his only help in this war.

Joshua threw another book toward the trash can when it refused to give any answer to his problem.  Jan walked in with a tray of tea and sighed at the sight.  Joshua looked like a hot mess; it was almost as if he just got out of bed and walked to his office.  He probably just slept on the couch.  Jan stepped around the growing pile of books he will have to clear later as he placed the tray on the office table.  Joshua began to start another book in hopes of an answer as Jan looked over him sadly.

“Joshua, you need to stop this” Jan stated with a sigh.

“I can’t un–” Joshua began but Jan cut him off.  He could not see his master suffer any longer over MC.  Joshua might have been in the wrong for what he did but Jan still cared for Joshua.

“MC is engaged to be married” Jan stated sadly.  Joshua froze and the book slipped from his hands and onto the ground.  Silence filled the room as Joshua took in the new information.  He thought he misheard Jan until he looked Jan in the eyes, he misheard nothing.

“W-with whom?” Joshua asked.

“Prince Glenn’s butler Yu” Jan stated sadly, “it ends up they were childhood friends.  After you two separated he…”

Joshua stared at the stack of books lying on the ground in silence as Jan watched his master anxiously, “so it is too late Jan?”

“I am afraid so” Jan answered.

Uta no Prince-sama 5th stage spoilers (part 1)

Credits from Uta no Prince-sama Maji Rabu

Last year, we know from Morikubo (Reiji’s VA) that Ta_2 (Ranmaru’s VA) wraps himself like a burrito when he sleeps in Morikubo’s place. This year, in 2016…
Mori: Yesterday, Tatsu slept his own room ww
Ta_2: I slept pretty well ww
Mori: But today this (bone fracture) will be an addition to your sleep w
Ta_2: Uwaaaa www 
Mori: I wonder if you would need my help during your shower ww
Ta_2: Uwaaaa!! Stop it ww

It happened that this year’s merchandise has a lower battery lifespan that in Nacchan’s solo, it seems a little orange rather than yellow on the lightsticks.

For those who are participating on the 17th, if it is possible, bring some batteries to reload your weapons, and bring Nacchan’s yellow sea back into the DVDs! www

Basically, to sum up Day 1.

1. 4th Season’s release in Autumn 2016
2. Ta_2’s arm fracture
3. 500 Empty seats
4. Every performance are really nice! Most of the performed songs are the 3rd season’s songs. (Can’t expose too much until Day 2 ends, I’m really sorry)
5. People ignoring messages and tweeting halfway of the live. (It’s a big no-no in Japanese concerts!)

Despite his injury on his left arm, Tattsun has tried his very best in his song performance! Although there are points of time he lost control of his vocal, but the performance is still a good one!


I repeat


It was announced in the intro part of the live that voice actor of Kurosaki Ranmaru, Tatsuhisa Suzuki had a bone fracture on his left arm during rehearsal.

His left arm were wrapped in a triangle cloth and he also apologized to the audiences, as follow:

Which is roughly translated as “I hope that everyone could forgive me standing in this form as Kurosaki Ranmaru”

It was sad to know about this and we were all worried for him. Still, he participated the 5th Stage as usual with a full blast of energy! ( ;∀;)

He will also be performing on Day 2 of the 5th Stage.

Day 1
1. There were 500 empty seats on the first day due to the ticket sales were stopped due to overcrowded amount of ticket resellers.
2. All character goods were completely sold out!
3. The first day’s live lasted for about 3 hour and 50 minutes.

5th Stage Blu-Ray and DVD Pre-Order is available in Animate!

According to the officials, the sales of goods are as follow:

9:05 am: Cecil’s strap SOLD OUT
9:15 am: Ren’s strap SOLD OUT
9:35 am: Otoya’s and Camus’ strap SOLD OUT
9:45 am: Masato’s strap SOLD OUT
10:20 am: Ranmaru’s and Natsuki’s strap SOLD OUT
10:40 am: Reiji’s strap SOLD OUT
10:50 am: STARISH’s crunch chocolate can and Ai’s strap SOLD OUT
11:10 am: Ranmaru’s muffler towel SOLD OUT
11:25 am: QUARTET NIGHT crunch chocolate can SOLD OUT
11:40 am: Otoya’s and Syo’s muffler towel SOLD OUT
12:05 pm: Ren’s and Reiji’s muffler towel and Cecil’s event set SOLD OUT
12:10 pm: Cecil’s muffler towel and Ren’s event set SOLD OUT
12:15 pm: Syo’s strap and Masato’s event set SOLD OUT
12:20 pm: Tokiya’s muffler towel SOLD OUT
12:25 pm: Tokiya’s strap SOLD OUT
12:35 pm: 5th Stage Big towel SOLD OUT
12:45 pm: Otoya’s and Camus’ event set SOLD OUT
12:55 pm: Natsuki’s muffler towel SOLD OUT
1.00 pm: 5th Stage T-shirt (S) SOLD OUT
1.05 pm: Ranmaru’s event set SOLD OUT
1:35 pm: All muffler towels SOLD OUT
1:50 pm: 5th Stage light SOLD OUT.
3:00 pm: Torch-like light SOLD OUT
3:30 pm: Ai’s event set SOLD OUT
3:40 pm: Trading badges and Syo’s event set SOLD OUT
3:50 pm: 5th Stage Jacket SOLD OUT
3:55 pm: Tokiya’s event set SOLD OUT
4:00 pm: On sale: Pamphlets, Trainers, Trading Masking Tapes, Bag
4:45 pm: 5th Stage Bag SOLD OUT

All goods will be restocked on the 2nd day of live!